Is Closing The Border The Solution To Nigeria Economic Problem?

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The President of Nigeria has directed that border should be closed to stop importation inorder to encourage indigenization. Consequently, the government have been criticized for that action due to rise in the price of major commodities. That prompted the need for us to know reason behind this idea and what are the benefits it offer Nigeria economy.

What is indigenization?

Indigenization is the act of encouraging citizens of a country to produce/manufacture certain products or services independently within a country.

The idea of our president to promote this initiative is good because is the best way to develop our skills, improve our standard of living, create more jobs and expand large market for our products.

But, the needed preparation to go through this journey is lacking. It's suicidal to close the border if we have not provided substitutes to those products which can efficiently serve the nation with cheaper rates.

Crutially, the government need to invest in agricultural scheme by lending loans to the farmers, educating traders through series of seminars for marketing purposes. Then it can be injected to the markets bit by bit which will be followed with marketing research to improve product quality. Before we know, it will dominate the markets as long as it is sold at lower prices. Then, we can close the border.

Honestly, things aren't going well now and the masses are crying because our government didn't apply proper method to implement this good idea.

Considering the current situation, should the government maintain this policy or rescind the decision to ease the affairs of the citizens? 

Is closing the border the solution to Nigeria economic problem? - By Kehinde Dare - 2020-01-04 06:23:54

Closing the borders is one of the best decision that was taken by this present administration.we need to promote our local products nd stay off foreign items,even toothpick we buy from the westerners,Benin has turned Nigeria to a dumping ground,they buy from the big countries nd smuggle it into our country,without paying the appropriate authorities


Is closing the border the solution to Nigeria economic problem? - By Oredola Kayode-Sanni - 2020-01-04 11:46:32

I am actually in support of the closing of the border and while I agree with you that the preparation to ensure a smooth transition is lacking but we are already here it would be backward to call off the closing of the border, let's handle it as china and Cuba did and get to work, it is hard but if we take things now it will be better much later 


Is closing the border the solution to Nigeria economic problem? - By Sarumi Habeebllah folaji - 2020-01-07 22:59:36

Closing the border is a good decision because the more the import of goods the more the decrease on the value of our currency.but if we buy and use our own stuff that is when we know the value of our own products and importation of goods will be reduce.for instance our rice is now selling fast and improving daily but if the border is not closed nobody would want to buy for me I support the government for closing the border.


Is closing the border the solution to Nigeria economic problem? - By Onome Favour - 2020-01-13 15:46:38

Closing of border is part of the solution to the problem of this country.

It will fasten the manufacturing sector in the country.  If we get more of what we have here from outside this country, people will tend to loose focus on manufacturing.  Alot of people will focus on importing goods because of the value consumers have placed imported goods.

So,  closing of the country's border is a solution which is essential to our growth. I totally agree with it though it will affect the economy of the country but if we keep considering closing of the border, there will never be a good time to start producing our products


Is closing the border the solution to Nigeria economic problem? - By Fagbure Kazeem - 2020-01-20 11:45:09

If we deeply look into it very well closure of border might not be the solution to Nigeria econmic but it is one of the crucial method in solving the economic problem in Nigeria...closing the border may boost our economic in the sense that all these things produce outside the state we now be producing here and consume here..