Is Naira Marley A Good Or Bad Influence On The Youths Of Nigeria

With songs like "Am I a Yahoo Boy" and  "Jo Soapy" Naira Marley rose to popularity and great heights in Nigeria. However many Nigerians are not convinced that these songs bear a helpful message to the general populace, especially the youths who are easily influenced by Celebrities. Infact many are convinced that they help promote social vices such as 419 and Masturbation. This is even made more obvious due to his band of very motivated followers on and off social media who refer themselves as "Marlians". 

With alot of mixed opinions on this issue, what do you think the rise and popularity of Naira Marley has to say about the current state of the country?

Are Nigerians just catching fun or did Naira Marley strike a nerve on an issue which has been disturbing alot of nigerian youths like political injustice and corruption in high places?

Lets hear your thoughts. 

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  • Naira Marley, his music, his style and dress code is a bad influence on the youths , he encourages a lot of illegal acts and immoralities 

    His kind of music is something that I'm not proud of and it gives the Nigerian society and its indigens a bad image 

    - Richard Olumide Okorocha - 2019-09-25 14:49:25 Quote

  • Naira Marley is influencing Nigerians badly but not only him. It is so to other celebrities. Many people love music  without even thinking of it's meaning. Somebody like Rude boy and Mr P with other musicians are showing good examples and releasing cool music that has meaning, not only making Money but making a change in the World Wide. 

    - Nnalue Augustine ifeanyi - 2019-09-25 15:12:34 Quote

  • I'm of the opinion that Naira Marley music is not sending a good message to Nigerian youths especially his "jo soapy" song. It makes them think about masturbation a lot especially in the universities. Although most of them take it as fun,it's really not a good thing

    - Banigo Tamunomieokomibi Rowland - 2019-09-25 15:42:10 Quote

  • Naira Marley  has done more damage than good to Nigeria youths. Naira Marley way of life has an influence on some Nigeria youth , they want to behave like him and act like him.

    He has encourage some  illegal and naughty stuff that protray in his way of life.

    But who am I to blame Naira Marley everyone has his/her life to live ..

    - Samuel Bassey Bucknor - 2019-09-25 15:49:17 Quote

  • If the Naira Marley songs is helping or making bad influence to the country is not in idea. To me when you found yourself in country like this, you find the best and suitable plan for the world. Which I think Naira Marley is doing. It’s now left with your believe or the way you brought yourself or your child up.

    To me o and to be frank what I think his doing is finding a suitable way for him with his profession

    - Ajayi Olufemi - 2019-09-25 16:10:19 Quote

  • Naira marley through his songs have greatly influenced Nigerians negatively. Immoral act such as masturbation and internet fraud is not what Nigerian musicians should be promoting. Am really displeased with this act

    - Obasi Emmanuel - 2019-09-25 16:20:11 Quote

  • To me, naira marley does what he's good at and any other thing side that might not give him so much fame as this. It only depends on we youths to know what kind of a model we follow, if it is a good example to us, fine, and if it is a bad example then we should leave it. 

    - oladokun Hassan olamide - 2019-09-25 16:23:22 Quote

  • I don't think naira Marly can really encourage our youths in Nigeria, because the way he dress and his character don't really attract me as a youth. And when I try to check his page on  instagram, I can see that he always  create bad influences.

    - Emmanuel Mayowa - 2019-09-25 16:25:01 Quote

  • Looking at his type of music in our youths can cause many problems. Everybody in this country want to make money by all means. If his type of music, mostly his lastest video be allow in the music industry, it will be an abuse to Africa women. He has to follow the rules in music industry.

    - Onyemaechi Charles - 2019-09-25 16:48:01 Quote

  • Naira Marley is just creating vibe for the youth and others so I would say he is a vibe creator, but there are things he says that are meant to be heard which is not right, then we will talk about his lyrics which are not accepted on the society.

    - Nifemi Koffa - 2019-09-25 17:06:52 Quote

  • Actually everything about Naira Marley is a bad influence but it is highly welcome and accepted by the Nigeria society be it the rulers and the rules.Because if not he should have been stopped or warned since all this days but he is not.

    - Rahmon Basit - 2019-09-25 17:19:53 Quote

  • Naira Marley is a bad influenced to the Nigerian youths or not

    The problem started with the poor leadership

    A lot of Nigerian youths are suffering which makes them think going through and indirect way to success is the answer but the thing is that Marley himself keeps encouraging them which I'll say is not good but at same time good

    The government should fix up their shits then we'll see if there's a change in the society or not

    - Usman Habeeb - 2019-09-25 17:45:59 Quote

  • Naira Marley is a musician,he is making money from his music and making himself happy with what he is doing,he has even gotten more fame with his kind of music.

    It's left for all who wants to listen to his music to pick what they want,it is not by force to listen to him.

    I listen to his music sometimes and feel good when I do.

    - Osiname Abimbola - 2019-09-25 18:18:08 Quote

  • He's on both side, he's both bad an good influence to Nigerian youth, is style of music is not forced by anyone one to listen.

    For and example i church going person will try to invite dose people that don't like going to church to go to chruh. It on both side he make some people so happy while he makes some peoole said

    - Ogunrinde Adedoyin - 2019-09-25 18:22:25 Quote

  • Moral decay has eaten deep into our system that we don't even realize, we've so blocked our senses with irrational opinions and ideologies, the moment something is rebuked, so called freedom of speech glorifiers condemn you immediately so now there's no difference in music and rubbish anymore. Naira Marley has come to stay, there's really nothing we can do.

    - Blessing Ekwubi - 2019-09-25 18:45:27 Quote

  • The Opotoyi crooner is yet another music celebrity edged on killing the minds of young Nigerians. He's not alone though. There are myriads unmentioned whose intent is to feed the nation with corrupt, negative music in a rhythm the people understand and under the disguise of fashion and trending dance steps. You know what I mean. 

    Naira Marley is a good musician. However, he needs some positive orientation as his brand has done more harm than good. Same to all other Nigerian musician. They've all succeeded in feeding the minds of younglings with filth. Let's leave the "lazy youths" mantra out of this sha. 

    - Debbie Kamsiyochi - 2019-09-25 18:52:13 Quote

  • I would say he is a bad influence on the youth ,he music portrays immorality of the highest order imagine that soapy dance the brain behind it was masturbation. Our youth's future is in danger 

    - UTHMAN AGBOOLA - 2019-09-25 18:53:25 Quote

  • Naira Marley music is a bad influence not only to the music industry and Nigerians but also to the up coming generation .

    If such act is continued it will cause a great disaster in our upcoming generation opinion about music to our industry which shouldn't be so

    - Isiaka Haruna - 2019-09-25 18:56:30 Quote

  • Naira marles's music style is totally doing harm to already harmed youth of our country. Most of the youth that you can called as his fans, they have almost similar attitude, if to say they will get a chance to be in music, they will do the same or even more bad to our youth compared to him.

    - Najib Sani - 2019-09-25 18:59:07 Quote

  • Naira marles's music style is totally doing harm to already harmed youth of our country. Most of the youth that you can called as his fans, they have almost similar attitude, if to say they will get a chance to be in music, they will do the same or even more bad to our youth compared to him.

    - Najib Sani - 2019-09-25 19:00:57 Quote

  • While it is important to understand that everybody has their own style and interests, it is worth noting that the general effect of Naira Marley's music is negative and bad. I am a big advocate of accepting different perspectives but I find it quite difficult to accept this brand of music. Music as we know should serve the purpose of enjoyment and knowledge. There's no arguing the fact that his songs elevate the mood. However, what message is he passing across? It is okay to scam innocent people for a living? Jump on every girl you see on the streets in the name of dancing "soapy"? Common now, this guy is a bad influence. That is the simple fact.

    - Temitope John - 2019-09-25 19:17:14 Quote

  • To me if Naira Marley songs is helping bad influence to the country is not in idea. because the way he dress and his character don't is not even encouraging and that of is word no manners is not encouraging the youth at all

    - olalekan Adetutu - 2019-09-25 19:26:21 Quote

  • The real reason behind this is the struggle by the youths to fit in, in the society and the result of bad governance in our country today. Naira Marley is only trying voice out for the youths who are pushing hard out there and to those still dragging their feets should step up and fight for their rights and future. Fraud and s3xual immorality is an eye sore but in the same vein there is nothing as bad in this country as the bad governance ravaging us all.

    - Collins Ugochukwu - 2019-09-25 19:28:55 Quote

  • Real bad influence...our teens are now marlians....and puta gang...for crying out loud no sensible music...whereas is getting worst on a daily basis...something has to be done!!

    - Adewunmi blessing - 2019-09-25 19:29:01 Quote

  • Naira Marley has really turn our youths to something else.the was he smoke is what many if them are practicing,and its really getting out of hands.i think a youth that has a bright and great future will never be impressed about all his did.our youths really needs to think of what they want to become and stop impressed by this bad character

    - Idiris Opeyemi - 2019-09-25 19:33:58 Quote

  • About this issue I never liked his type of music because is always about "Yahoo, jo soapy " etc including many other artists not only him. So definitely that's a bad influence to the society. Making youths feel like that's the right thing. 

    - Chukwudum Umeohana - 2019-09-25 19:45:04 Quote

  • Very very bad Influence naira Marley or wat please is a good question,in the first place wat is the meaning of that a good name so he tune our Youths to something eals the way he sing the way he dans wat I know for sure is that is the work of Satan to our Youth Yessssss

    - Adebowale Banyole Alaba - 2019-09-25 19:50:02 Quote

  • Naira marley or not, the scene of the world is changing, can we say that Naira marley is the only vulgar nigerian artiste out there? There are still other potential artistes who are promoting misconduct and nobody is saying a word about them. no offence.

    - Lionel Hanson - 2019-09-25 20:00:13 Quote

  • He's not a good example at all,not a leader someone should look up toand he's a bad influence on youth wilth illegal music he's singing...but bad music always influence our people

    - Mercy,hannah Famakinwa - 2019-09-25 20:08:44 Quote

  • As for me , his songs are very bad influence to Nigerians.... But may looking at it Nigerians more especially the youths didnt see anything bad in his songs . The even dance more than the artist himself

    - Juliet Chigaemezu - 2019-09-25 20:09:05 Quote

  •    Naira Marley is a hip hop(afro) artiste and like many other or his kind , he is prone to some vulgarities, in character,  language, and dressing, but I really don't think that's enough to now point him out as an item of bad influence among the likes of  Olamide , Reminisce, Lil-kesh.

    - Owolabi Schambach - 2019-09-25 20:13:55 Quote

  • His a hip-hop artists, but truth be told, there's no meaningful thing in those songs. 

    In Nigeria, people just dance to the beats and vibe, weather meaningful, meaningless or useless. Unfortunate though. 

    - Richard Ngirigwa - 2019-09-25 20:37:10 Quote

  • I think that Marley's message passed in our country is not quite encouraging and attracts disturbing objects and mindset in our Nigerian youth but his songs is not for warb mind, everything in life is a choice

    - Chimezie Okafor - 2019-09-25 20:54:09 Quote

  • The answer is no, no parent in their right mind would ever let their kids have Naira Marley as their role model. Due to his sudden rise in the industry, his influence on youth have influenced them to involve in immoral acts like fraud and so on.

    - Otito Okigbo - 2019-09-25 21:01:12 Quote

  • He's really a bad influence, infact to me he's just using force to reign in the music industry, he doesn't know how to sing at all, around last two weeks or so, EFCC caught a guy in the Northern part of the country, he said Naira Marley's song gave him motivation to go into cyber fraud, imagine.

    - Salawu Seleem - 2019-09-25 21:17:05 Quote

  • I must say Marley is a bad influence on our youths, but he has become a thorn in our flesh, we couldn't resist his style. Guys seem to like him and want to be like him. Girls seem to fall in love with the bad boy. We all living in fool's Paradise

    - Ridwan Salaudeen - 2019-09-25 21:18:11 Quote

  • As for me i dont like most of his songs like for example that his Soapy song its a big bad influence on people... It gives them the mind set that to masturbation is ohkay.... So je os a bad influence

    - Siaw-lash Gift ibitimi - 2019-09-25 21:32:14 Quote

  • When you talk about music in Nigeria Naira maley shouldn't be mentioned, it's nothing to be heard or talked about, it's all about immoralities, fraud, and cyber crimes encouragement.  Lots of youths who tends to like Maley are either into all he sings or some of what he sings ..  He should be banned .

    - Jacob Edward - 2019-09-25 21:32:17 Quote

  • I feel naira Marley songs help people, though some do not send any message buh once heard it helps lift people’s spirit. I fee he just need to work on the lyrics so it can pass something educative

    - Udogu Faith - 2019-09-25 21:38:36 Quote

  • One important thing every celebrity should know is his/her influence on the youths. If you are a celebrity and you are in any way promoting social vices, you're definitely not doing it right. You sing a song and fraud, masturbation are promoted, there's nothing more to deliberate on this issue. YOU ARE A BAD INFLUENCE.

    - Gift Uzo - 2019-09-25 21:43:47 Quote

  • Naira Marley is an infamous internet fraudster who has somehow managed to escape from the grasp of law so many times, of course because , this is Nigeria. He has managed to brainwash so many youths that "yahoo" is just a normal business. "It's getting back the money that politicians have embezzled and gone to hide in foreign countries" but the people they steal from worked hard to earn that money and they find joy in bringing sorrow into people's lives. They find solace in making people miserable and depressed as long as they get money. Naira Marley needs to be tamed!

    - Jesutofunmi Igbokoyi - 2019-09-25 21:45:39 Quote

  • Hahaha...

    Naira marley is influencing Nigerian youths, and it is definitely not positive,but the major thing is that only naira marley shouldn't be singled out as the celebrity who brings negativity.

    As youths most of us,tend  to look up to these people on the big screen,because we want to be like them or they inspire us in one way or the other,if I'm right..

    We need our celebrities to affect us positively and not negatively,but most importantly, people should understand that whatever choices they make its entirely up to them..

    - Shalom Adesan - 2019-09-25 21:46:04 Quote

  • naira Marley is a good and bad influence.. hhmmm I will sit on the fance for this one, I believe we live in a generation were we know good from bad... the choice is left to the viewer to take it or leave it 

    - Joshua Ayomah - 2019-09-25 21:51:01 Quote

  • Naira Marley is absolutely a bad influence to Nigeria with his kind of music, character,way of dressing and other bad habits he show on the internet..

    He has corrupt most of your youths in the society with the idea of (NBG). Which means "NO BELT GANG", many youths move arround with no belt lately claiming to be part of the "NO BELT GANG".

    - Edoghogho Shedrack - 2019-09-25 22:46:51 Quote

  • Naira Marley is a very bad influence to the Nigerian youths with the kind of music that he sings... He is always portraying naked ladies, saying vulgar words that are not even meant to be said behind closed doors. 

    - Oluwanishola Oladun - 2019-09-25 22:55:09 Quote

  • He never for once impose bad influence on the youths, people thinks he's a bad influence due to the kind of music he's into. Everyone does his/her thing the way he /she likes, and not to satisfy people who don't even care. I listen to his music but I never think for once of doing bad stuffs, those who think listening to his music can push one to do bad things wish to do that bad thing deliberately or even have the passion of being bad from the onset and not naira Marley's influence whatsoever 

    - Adaranijo Muhammad Toha - 2019-09-26 02:11:50 Quote

  • Hahaha...

    Naira marley is influencing Nigerian youths, and it is definitely not positive,but the major thing is that only naira marley shouldn't be singled out as the celebrity who brings negativity.

    As youths most of us,tend  to look up to these people on the big screen,because we want to be like them or they inspire us in one way or the other,if I'm right..

    We need our celebrities to affect us positively and not negatively,but most importantly, people should understand that whatever choices they make its entirely up to them. 

    - Abdulganiy Idrees - 2019-09-26 02:31:33 Quote

  • To me Naira Marley is a bad influence on the Nigerian  society as a musician all his songs doesn't pass good message to the viewers, for someone like me, I don't listen to any song by him so u think our youth should be mindful of why they listen to. 

    - Abdulmaleek Habib - 2019-09-26 03:18:19 Quote

  • Bad or good boths depend on an individual not the artist because their proffesion is an art like let me say acting.So must of this artist do say what they don't mean or what they just feel like saying and no matter the situation they will make their own money and not responsible for what people understand about them.

    - Abimbola Ojetokun - 2019-09-26 03:29:13 Quote

  • Personally I think naira Marley is just a musician trying to make his money like every other musician and we Nigerians like songs that we will use to dance do I'll say he his not a bad influence 

    - Ekerete John - 2019-09-26 04:37:29 Quote

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