Is There Batch C Stream 2



The NYSC Planning, research and statistics (PSR) department has announced the edible meeting progress in continuation of their preparation for the forthcoming 2019 Batch C Orientation camp.

The planning, research and statistics (PSR) department are working tirelessly with the Corp Mobilization and ICT department so as to finalize the distribution and posting of the present Stream I corps members.


Its was a disheartening notice when prospective corps members heard that they were not mobilized with stream I despite the fact that many prospective corps members registered on the early days of registration. Its quite interesting to know that many pcms find this disheartening notice very helpful and useful i order to use the period to get some of the things they need why some prospective corps members still finds it heart breaking.


Generally, most prospective corps members cares to know why but all we can say is that, the mobilization of some prospective corps members to the next stream is due to some variables that needs to be considered when mobilizing prospective corps members. Those variables includes camp capacity, availability of basic infrastructure like bed bunk, hostel rooms, etc. Remember before you going to camp, kindly go through the travel safety tips put together to make your journey to your orientation camp smooth and interesting. Click here to read about travel safety tip for prospective corps members.


The Planning, research and statistics (PSR) department has released the official date for the forth coming orientation course for the next stream. 

The program date is as follows...

Commencement : 5th November 2019
Registration: 5th, 6th of November 2019
Cut off date: Midnight 29th of Nov. 2019
Swearing In : 2nd Dec. 2019
Closing: 18th Dec. 2019

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  • I think the batch and stream depend on the population of the corp members. It can be extended and can be reduce, every graduate should serve their father's land is the important thing.The available camps in the country can also be a factor to consider, they will need space for the corp members too. 

    - Oluwafisayomi Akintunde - 2019-11-12 13:27:49 Quote

  • I think Nigeria need another strategy to curb this problems. In as much they have the statistics of people tertiary institutions of education in Nigeria offers admission to students. They should have prepared for the number of students that will graduate that year. I think they need all institutions to start submitting the numbers of students that is about to graduate even though I'm not sure maybe they have such strategies before. So there will be provisions for all graduating students. They all have to serve their father land.

    - Awofisayo Faith - 2019-11-15 15:10:11 Quote

  • There is nothing like no space, nor amenities in NYC camps.  The camping method is way too much and as such should beanaged properly, the only mistake made is inadequate planning. If Nysc wanted 2019 batch c stream 2 they would have made plans and reservations for that long time ago but I still support there decision for not posting out. This is year ending and every life is precious cause I remember my time last year how lives were lost.  Please every one stay in your fathers house next year 2020 we continue.. God bless Nigeria..

    - Blessing Ibeji - 2019-11-27 07:14:14 Quote

  • I personally think there should be a Batch  C Stream 2 because not all higher institutions have the same academic calendar. Many students are still doing their final exams when their counterparts in other schools have already ended their sessions. 

      For the good of the NYSC system, it's better to ensure proper and systematic arrangements for the youth corpers.

    - Iyiola Dolapo Hezekiah - 2019-11-28 10:31:43 Quote

  • i think batch c steam 2 should be, due to some reasons some of the students might have something very important to doing during the time the last batch is out, actually this is none of the nysc board concern, but it might be of help for many student who wish to postpone their service for few months due to some of the reason which is very essential to them....

    - Adeniji Julius - 2019-11-28 12:28:53 Quote

  • I think Nigeria government should Reinforce the nysc in Nigeria to make everyone do it once and for all...  The issue of making it batch by batch may actually not be favorable as not all states give preferential treatment to these batches...  And secondly the academic calender of vatious universities differ... 

    - Olanrewaju Olalekan - 2019-11-28 16:29:44 Quote

  • I do suggest to NYSC to put into consideration this Batch C stream 2, because from the look of thing, I don't think they have a procedure as regards to ensuring or maintaining order.

    They should strategize a means if it's by acquiring from school the name of total graduate in other to curb this present situation.

    - Aniagbasi Stanley - 2019-11-28 22:32:46 Quote

  • I agree with the batch c stream 2 helps most student who falls under the late calender in their school curriculum to be able to also serve their country and it's really students just finish the university and start working because of their issues with the nysc this is a great and rare opportunity...Grab it

    - Emeke Osama - 2019-11-29 06:10:34 Quote

  • This is a problem that's disturbing most of our graduates today. Even students in my school that graduated are worried about this. In my own candid opinion, I think there should be a batch C, to facilitate the process and reduce the number of graduate that are waiting outside to be mobilized.

    - Chinyeaka Okonkwo hi - 2019-11-29 10:04:42 Quote

  • I think the batch and stream depend on the population of the Corp can be extended and can be reduce,every graduate should serve their father's land is the important thing.The available camps in the country can also be a factor to consider,they will need space for the Corp members too.

    - Fejiro Okito - 2019-12-05 20:40:47 Quote

  • Batch c, will be helpful in terms that some institution have set back in there academic calendar in which there final year student finished late, and aren't able to role with batch a and b, also the batch b will help accommodate more corper which will make the youth service period fast

    - Ejitade Bukunmi - 2019-12-06 13:40:57 Quote

  • Even though some corp members were not happy about the batch c idea but I think it's a very good idea because it will give each and everyone of the corp members the opportunity to serve their father's land and there will be enough time for those that wish to postpone their service for some reasons best known to them 

    - Olatunbosun Tobiloba - 2019-12-09 01:45:30 Quote

  • I personally don't support the batch C stream 2. Nigeria as a country has an academic calendar which  is functional and applicable to all institution operating in Nigeria.  It should be enforced to all higher institutions.NYSC in batches of three is frustrating as companies,organisation, ministries,  schools etc don't have spaces for corpses, most government ministries  or schools reject corper, reasons being that, they already have  or don't need them. corpers should be accepted and welcome in any organization but not so todayoooh! Because of different streams and batches send out to the Labour market. . 

    I will suggest that NYSC should go back to stream 1 batch A & B.

    - Eteng Sarah - 2019-12-12 18:34:23 Quote

  • Since it's mandatory to serve the nation after being a graduate, it is incumbent on the government to make sure every graduate who is qualified and able for serving his country participate. Now since graduates per year are many and the camping ground seems not to adequately contain them at once. Then why not in batches?

    - Gafar Yisa - 2020-01-11 15:54:19 Quote

  • I think NYSC should stick to batch A and B because every year the rate of graduate increase making it very crowded and providing less space for the Corp members and it's not helping, that's why most of them are been posted to teach in a school which it's not helping at all, 

    - Adeshina Kehinde - 2020-01-11 20:45:12 Quote

  • I think the batch and stream depend on the population of the corp members. It can be extended and can be reduce, every graduate should serve their father's land is the important thing.The available camps in the country can also be a factor to consider, they will need space for the corp members too. so that they will gain a nice income.

    - Wisdom obadiah - 2020-01-13 12:39:04 Quote

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