Youths And Creativity

Creativity means doing something in a different way. Creativity is not only for the few who are blessed, it comes to people who are willing to use their brain and master the art of creativity. For one to be creative, it does not only mean having a particular idea in mind, it means you have to think about it, apply it to your physical environment and solve problems with it. 
It is the creativity of a company that makes it outstanding among competitors. 

Who Is A Youth? 
A youth is the life wire of a country or community, they are the future of a particular country, they carry on the legacies of the old and successful people, they are the future of a country. A youth is someone young in age and physically active in any activity. 

What Happens When A Youth Is Not Creative?
We all know that we are creators, and a youth that does not create tends to die (I don't mean going back to the creator) physically the person exist but is dead inwardly (less/not productive). 
How would a youth lead the younger generation if he's not productive in terms of creativity? how is he/she supposed to be hired in a particular organization? be outstanding and be among the best? It is of great importance for youths to be creative and remember, creativity is not for the rich or poor, but for everyone who seek it. 

Be creative today and see yourself going to places. Always be positive in any situation you find yourself. Associate yourself with positive & active minded people, for you to be the best, you must learn from the best. Always be a good reader and practice the art of mastery. Be Creative, stay ahead of your competition.

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