Learning A Trade While School

Many people will agree with me that trade or trading "as the case may be" is almost the fresh way of making it in our country especially in this present day. Everywhere you go, you hear "trading" both on the physical market and Internet market, but the focus of this article is the physical trading such as plumbing, barging, fashion designer, house painter, bricklayer, all kinds of mechanics, shoe making, phone and laptop repairs, soap making, etc. If you will agree with me, it is mostly young people that are in secondary school that opt for the learning of these trades, this claim is to drive home the point that students are the ones who are found learning these trades.

Let us consider this topic from another point of view before we go deep. is learning a trade not a good idea? Yes, it certainly is! but why do we find children of the less privileged learning it? Who don't we find children of rich people learning one handwork too?

Judging from another point of view, one can say that 50 percent of apprentices learning these trades are the unserious ones in the school. They are the students who don't do very well in their exams; they continue to fail woefully, they skip classes, run away from school, and because of these, the parents go and dump them under a man of woman who owns a shop to learn from him. This is to buttress the point about parents believing that if a child is not performing well enough in his or her educational work, then his star does not work in favor of education, hence he must learn a trade.

Now, having said all that, what are the General observations of people regarding a student learning a trade while in school.
Note that the Two "point of view" given earlier are"by the way" reasons that renders the child in this case choice less. Let us discuss children who did not fall in any of those two categories;

1. Shifted Focus

A shifted focus is an imbalanced focus, and an imbalanced focus is a perforated focus and a perforated focus will sink in no time. There is a fact that states "you can not hum when your nostrils are closed". If you are going to hum, then you are going to need even your nose too. Leaving Education and Trading now, we all know how difficult it is for someone who decides to set his or her mind on something; it usually becomes a slow and unfinished job.

Learning a trade requires that you put your heart, time, body and all into it but so does education! How then can a kid plan his life in such a big circumstance and not fail?

2. Anonymous research has revealed that only 30% of students who learnt a trade while in school only made it out successfully while the other 70% either dropped the trade and continued with school, stopped out of school to face the trade, or quit both.
For a child who is not ready or matured enough, he will be forced to make choices that are bigger than him, he will be forced to stretch himself to extra miles, this may leave him broken and depressed. Every teenager needs their time, it is the only gift they have from life as a weapon before he goes to war with them.

3. When a person starts to learn a trade and in the long run, such a person begins to realize little amount of money each time he goes to work, he begins to slack on the other aspect which is schooling. Truth is when young people begin to make their own money, they tend to pour their all into it and make sure the money never stops coming.

What do you expect from a kid who has already been failing at school? Would he not evaluate himself and simply conclude that education was never his thing! His attention to becomes divided and the part that makes more money will have the largest share of attention, focus, might, time, brain while the other part has almost nothing which will result in its death in no time.

All being said, there are some people who still believe that a child could handle both at the same time, fine. I say this because the child is left alone to bear the burden of having to put up with both education and work on his own while his parents only wait for success.
This post is not underrating any trade, nor is it downing handwork, but to be on a safe side, it is better that a child be allowed to learn a trade after he or she has completed his secondary school education.

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  • I agree with you that all should Learn a trade while in school.

    If you look at our country now,you will know that it is people with hand work that is making more money now.

    And if u think it will be a distraction to you in school,you could wait till after school to learn the trade.

    The point is that we all need one or more trade,we shouldn't rely on certificate alone

    - Blessing Igwe - 2020-01-19 13:03:40 Quote

  • Yes, I agreed with you it’s good to learn a trade while in school because looking at the economy now, Jobs are hardly to see except you have a solid connection but taking time to learn something while in school is actually an advantage for the person when he/she finds Job and can’t get one.

    - Sikiru David - 2020-01-20 09:11:44 Quote

  • Learning a trade or a profession is very good... But u should know that every child as its own capacity... I don't think learning the both is a bad idea... But if it as shown a distraction in a child performance in school then I suggest the child stops still when he or she is done with his education 

    - Fashina Taiwo Temitope - 2020-01-20 11:30:33 Quote

  • Yes I agree with that.learning a trade while in school is very important so that we can take care of our selves and not always depending on our parents or guardians,even when we graduate we can also use that to keep ourselves busy and also earning before our dream job come around

    - Rose Nwachukwu - 2020-01-20 21:02:20 Quote

  • Yes I agree with you learning a good trade while in school is very important

    Because of the rate of unemployment now most people don’t bank on the certificate but when you have a hand work you’ll be able to have another area to depend on

    - Aminat Hazzan - 2020-01-21 13:25:16 Quote

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