Kanye West And His New Album Jesus Is King

So just recently Kanye West revealed his conversion into Christianity and his new Found Love for Jesus. And to make matters in more serious shortly after that announcement he released an album titled Jesus is King. Listening to the album you would literally think it is a gospel song and that's assuming it isn't full stop of course they are warm in itself is a good piece and has a lot of good music.

But knowing Kanye West past should we really take this conversion to Christianity thing seriously or is it just another publicity stunt for his new album. In recent times Kanye West has surprised us with many of his announcements another witch is running for president later on. What is this new Found Love for Christianity and should we expect more gospel songs from Kanye West.

What's your take on Kanye West and his new album?

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  • Kanye west conversion into Christianity is a nice one. Am happy for him. And his recent album he made shortly after his conversion is a bomb, I just keep listening to it over and over again. But we just pray this is not another publicity stunt again. because it never an issue for them pulling such stunt. Thank God he had found Christ.

    - Obadiah Joshua - 2019-10-28 07:53:13 Quote

  • Change is inevitable in human,if Kanye West is now proclaiming his new love for christ,I think he should not be criticized but encouraged,and if this is a publicity stunt,time will tell..shalom!

    - OKESOLA FERANMI - 2019-10-28 15:51:34 Quote

  • So many criticism against Kanye West, especially from so called Christians. Let's not forget God is capable of changing the heart of any man...just as HE did to Paul.

    I'm really glad for Kanye and gradually it will reflect in the life of his wife and extended family.

    - Adebola Sobanjo - 2019-10-28 17:43:18 Quote

  • From my perspective, Ye's decision to go into Christianity is a welcome development and a great eye opener in that it is a change in trends of the norms of popular artists around the world. Most artists are either atheist or do not really practice their religion. His decision was one of the best news I have ever heard about any foreign artists. I hope more artists can follow this trend and face religion as well as their music because through religion the world can be a better place. 

    Artists nowadays preach immorality and some social vices but with dedication to religion they will send across a better message to the youths that look up to them as their role models.

    - Adeniyi Oluwatunmise - 2019-10-28 18:00:23 Quote

  • First things first the album is lit, I have been listening to it since I downloaded when he released, secondly it could be a publicity stunt but we shouldn't dispute that it could be a geniuine album because anybody no matter their past can change.

    - Phoebe Olawale - 2019-10-28 18:16:29 Quote

  • I think this is God showing us no mans heart is too strong to be changed,I'm sure he must have encountered Gods mercy at some point and he couldn't deny any longer,we should keep encouraging even if it's a stunt for now, God might change his heart during the course

    - Ibrahim Yusuf - 2019-10-29 13:43:20 Quote

  • Kanye West has taken a good decision. I'm happy for him. The album is superb. I don't think it is for any publicity stunt. It is a good thing that he is working on himself. No one knows who or what he had encountered that made him take such decision.

    - Alex Kujore - 2019-10-29 14:13:31 Quote

  • I love this, i love repentance, with what kanye west has done, it will help to win more soul to christianity among those singers that do things immorally, his new album is very superb and captivating. It remains a blessing to him.

    - Adeniyi oluwatobi - 2019-10-30 12:22:17 Quote

  • I believe his new found love for Jesus is true. There should really be a huge support from his fan base in order to propagate the gospel. Also, he has a new gospel album coming out on 25th December. It is titled Jesus Is Born. So let's all wait for more gospel music from him 

    - Okonte Samuel - 2019-10-31 01:34:46 Quote

  • Change is constant am glad kanye westfinally accepted Christ into his life, this is also a challenge for the believers let us not give up on the unbelievers God can touch the heart of anybody 

    - Precious Williams - 2019-10-31 11:31:35 Quote

  • So many criticism against Kanye West, especially from so called Christians. Let's not forget God is capable of changing the heart of any man...just as he did to Paul.I am really glad for Kanye and gradually it will reflect in the life of his wife and extended family.

    - Timilehin Adebunmi - 2019-11-01 12:45:00 Quote

  • Kanye conversion to a christianity is quite baffling. but then i must say it is a good one. This shows that the Holy Spirit can arrest anyone and make the person do the Lord's work. i love going through his instagram page now and listen to his music now

    - Samuel Adekanla - 2019-11-06 14:03:38 Quote

  • Kanye West is a very talented artist and most people know that. The fact that he was even confident enough to sing about his newly found religion is something I really respect about him. Before he dropped the album sef his wife Kim Kardashian tweeted "Jesus is King 👑 🙇" and I was kinda moved. If it's a publicity stunt then, na them Sabi.. 

    - Ajayi Happiness - 2019-11-10 14:58:51 Quote

  • I watched his video on JESUS is king believe me it was So dope.  Praising God in a more unique way.  This guy is technical

    Black American were up to 200 hundred in a room demonstrating. I love it.  And I know his not making hypocracy of it he meant d album.

    - Ahiakwo Lucky - 2019-11-11 09:07:41 Quote

  • I think Kanye West really made a good discussion, his conversions to Christianity is not really a new thing becos it's happen to Saul in the Bible on his way to persecute the children of God and God arrested him and change his name to Paul , everybody was amazed by these and so I think he should be encouraged.

    - Victor Harry - 2019-12-19 15:24:07 Quote

  • Yes; its true kanye has been known for his publicity stunt ,especially when he releases a new album

    But this sincerely feels genuine; God is capable of touching and changing the lives of people he chooses to. I really hope this lasts and isn't a publicity stunt cos I like this kanye.

    - Chisom Okeke - 2020-01-04 00:43:32 Quote

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