Is It A Crime For A Wife To Help/cover Up For Her Husband When He's Financially Strapped?

My father is a contractor and my mother is a businesswoman. My father works for a company and they are paying him handsomely while my mother is also doing well in her business.

To cut the long story short;

It all started in 2014, things were not going on smoothly in the company where my father works and this lead to the company not giving him contract the way they use to because of the problem. My father became financially strapped because he had lend money to execute a certain contract that was given to him earlier before the problem started in the company.

My father started thinking to the extent that people thought he was sick. My mother had to cover up for him so that people won't know what is happening and she started giving him money and she also took up the responsibilities in the family since my father is short of cash.

Now,the problem we are facing in the family for the past five(5) years since the problem have started is that my father doesn't want to carry out his responsibilities in the family anymore. Although,things have been changing since 2017 but he's not ready to do anything again because my mother have been helping him including feeding.

My mother is now fed up of the whole situation because it is already reflecting in her business and the burden is just too much for her to bear alone.

What is the way out?

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  • Since he's not like that before, you can talk to him and find out what's going on. 

    He should know that it is his responsibility to care and carter for the need of the family. He should even be grateful to your mother and not the other way round like he's behaving now. 

    Try and plead or talk to him to make things better

    - Solademi Olanrewaju - 2019-12-19 10:51:13 Quote

  • One of the problems African men has is that ones you start helping them, they presume it's now your duty. 

       One thing you've to do, is to consult a third party , try explaining the situation to an elderly person whom your father respect. Cause the more she continues carrying the burden alone the more he neglect her. 

    - Nwankwo Miracle - 2019-12-19 10:59:06 Quote

  • It's not really a problem for a wife to cover up for husband if the husband is not financially stable... 

    But at the point where the husband regains his stability financially, a reasonable husband should take up the responsibilities back.. If he feels the responsibilities should be shared, he better say so that the family will be in peace and unity.... 

    - David Jesse ifeanyi - 2019-12-19 20:40:02 Quote

  • Actually its not a crime, but it depends the reason for the strap and the effort he (the person in question ) is making to make sure that he comes out of the predicament that fell on him.... 

        Through prayers and hard work, his condition will change. Moreover when the wife sees that he is making effort to come out of his  condition, she will be helping with joy. 

    - Matthew Nwabufo - 2019-12-23 00:20:50 Quote

  • its never a crime because both of them are one. yes i understand the facts that man is the head of the house and he is to perform his responsibilities as the head but in a case were by things get broke down the wife should assist her husband. when the husband grows the family grows to

    - Okpala izuchukwu - 2019-12-26 02:06:58 Quote

  • It actually depends on the type of man you get married to,in this situation,he is just an ingrate that doesn't know when to act right... but most times problems are solved by having a dialogue,if you,your mum and siblings can sit him down and talk to him to know where the problem is never can tell,he might just packaging himself.

    - Anthony Patience Oluebube - 2019-12-31 11:03:40 Quote

  • The best thing to do is to have a family conversation and ask your father why he has stopped his responsibilities since things have gone back to normal. You should  also make him see reasons why he should now help out because the burden is weighing your mother down both financially and emotionally.

    - Oladapo Yetunde - 2020-01-02 15:59:41 Quote

  • It is not a crime. There is what is known as mutual understanding.If the wife knows that her husband is not the lazy type and he has the well-being of the family at heart, I see no reason why the woman will not cover up for her husband when he is financially strapped. That is why husbands  have to let their wives know about some of their dealings(both financially and otherwise),so there will be room for trust and understanding.

    - Daniel Dominic - 2020-01-03 01:44:09 Quote

  • We all know that before coming together as one couple a man and a woman has to share feeling in between and there aim is to plane and achieve it whan they are unique ,so it is not a crime for wife to help her husband when he his strapped down ,so they are for each other 

    - Asha Rene - 2020-01-04 00:12:54 Quote

  • There is nothing wrong with a woman helping her husband financially. But a man should always be aware of his responsibilities so I think your father needs some serious calling out so that he will know where he went wrong and act accordingly

    - Isaac Omolou - 2020-02-12 09:17:11 Quote

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