Is Messi Better Than Ronaldo

This has been an argument ever since... 

Is Messi better than Ronaldo? 

➡️Both have 603 career goals each

➡️Both have 5 balloon d'or 

➡️Messi: 6 golden boot 

Ronaldo: 4 golden boots

➡️Both included in the FIFPro Men's world XI for 13 consecutive years 

➡️Messi: Laliga all time Topscorer

Ronaldo: Champions league all time Topscorer 

➡️Messi: 1 FIFA best player of the year

Ronaldo: 2 FIFA best player of the year 

➡️Argentinas all time Topscorer (Messi) 

Portugal's all time Topscorer (Ronaldo) 

Let us just enjoy them both while they are still with us ??

But to me Messi is better than Ronaldo.. Drop ur comments pls.... 

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  • I also think Messi is a better player than Ronaldo because when it comes to teamwork, Messi works better with his teammates than Ronaldo and teamwork is the key to any football match. Although, they are both amazing players who will never be forgotten

    - Joseph Febabor - 2019-09-25 12:01:54 Quote

  • Messi and Ronaldo are great players indeed with great skills and achievements both have won different titles and are still pursuing more and more of titles. Non is better than the other just that they have different style of play.

    - Santos Frankfurt - 2019-09-25 12:10:36 Quote

  • Yes messi is far better than ronaldo
    Messi is much gifted than him
    Messi  understand football than him
    Messi has more awards than him
    Messi has respect and discipline than him. 

    - Akinlade Oluwole Adeyemi - 2019-09-25 12:18:33 Quote

  • The truth is i hate when people compare the two great footballer, both are good, they are legends and finding a footballer to surpass their record will be hard...stop comparing them please, non is better than the other because they are both good in their various club

    - Samson Nwabuilo - 2019-09-25 12:23:48 Quote

  • Both are great players. But to me Ronaldo is way more better than messi. Ronald has proven himself and the quality of a great player he is in four different leagues across europe. He is a goalscoring machine,hardworking and a true leader. Both have different style of playing though,but Ronaldo is the GOAT,and will always be the GOAT.

    - Chekwube Philip - 2019-09-25 12:27:33 Quote

  • Messi is the best to me because he plays football like it's his way of life he is very talented and he doesn't need much training to play well for his team for Ronaldo he is good because he is dedicated to football,he is very hardworking and he trains a lot so he has the capability to meet up with players that have the born talent of football and even over take them.

    - Ayodele-olorunfemi Praise - 2019-09-25 12:29:28 Quote

  • I think Ronaldo is better because, Ronaldo can fit in into any club, any team mate and any football administration. Within the space of some years, Ronaldo has played for Manchester United, Real Madrid FC,  and now in Juventus,  and within all this years of experience in football, has has proven himself to be a play maker unlike Messi who has been in just one club ever since I knew, with the same teammate and the same barcelona administration. I don't think he can perform well outside his club.  Finally both of them are making their fans happy, wishing them good luck in their football career 

    - Emmanuel Ogbonnaya - 2019-09-25 12:30:39 Quote

  • Ronaldo is a great champion because he has triumphed in all three major leagues. That is not an easy feat. He has good physique, he is good with both legs, he is an excellent header of the ball. He has done many brilliant things and have won many awards in football but I still think and know that the Argentine, Lionel Messi is better than him because Messi is constantly compared to Pele and Diego Maradona. Messi is a miracle of football. He does things that are not of this world on the pitch. For me Messi surpasses everybody. He dribbles excellently, gives defence-splitting passes and also scores mind-blowing goals. Messi is the best to me.

    - Uzoigwe Charles Chinonso - 2019-09-25 12:33:28 Quote

  • Both are legend that would be diffcuilt to break their record. though i will choose Ronaldo ahead of messi because Ronaldo has play for different club in the different country and his perfomance has never change he keeps on getting better day by day.

    - Adeyeye Remi - 2019-09-25 13:15:50 Quote

  • I support this motion that Messi is better than Ronaldo.

    Both are G.O.A.T but the kind of football Messi plays is a gifted one that wows everyone when he's on pitch.

    I give kudos to Ronaldo for making history in the football world but working hard to make a name for himself.

    Messi is far better than Ronaldo.

    - ADEJUMO ADEWUMI - 2019-09-25 13:20:16 Quote

  • To me messi is better than Ronald messi is a complete player a king in assist and a king in goals, a king in free kick he does impossible things beyond our imagination same style of drive but people still fall for it he Is a beast

    - Stephanie Negedu - 2019-09-25 13:47:01 Quote

  • To me Ronaldo is better than Messi because Ronaldo has played in different leagues and still maintain his best but Messi has only experienced one major league so if he thinks he's better than Ronaldo let him leave laliga side and try any other top league in Europe.

    - Njoku Chisom - 2019-09-25 14:22:13 Quote

  • Messi and Ronaldo are both the world greatest football players..they have both done impossible skills, score amazing goals, break impossible records. I remember messi breakings muller's record of goals scored in a single year and ronaldo breaking Robbie Kane's record scored in a euro qualifers game...both are amazing players 

    Messi a real talent

    Ronaldo are real hardworker

    On and off the ball both are a treat to the opposition

    But for this year lets give it to messi based on number of goals scored.

    - Christian Chukwu - 2019-09-25 14:34:13 Quote

  • I personally think Ronaldo is better than messi but i respect the both of them. They have been battling at the top for over ten years no other players have achieved what both of them have accomplished they also have countless records between themselves

    - Okafor Joel - 2019-09-25 15:00:16 Quote

  • I don't know about any other person but for me Messi is my all time favorite player. Not because he score goals but because of the way he plays, the way he move with the ball is amazing. It is a privilege to watch the two play. 

    - Adeleke Jr. - 2019-09-25 15:21:27 Quote

  • Well, they are both great players of this golden era and they've done a lot in the world of football as a whole. They are both good in their own ways and they both deserve whatever they've got from the game but for me I'll choose Ronaldo.. It's not easy to be so dedicated for a very long time 

    - Okpegoboroh Oghenefega - 2019-09-25 15:35:16 Quote

  • Truth be told both players are highly talented a and have achieved a whole lot over the years. But I will rate ronaldo higher than messi because he has been on the spotlight when in england with man u and when in Spain with real madrid, but messi has always played in Spain.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-09-25 15:49:09 Quote

  • Comparing these two great players is like putting two imcomparable things together since both are good in their own way, they give their best in their profession, but despite all circumstances surrounding where both players have played i still think they are both good players 

    - Saka Adefemi - 2019-09-25 18:23:41 Quote

  • Both Messi and Ronaldo are two great players that have different mode of player ...who is a better player is determined by whose mode of play you prefer .But both are just doing same thing in different ways.

    - Akinfenwa David - 2019-09-25 18:26:28 Quote

  • They are both good.  I don't thknk we should argue about who is the best,  instead we should appreciate their talents.  But if a I was looking for a football mentor I will choose Messi's style of play.  # They are super heroes.  

    - Oyewo Oluseye - 2019-09-25 18:30:54 Quote

  • Both players are extremely good, infact the best, when it comes to personal reasoning,I will always say that Ronaldo is more better than Messi. Ronaldo knows how to lead and train people to lead. He carries every one along. He is extremely humble to the core,he is hardworking. He is loyal and he loves his fans.  The two of them are not to be compared because no matter how so many will not want to accept it, Ronaldo is still the greatest of all time

    - Obi Chidera - 2019-09-25 18:46:37 Quote

  • Messi is the end product of talent and effort, while Ronaldo is a super footballer, a complete product of Hardwork and dedication. they are both A- listers in their own limelite but i still prefer Messi. the stats say it all.

    - Lionel Hanson - 2019-09-25 19:01:38 Quote

  • To me CR7 is far far better than Lionel Messi in So Many Ways. Lionel Messi does not have any international trophy unlike Cristiano Ronaldo who has the Euro 2016 and the UEFA Nations League. Cristiano Ronaldo won two of his three finals in international trophies why is Messi lost is five finals in international trophies including the FIFA World Cup the Copa Del Rey 2019 this year and so on so due to this I think Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi call luqman

    - Adenigba Arafat - 2019-09-25 19:23:12 Quote

  • Point of correction, it isn't 603 career goals but 603 club career goals.

           Messi and Ronaldo are both talented players and they shouldn't be compared because one is better than the other in some aspects but they are both the best we have ever seen and will ever see.

    - Johnchris Chibueze - 2019-09-25 19:25:58 Quote

  • They both have different style so why comparing them. The two players are the best currently in this world. They are rival on the pitch, they always win against each other and also loose to each other. They're the same

    - Ajibade Adetunji - 2019-09-25 19:34:34 Quote

  • I wonder why people still find it difficult to believe that Messi is the best of the duo, yeah Ronaldo is a great player, a legend!!! but he's more of a goalscorer, just give him the ball & he'll get it into the goalpost, but when you discover someone that creates MAGICAL moments, gives scintillating passes, takes destructive freekicks, disgraceful dribbles, then you can decide who's better, or perhaps the GOAT.

    - JOSHUA ADESE - 2019-09-25 19:36:25 Quote

  • Messi and Ronaldo are both talented players and they shouldn't be compared because one is better than the other in some aspects but they are both the best we have ever seen and will ever see. 

    - Okoye Kingsley - 2019-09-25 19:40:08 Quote

  • I think both players are really great and talented but I prefer Messi to Ronaldo because he is more skillful and his goals are always amazing.Messi is a gifted player while Ronaldo is hardworking.Messi has always been my all time best player.

    - Adedeji Olumide - 2019-09-25 19:44:47 Quote

  • When it comes to who is better,god  create them two and they have they on gift ,Messi may shine in one area of football and Rolando will do same in his own part thats the truth two of them are great .both are great 

    - Okafor Ebuka - 2019-09-25 20:18:20 Quote

  • Messi and Ronaldo are two incredible players with different playing styles...while Messi beats Ronaldo in terms of Technique and Passing, Ronaldo is far more superior in Aerial duels and Shooting. Ronaldo is the most lethal goalscoring machine there is, Messi can dictate the pace of a whole game.

    Ronaldo has proven himself in various leagues and on the international stage. He has smashed countless records while Messi can only boast of Laliga, European and zero international trophies.

    Ronaldo has had a better career overall and he is my GOAT. Messi is equally in the same bracket but I prefer CR7.

    Messi is talent. Ronaldo is hardwork.

    - Ifeanyi ubakamma - 2019-09-25 20:26:34 Quote

  • I sincerely don't need a prophet to tell me Messi is better before I believe. The young man in question as gotten so many abilities on the field of football. Some of the qualities includes dribbling, pass accuracy, shot, taking of free kicks etc. Would a Ronaldo do all of this?  The answer is an emphatic No. Please let's give honor to whole honor is due to. 

    - Adeniyi Victor - 2019-09-25 20:35:28 Quote

  • To me Messi to is better than Ronaldo, apart from all the achievement you listed Messi is a left foooter player which means is better than Ronaldo cause Ronaldo is a right footer player. Moreover Messi didn't really have a couch couching him how to play ever since his small his just talented and as we know nature something is always better from artfucarti

    - Okedokun Yusuf - 2019-09-25 20:38:59 Quote

  • Both are doing well but to be honest, Ronaldo is better than Messi. Messi is playing in one club winning all those things with support from his team members. While Ronaldo has played in England, Spain and now in Italy. Messi should go to another club let see if he can still perform . Ronaldo is the best.

    - Onwa Matthew - 2019-09-25 20:59:53 Quote

  • Comparing Messi and Ronaldo is a waste of time, the are both the greatest players in our generation. The have conquered their territories repeatedly, comparing them is useless. They are already getting old so lets just enjoy before the finally leave the beautiful game.

    - Ugochukwu Okafor - 2019-09-25 21:11:24 Quote

  • These decisions are always very tough to come up with an unbiased answer. Most people who’d pick Messi over him for being a better player might have sentiments for Messi and vice versa. These two people are both phenomenal players and are good in their own respective ways so comparing them isn’t really necessary. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-25 21:17:10 Quote

  • It is an actual fact that Messi is better than Ronaldo. Messi's skill is so much greater than Ronaldo and to top it all, Messi has collected the award for the best player of the year. So therefore there are so much professional to show that Messi is much more better and skillful than Ronaldo.

    - Paul Raphael - 2019-09-25 21:30:59 Quote


    Everyone is just saying that messi is better than Ronaldo, but to me i don't think messi is better than Ronaldo. Although messi is good, but Ronaldo has more experience and skills than messi. Ronaldo is very good but, his problem is pride. 

    - Miracle Ekeke - 2019-09-25 21:37:15 Quote

  • Messi and Ronaldo are both great players with qualities, but messi has a player teamwork than Ronaldo because, messi works tireless on the bitch than CR7. Due to that messi is born talented why CR7 is a hard working player but, messi is better than Ronaldo

    - Tsekar Leonard Aondoakula - 2019-09-25 22:47:56 Quote

  • In the right sense, comparing them both is not right. Both of them are well gifted and are legends, they both have their areas where they excel more than the other and they also have their own areas of wanting also. We should try to see them both as equals or better still as football legend mates

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-25 22:54:04 Quote

  • we all have different opinions but personally i'll go with ronaldo

    for a hard working p,layer to be at the level of a natural born talented football, then i think ronaldo is more better

    legend keeps on creating records upon records

    - olurombi ifeoluwa - 2019-09-26 02:56:32 Quote

  • To me, I feel Ronaldo is better than Messi... This is because Ronaldo has not spent his football career in only one club but has been to other clubs and yet he is still outstanding. But come to think of Messi who has not left Barcelona if he does, what will be of his career? will he stil be outstanding like he is now?

    - Akanu-ibiam Onyekachi - 2019-09-26 03:02:03 Quote

  • Christiano ronaldo and messi are two great players in the history of football.But to me christiano ronaldo is somhow far much better than messi caua christiano ronaldo alwaya pull his self down despite the higher he has gone in football by going to daily training with his fellow teammates in order make him to be more skillful in football

    - Francis Udodeme - 2019-09-26 03:24:08 Quote

  • It doesn't matter please ...they're both really good.  Formerly in a season highest goal scorers scored like 20 goals tops then this legends came up and started scoring 50-60 goals in one season. They really good.

    - Prince Madu - 2019-09-26 06:03:03 Quote

  • Yes blood..! we have the same spirit but Ronaldo is still good in terms of being solely but messi is one with team spirit he isn't gifted with the sole spirit.. Thank God he has been ordained saint of football.

    - David Bamigwaojo - 2019-09-26 07:06:22 Quote

  • Messi is far better than Cristiano he is God giving talent a very rare gem of our time a beast in nature an eagle in sight seeing and hungry beast for goals he is so amazing to watch you sit to enjoy his game and you would know he is out of this world

    - Chijioke Franklin - 2019-09-26 07:36:03 Quote

  • When it comes to choosing side between these two football genius I am always on the fence but there are still things you never talk about,like Ronaldo scoring every football minute like him always on FIFA team of the year of which Messi was not part 2018.i won't be picking side but argue with full stats please

    - Olatunji Victor - 2019-09-26 07:38:04 Quote

  • Ronaldo might score goals from each part of his body- but he can never pass a ball with the same accuracy as that of Leo Messi. His passing skills are absolutely spot on- and he has- in several occasions- nutmegged thousands of defenders by his passing ability. It’s almost as if he knows the trajectory the ball will travel if he passes is using a certain technique. Be it long ball, short pass, or just a chip- he can do it all with zero margin for error- and this makes him the best counter attacking footballer at the moment- because he simply doesn’t play’s a bad ball and ruin the counter attack. Ronaldo’s passing skills- though good- simply isn’t up to the mark to make him a legendary passer of the ball.

    - Abdulazeez Agunleyinju - 2019-09-26 08:03:01 Quote

  • though both players are best in football.but to talk about one person that give his everything to game then we talk about Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a very hardworking player he stands up for his team everytime. Ronald the G.O.A.T


    - Rahman Salvador - 2019-09-26 08:30:44 Quote

  • Ronaldo also encourages his team when losing but Messi just bow his head in disappointment, People saying Ronaldo doesn't pass and doesn't assist that he is selfish. Please go and check his stats .he has just helped everyone. He comes up when the team need hims. He helped Juventus score the three goals they needed. They are both good but Ronaldo is the best because he can blend in any team and play well with even average players

    - Asonwa Emeka Isaiah - 2019-09-26 09:54:02 Quote

  • Am a FC Barcelona big fan I love Messi so much but the real truth is that the two of them are good players and that is the true about it very each one of them are good in there own different ways, there is some qualities that Messi have that Ronaldo don't and there some qualities Ronaldo have too and  Messi don't  so you can't really say this one is better than this because both of them have achieve alot in football and  also do wonder things too for me both of them are good. 

    - Adaji Ochoche Peter - 2019-09-26 12:41:24 Quote

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