Is The Judiciary Really The Last Hope Of The Common Man?

Ever since the last general election which was marred with violence and malpractice, the opposition party which was believed to have won the election by all indications has been contesting the result at the tribunal. Just yesterday the five man tribunal seating in Abuja upheld the victory of President Muhammadu Buhari, while many Nigerians think Alhaji Atiku Abubakar won the election, the law court ruled otherwise to the contrary of public opinion. 

From all that happened at the final seating yesterday one cannot but ask if the judicial system in Nigeria is still to be trusted?, is the court truly the last hope of the common man?. What do you think?.

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  • I think the court should truly be the last hope of a common man in any Democracy practicing country but as a result of the corrupt state of Nigeria today, we cannot trust the judiciary anymore because our leaders are ready to go to any extent to get what they want so they end up bribing the judiciary so that the decision that would be made by the judiciary would be in their favour. 

    - Oke Olamilekan - 2019-09-25 11:26:14 Quote

  • The juduciary should be the last hope of the common man, but of course the government has usurped her powers and now control, manipulate and bribe judges to give judgement in their favour. Nigerians have to rise up against this before everything gets out of hand. The present government goes about arresting anyone that speak against them, those arrested would have little hope unless we take drastic actions against this government to stop them from turning Nigeria to a autocratic nation.

    - Holly Okoro - 2019-09-25 12:24:13 Quote

  • Normally, the court ought to be the hope of any suffering Nigerian. But our system is corrupt already, everything in Nigeria is biased, there's nothing working out the way it should. The judiciary ought to be independent but lately, they are being influenced by external force. May God help us.

    - Adepoju Khadijat - 2019-09-25 12:35:26 Quote

  • In my opinion it should be, but it is now upside down, like "judiciary is not the last hope of the common man" because those who supposed to be by the truth will be the one to tell you that it can not be the truth until it is proved. I have lost hope in Nigeria judiciary I have seen majority of them even sleeping during Court sessions, when their names are called when they are sleeping, they will say the opposite. God help us. Thanks.

    - Omolara Akadiri - 2019-09-25 13:56:29 Quote

  • In a properly regulated democratic setting the judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of the common man but in this part of the world were corruption and bad leader is the order of the day. The judiciary is supposed to be independent and not to be influenced by the high and mighty.

    - Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-09-25 16:18:54 Quote

  • According with what I was taught in secondary School judiciary is the last hope of the common man.

    It's quite unfortunate that many judges has changed the believe because of their selfish interest.

    However I so much believe in the their judgement.

    - Ozidiah Isaac - 2019-09-25 18:18:45 Quote

  • With what am seeing going on in the country, if you don't have godfather you are on your own. Judiciary is very biased this day. I don't blame them anyway because many are protecting their put of soup.

    - Babatunde Adekoya - 2019-09-25 19:12:07 Quote

  • all that is hidden to human is clear to the most high God. . So the tribunal may or may not be bribed for their duty . But I think our judiciary has been juxtaposed by the act of corrupt leaders... Even those people judge against or for are all corrupt.. So we need to accept the fate and look forward to a better Nigeria . Thanks 

    - Adaramola Michael - 2019-09-25 20:18:02 Quote

  • I have lost hope in Nigeria judiciary I have seen majority of them even sleeping during Court sessions, when their names are called when they are sleeping, they will say the opposite. God help us. 

    - Ishaya Tanko - 2019-09-25 20:42:15 Quote

  • On this particular one our nation and society was completely jeopardized as I rare to determine the person that won because of the rate of malpractice and cheated conducted in both electorates

    - Chimezie Okafor - 2019-09-25 20:43:10 Quote

  • With the way things are going this country, where the wealthy have a higher hand over the common man I really do not believe that. Even judges get bribed to favour the rich in the court, whereas the common man has just his mouth to save his life and often times that’s not enough. I think only God can really help us in this country. 

    - Omosivwe Jonathan - 2019-09-25 20:47:16 Quote

  • The judiciary is supposed to be the last hope of the common man but this is not the case in our country. They have manipulated the law to what they want it to be and there's no longer true justice it all a facade.

    - Shalom Michael - 2019-09-25 20:51:30 Quote

  • Truly the judiciary is suppose to be the lender of the last resort. But in present day Nigeria the judiciary is dependent on many factors ranging from finance, power and authority. Making the judiciary the lender of the last insult.

    - Ridwan Salaudeen - 2019-09-25 21:35:41 Quote

  • The judiciary was created to help declear the innocence of an innocent man, but now even the innocent goes to jail for crime not committed, also bribery and corruption in the judiciary, where by a wealthy man can pay his way through a court case. May God help our country.

    - Paul Raphael - 2019-09-25 21:59:27 Quote

  • Judiciary originally is the final hope of the common man, but in the Nigerian case it is the reverse that applies.

    The judicial system is so currupt that it can't deliver justice and save the plight of a common man presently, bribery and curruption is the order of the judicial day

    - Emeka John - 2019-09-25 23:30:29 Quote

  • then judiciary was last hope for common man but Nigeria of today there's no justice again the judiciary are not independent body like before they support the ruling party

    - Olawale Lateef - 2019-09-26 03:21:52 Quote

  •  they are the last hope and mind you they try to work with facts that can be seen and accessible to the eye. They both did otherwise during election but the winner was the one that covers all angles they are against them which is bad though but what that is what the judiciary can see and if they can't trace any misconduct within, them the winner is the winner. 

    - Abdulmaleek Habib - 2019-09-26 03:51:02 Quote

  • I Do not think the judiciary has ever been the last hope of the any common man. What happened at the tribunal shows how decayed the judicial system is. The judiciary is supposed to be impartial but this is what you get when the head of any organization is controlled by a leviathan 

    - Samson Gimba - 2019-09-26 05:04:56 Quote

  • To my own perspective point of view, its only God who is the last hope of all common man in this country. Judiciary which stand as a watching dog doesn't serve as its purpose which it was there what else a common man can do rather to only embrace God and not to think of any arms of government that profess to be watching masses but not?

    - Agada Friday - 2019-09-26 06:10:47 Quote

  • The judicial system in Nigeria is absolutely not the best choice or the defender of the common man nor is it any help at all. If you have money and have a case against a poor man. You buy the justice. Ifbyou have influence more than your opponent, you buy the justice. So, the judicial is and can never be the las t hope of the common man.

    - Chidiebere Uzo - 2019-09-26 07:48:02 Quote

  • Initially the judiciary is said to be the last hope of the common man but the kind of power vested in the politics of today has rendered the judiciary powerless in giving accurate judgement.

    I think our judiciary needs a total restructuring.

    - ADEJUMO ADEWUMI - 2019-09-26 08:17:20 Quote

  • My dear one thing to know and understand is that in Nigeria for someone to depend on  law or anything call judiciary is a mistake. And considering the fact that politics is concerned forget their game

    - Chinwe Okeke - 2019-09-26 08:26:21 Quote

  • The Nigeria judiciary system has nothing to write home about, they can no longer be trusted and l can confidently say that they are influenced by the executive system. They were supposed to work independently but reverse is the case. The common man cannot rely on them cause they have lost it all

    - calister eze - 2019-09-26 13:18:07 Quote

  • The judiciary is expected to be the last hope of the common man. But in a country like ours, where corruption, greed and bad governance is acknowledged and even regarded as the reigning thing. These things influence not just the citizens. But the judiciary as well. In my own opinion, I really do not think that the judiciary is the last hope of a common man.

    - Ugochukwu Jonas - 2019-09-26 16:06:59 Quote

  • I have heard it over and over again that the judiciary is the last hope of the common man. In many places where the executive and the legislative arms of government fall short of expectations of the people, they (people) believe that the judiciary would make up for the shortcomings of the other arms of government. The relevant laws governing the polity are believed to be interpreted correctly by the judiciary.

    The scale of judiciary in Nigeria has been moving up and down in the recent past. The pendulous movement of the scale has raised many doubts over the question of fairness of the third arm of government. Their interpretation of the relevant laws that govern the scheme of events in the polity sometimes appears biased and questionable.

    - Junior Louis - 2019-09-26 16:10:47 Quote

  • it is suppose to be but politics is the order of the day. My view is that the judiciary is the last hope of the common man but Nigeria constitution is permitting the game of politic to thrive. Once the constitution is ammended, the all other things will be right and corrected

    - DANIEL GARBA - 2019-09-26 16:12:00 Quote

  • The judiciary arm if government is the best medium to the common man, because its interprets the laws of a state and also deals with any kind of law offenders no matter their class or status.  In Nigeria the judiciary is opposite the common man is not favour and it's never the last hope too. 

    - Utung Tabat Jude - 2019-09-26 22:44:12 Quote

  • I don't think the Judiciary is giving hope to a common man anymore, in Nigeria, things are not working the way they should,  they court should stand for justice and not the other way round. Corruption has creeped into places it should have seriously be shunned. Until Nigeria is transformed, courts will not give hope to a common man. 

    - Okonkwo Blessing - 2019-09-27 04:10:48 Quote

  • The Nigerian judiciary is one of the reasons why crime is on the increase in the nation. When you feel that nobody or nothing can defend you against the people that are looking for your trouble you either take to self-defence or you surender and give into to your oppresors.

    Criminals get away with their crimes and only those that are capable of bribing their way get justice. No! Judiciary is not the common man's last hope in Nigeria as they so claim.

    - Adom-Tenger Tar - 2019-09-27 07:42:33 Quote

  • In an ideal society it should be but is there any such thing as an ideal society? No, your guess is good as mine. To a large extent it is, because it is only then that justice for the common man can be upheld, however the world over the judiciary can be manipulated by power and money, if you have power and money justice can be overridden. So the law is for anyone that does not possess these.

    - Agnes Onyema Olusola - 2019-09-27 08:18:54 Quote

  • In my own perspective judiciary is really the last hope of common man, though in every sector as far as this country is concerned corruption is order of the day,but that's notwithstanding they are trying their best to let the common man know that they still have right,let me the incident in Ebonyi state as a case study where there was contest between comrade chinedu ogah and sentor lazurus ogbe,lazurus was announced as the winner by the INEC but after some months,Ogah took him to court and after all said and done the judiciary declared Ogah as the winner and ask sentor ogbe to hand over,so I think they are still the last hope of the common man

    - Nweke Nnamdi - 2019-09-27 12:09:32 Quote

  • As it suppose to be, the judiciary is supposed to be the hope of the common man,but what do we see today in our country.they only favour the rich and neglect the poor.God have mercy

    - OLALEKAN OLADAPO - 2019-09-27 12:54:01 Quote

  • Nigeria with which always conduct election without it free and fair. This is the cause of which our leader who has the experience of democracy always go to court after the elections. And I believe the judiciary we have to dance to the tole of the ruling party. 

    - Oluwafemi Rapheal - 2019-09-27 14:21:58 Quote

  • I strongly believe the last hope of a common man still lies with the Judiciary. It is one thing to take a case to the court and it yet another thing for you to proof the case which has been taken there beyond any reasonably doubt. Judges deals with facts,evidence and proofs so if the complainant is not well equipt or prepare to proof his case he may not stand the test of time.

    - Akese Francis - 2019-09-27 15:27:10 Quote

  • I think that should be the only way. When we provide too many options to go about judging a case they you tend to deley judgments. As we all know Judgment delayed is judgment denied. The Judiciary should be the last hope all we need to focus on is hoq to make it full with minds of people with good intentions and integrity.

    - Ibrahim Lawal - 2019-09-27 16:02:28 Quote

  • With the happenings in our dear country,.. I don't thing the  court of law is the last hope of the common Nigerian, if you have witness how some of our Nigeria Army use their power on helpless civilians,.. How the police treat the complain of a common Nigerian who needs help,.. If you take them to court only you will advice yourself and forgo everything for God!

    - Matthew Udagbor - 2019-09-27 16:09:12 Quote

  • Judiciary in theory is the last hope of the common man but that is not the case in practice especially in a country like Nigeria where the common man's rights are not respected. Nigeria is a country where court orders are neglected, and the common man has been relegated to having hope in God. 

    - Favour Idemudia - 2019-09-27 18:40:48 Quote

  • Honestly, the judiciary has really failed Nigerians. It's only in Nigeria that a court with competence jurisdiction will give order, and the order will be violated and those violating will still walk freely in the country. 

    For me, the judiciary has fail in its independence power as a separate arm of the government in Nigeria.

    - Saviour Friday Dick - 2019-09-27 22:18:34 Quote

  • The judiciary is the last hope of a common man in a Democratic practicing state or country. Where the judiciary is found to be corrupt, the common will be at the receiving end of the judgement. That means no true justice will be provided. 

    - Afuye Olumide - 2019-09-28 18:25:02 Quote

  • Truelly judiciary jn Nigeria is not a last hope for the ordinary persons.because it seems the judiciary is been dictates by some people.that is why people on the top see judiciary as weapon to clear off oppenents,so  in Nigeria  judiciary is never a remedy for ordinary people.

    - Christopher Gwaze - 2019-09-28 21:00:42 Quote

  • Judiciary is not the last hope of common man especially in Africa. The major problem why the Judiciary is not the hope of common man is because of poverty level in black nations. In actual sense, it is the money that dictates who get the justice in this country and in Africa countries in general. We have heard cases of corruptions levied against the judges. He who pays the piper dictates the tune

    - Olanihun Babatunde - 2019-09-28 21:44:10 Quote

  • On a normal basis, it Should be the last hope for the common man, the judiciary should be the link between the government and the people; bring the laws to them and it helps them to hold government accountable for their actions.

    - Harris Idama - 2019-09-29 11:57:54 Quote

  • Our judiciary is unbiased.  Only that people think they can always be victorious in all cases most especially PDP. When court sacked many APC senators,  the PDP was hailing judiciary.  Now that the judgment is not in their favour they started shouting.  They should not forget that whatever goes around comes around.

    - Akinbulejo Obadare - 2019-09-29 12:29:08 Quote

  • Our government is biased,the judgement is always against the minors and so the issue of the law being the last resort for the common man is now a slogan and not a reality. The rich always have their way through a matter even if they are wrong. This is Nigeria where everyone is a suspect including our own law is a criminal because it has killed so many innocent souls.

    - Emmanuel Agbasielo - 2019-09-29 13:04:02 Quote

  • In a democratic society judiciary suppose to be the last resort for a common man but the reverse is the case in Nigeria. Bribery and corruption has become the foundation of this nation. And the only way out is to restructure our democratic system.

    - Ndulue Augustine - 2019-09-29 20:24:17 Quote

  • Bribery and corruption has now become a daily food in Nigeria especially our leaders ,, which in a case where the Court will approve a case but it won't be carried out by the Nigerian govement ... Its so hart breaking to see or hear it ... I don't think the judiciary is really the last hope of the common man ...

    - Paschal Iheanyichukwu - 2019-09-29 23:11:56 Quote

  • Yes of course, the judiciary should be the last hope of the common man but not here in Nigeria where the judiciary has now become a puppy for the government and the pot belle rich people. May God help the common man in Nigeria.

    - Mohdfawaz Jimba - 2019-09-29 23:33:03 Quote

  • It is true that judiciary should be the last hope of a common man and not just that, buh should be the centre body of the three arms of government of which now have been Jeopardy with the sentiment and critic in a nation of over millions of people trusting in their judgement buh have been turncated.....what a sad Nation

    - Banji Abiodun - 2019-09-30 07:35:15 Quote

  • Normally the judiciary should be the last hope of the common man in Nigeria the case is otherwise in Nigeria corruption has made things bad the judiciary which is supposed help the people is corrupt  judges laywers are corrupt even the Masses

    - Olagoke Uthman - 2019-09-30 18:35:14 Quote

  • Judiciary, in my opinion, isn't the hope of any common man in this country. The court sends a common man to jail because of what hunger pushed him into and the same court leaves a politician who stole billions of public funds roaming freely on the streets. 

    - Olanrewaju Talabi - 2019-09-30 21:07:48 Quote

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