Black Race Inferiority And Possible Ways To Tackle It



The black race was taken into slavery in the 50s and 60s, prior to this period the black has already been considered as inferior race without no form of development in math, or any other arts or sciences, through archaeological discoveries, the first white people that visited Nigeria in 1870 such as Leo Frobenius looted archaeological materials, in his discoveries he claimed that the Benin Bronze had external interference, this analysis was just to say that the black race in reference to Nigeria cannot develop any arts on its own due to the theory that they blacks are inferior to the white.

This so ideology has been a belief for so many long years’ even till present but questions have been asked such as are blacks inferior to the white? A scholar can claim yes why; this is because in reference to Nigeria with all the so called natural materials she is blessed with her citizens still suffer from unemployment not just unemployment also in a democratic state such as Nigeria citizens are deployed to abuse by arm men who are probably executives of the law. All this issues that have not be tackle or even addressed by the government is leading to the fact that the black can be inferior to the white, this is seen as may African countries are still developing nations.

Therefore, questions and suggestions are needed for this phenomenon viewed by the world about the black race in order to liquidate and make African most especially Nigeria a developed nation-state.
In this changes times, the system of government need to change with it and step up to a standard required for a developed Nigeria, if nothing is done about it Nigeria will not evolved and that will be according to Charles Darwin man must evolve; “the theory of evolution” so Nigeria must evolve.

In a nutshell, there have been several suggestions brought to light by bright minds whom are indeed ready to stand for change, in giving birth to a bright and brilliant Nigeria such spectacular suggestions come from bright Nigeria youths. 
Why don’t we give the young ones a try? For better Nigeria 
God Bless Nigeria!
God Bless African!
God Bless the World!    

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