Is Incarnates Theory True Or Fallacy?

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A phenomenal topic which has been going on since ages, from the 1700s down to our present age.

Many of us would have watched movies concerning this topic, even those movie industry have not been able to give answers to our question in full details, thereby still increasing the urge to know the truth.

Hollywood movies mostly don't show movies on ghost, they believe ghosts might not exist, just that they incarnate into another form.
For example vampires, zombies, beasts and the list goes on. 
While in Bollywood movies, we've seen/watched movies that clearly show that they believe ghost do exists especially when the house has been cursed, Movie Taunted house.

Down to our Nollywood movies, most of us, in fact all of us would agree that our Nollywood movies do produce movies that do affirm that they exist.

Looking at those top three movie industries in the world, and seeing that there is a contrast, are we going to say that Hollywood movies doesn't believe in supernatural?
Or are we going to say that Bollywood and Nollywood are actually local movie industries because they believe in sarcasm.

Is ghost appearance a true fact or it's just a sarcasm

Is incarnates theory true or fallacy? - By Ayodele Samuel - 2019-11-20 14:17:46

I think the reason why Bollywood and nolllywood believe in ghosts is because it's human that becomes ghosts and they haunt human..i think it's all because we African have black mind and most of us believe in supernatural power just to hurt our fellow human being,the main reason they act it is because we act what happens in real life,its all from experience 


Is incarnates theory true or fallacy? - By lukman Ayomide - 2019-11-20 21:28:22

I don't really believe that the ghost is real. Looking at the Hollywood they don't really believe that ghost is real that is why the use it in another form such as zombie, monster and so on.

The Bollywood and Nollywood don't really act what is actually happening in real life they just imagine 


Is incarnates theory true or fallacy? - By Oluwatosin Oladapo - 2019-11-22 09:19:52

Well the answer to the truth of incarnation or any other topic for that matter is the basis of one's belief. If your beliefs are based on tradition or your faith as a Christian or Muslim, that's what determines what's right or wrong for you. 

As a Christian  though, the scriptures do not establish reincarnation, instead a person dies once after which is judgment. 

So a Christian film house or script writer would not write a story that affirms something against their belief. 


Is incarnates theory true or fallacy? - By Richard bassey asuquo - 2019-11-22 14:35:07

I think we africans act according to our believes,and we tend to show it in our movies,the europeans dont,hence you don't see it in their movies,personally i have witnessed the disappearance and appearance of a ghost and i can say they are real..

Peoples opinions may vary,depending on ur experience