Is The Use Of BVN A Good Way To Stop Electoral Malpractice?

In Nigeria it has come to the understanding that we use what we get to get what we want in election a lot of people believe that if they don't take anything before going to the polling unit to vote they will not get anything from the politicians as well. Because they believe that they are going there for their pockets and because of what they want to do for the masses. 

On this note elections done this day people buy votes and it is not helping matters in the country. The politicians cannot do any road for the masses, the senators does nothing in their districts for the local government area that vote them into the position they are.

Now the politicians have come to understand that the people can change their mind with money. Now apart from the politicians buying vote the so called Voters card is not doing any good too they have found out ways to use it in multiple way. People comes to the polling unit with other dead people cards and vote for just 2000 Naira. Poverty is looming in the Nation the politicians now use that opportunity as well. 

I have come to understand that the use of BVN can help cub the issues of multiple vote but not vote buying because it is not easy to control vote buying but it is easy to control multiple vote by a single person there by making one choice or different choice during voting process. The BVN will be the best one to use. No individual can use another person BVN to vote. All fingers are registered on the BVN and the name will also appear. So in that way any one whoes finger does not read on the machine used should just forget about voting. Those whoes finger read are the only votes to count. Filling forms for people whoes fingers cannot read can be used to manipulate multiple votes. So it won't be allowed. 

This will help reduce or eradicate the problems of cancellation polling unit.

The machine will used in a way that any person who vote in the machine will be the one to vote using ballot paper.

Please my good people of Nigeria how do you see it can it work? What is your opinion on this? 

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  • I would say BVN is a better way to reduce electoral malpractice in Nigeria but this should be done online like banking application or going to the bank because it's just like the finger print,with this I mean you can only have 1BVN to yourself,once used it can't be reused again.The bank would be more secured from political thugs breaking in to steal ballot box etc.This way the bank keeps the record of voters and they should be monitored by inec also

    - Gideon James - 2019-12-28 12:00:30 Quote

  • Yes for real, bvn will do a lot of good in the election process. So far every qualified citizen has his/her own unique bvn, this will make it easier to identify an individual who has registered and voted earlier. The bank management and INEC officials should be the coordinator to avoid favoritism.

    - Mide Moses - 2019-12-30 06:18:47 Quote

  • Bvn will do a lot of work during election or electoral processes, this will make a person have only one identity and stop others from voting for someone else, there should be a code just like that of bvn in which only one person can use and can track traces of miscondut

    - Joshua Olaniyan - 2019-12-31 02:27:46 Quote

  • Bvn is not really effective in our electoral practices these days. It's more of the malpractice in the society. I personally think that it is just a way to distract the citizens from their actual focus in the election so the politicians can have their way in whatever they want to do and however they want to do it

    - Azuka Franklin - 2019-12-31 07:31:53 Quote

  • For me, i think introducing the use of Bvn in electoral process will be a great move. These will help to stop or rather control election manipulation. If Bvn is used, the vote of citizens can not be manipulated because every citizens identity is online. I think this will help Nigeria grow.

    - Ugboaja Kennedy - 2020-01-02 10:48:26 Quote

  • The use of BVN for the curbing of Electoral malpractice is not still going to be enough, an example of what it can't stop is the buying of votes. One cannot use BVN to know that a voter has been paid off to vote for someone who wasn't his initial choice, so except it comes to the issue of voters voting twice, the use of BVN doesn't have any use for curbing all electoral malpractice

    - Jolomi Taiwo - 2020-01-04 01:07:09 Quote

  • BVN is a strong and accurate means of identification, so I believe if we can improve on it, it can be a way to reduce electoral malpractice in Nigeria because it has the bio data of every registered individual on its database, so there will be slim or no electoral malpractice

    - Armstrong Francis - 2020-01-12 12:17:59 Quote

  • I think yes is the answer. If the use of BVN could be used to secure our money and accounts and use to tag each account to an individual and stop multiple registration. If it is implimented or such an electronic system used in our electoral process we will be close to getting it rigth at least since the BVN can not be easily manipulated at least for now.

    - MAXWELL CHUKWUNEME - 2020-01-29 12:11:59 Quote

  • I would say BVN is a better way because most online payment needs your Bvn which means it is very secure if used and it has even reduce the rate of stealing because only you know your Bvn if any of your friend wants to steal from you through online and does not know the Bvn and he won't be able to finish the transaction because only you know the Bvn. 

    - Lawal Usman - 2020-01-29 23:00:14 Quote

  • Yes , BVN will really be a good way to vote and to stop malpractice or violences because no one will be able to vote twice and if it could be done online , it will be good but there must be a way for the illiterate who can't get a browsing phone or come online should be given chances or somewhere to get there's done, then we will have a peaceful country 

    - Taiwo Olatunji - 2020-01-30 22:04:04 Quote

  • I don't think that can work for a place like Nigeria, if we're to be using bvn for voting then we'll lose a lot of number of people to vote base on not everyone has the bvn or this would be another stress for old Nigeria our leader knows what to do but they prefer not to do it because they believe in there personal interest

    - David Aremu - 2020-01-31 08:50:08 Quote

  • I think it can work. If the federal government can actually go through with it, it can, it should. Now that national I.D card has been linked to bank accounts due to the introduction of BVN, the same can be used for the permanent voters card. So if they work towards it, it can work. It can curb electoral malpractices in Nigeria

    - Olubowale Oluseyi - 2020-02-05 08:20:37 Quote

  • Yes the use of BVN is a good idea for Nigeria people it will reduce elections malpractices during the voting period also detect people that engage them in fraud money through this BVN revealed people's account number

    - Covenant Josiah - 2020-02-13 19:57:44 Quote

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