Is Tuberculosis A Deadly Disease?

When most people hear TB they believe its a deadly disease that kills faster than death itself

But let me reveal something to you... It isn't deadly if well taken care of 

Signs and symptoms of TB

1. Constant Coughing (more than two weeks or more) 

2. Fever

3. Unexplained weight loss

4. Night sweat

5. Swelling on body parts e.g neck, back.. 

6. Failure to thrive ( children) 

Having gone through the signs and symptoms ... What is next?? 

If by chance you see or know  anybody with  one or two of this symptoms... Walk up to any general hospital and tell the doctor you wish to do a cough test 

Cough test is"FREE"

TB medications also is free anywhere in Lagos state and some states partnering with  Global fund 

Tenks to our Government making everything easy for us 

How does TB spread 

When a person diagnosed with TB coughs and he/she didn't use an handkerchief to cover his or her mouth then the baccili escapes from the mouth through the persons cough and goes into another persons mouth... That's y its nt advisable to open ur mouth down always 

TB spread with d breeze everyone breathes in 

How to safely protect yourself from TB

1. Desist from alcohol 

2. Desist from smoking 

3. Drink enough water 

4. Eat alot of fruits 

5. Eat a balanced diet

6. Rest well


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  • So many people can't take detect tuberculosis, because they believe it's a normal cough that will go with time. Some involve themselves in self medication, and that's why the disease keeps spreading. We should be conscious of different symptoms concerning cough, a visit to the doctor once any irregular symptom is noticed should be taken seriously.

    - Azeezat Abubakri - 2019-11-18 09:51:40 Quote

  • Tuberclosis is believe to be one of the most deadly disease that kill thousands within a short period of time! First of all tuberculosis need absolute prevention from the factors that may lead to it occurences such as smoking and addiction in alcoholism etc, people need to prevent themselves from its causes. May God protect us from catching with such deadly disease in our life.

    - Ibrahim Aliyu Bashir - 2019-11-18 13:08:56 Quote

  • There is no doubt that tuberculosis is a dreadful disease. Tuberculosis is tackled better, when it is attended to at its early symptoms. Proper care should be taken in order not to spread the disease across to other people. The point is; early tackle, effective response, then proper living style. 

    - Charles Njikonye - 2019-11-19 14:29:05 Quote

  • With all those guarantees at the back of your mind the best way to avoid or treat Tuberculosis is by means of good and simple hygiene. Taking care of your self and immediate environments helps curb the spread of this disease as well as early treatment when any of the symptoms are observed.

    - Apologun Kingsley - 2019-11-20 09:26:25 Quote

  • Tuberculosis is a very common illness people are very much aware of. It can easily be contracted when an infected person releases its spores of bacteria either by coughing or sneezing and the spores enter into an uninfected person.

    Therefore it is highly important that people ensure that they cover their nose and close their mouth whenever someone coughs. 

    Also tuberculosis test should be carried out once every six months to be sure that you are not a carrier and that you don't have the fever. 

    - Daniel Nwafor - 2019-11-30 11:57:14 Quote

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