Lessons I Learnt From The Market

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Any time I go to the market, I come back with new inspiration. Today I went to the popular Mile 3 Market in Port Harcourt. I went along with my daughter, I just wanted her to experience what a market looked like. I usually do not drive to such markets to avoid packing space hassles and crazy drivers so her experience started from the public transport ?. Conductors inspire me. They don't get tired of shouting their destination even if they drive kilometers without picking any passenger they will continue to shout and soon enough their vehicle gets filled up. Meaning they win?

I always ask myself, if these people don't get tired shouting, why should I stop talking about my business (NNU Forum) ?. Even when passengers insult them it doesn't stop them. There are so many lessons to be learnt from them.

Then we stepped into the market she shouted: wow, **** there are so many people here. I held her tight, yes follow me closely someone can get missing in a busy market.
We went to where we wanted to shop, she watched me price items, pay and stuff them away into my shopping bag. She also did some pricing for some things she wanted.

Then we walked past where they sell OK clothes (2nd hand clothes) . These people will inspire you.
They never close their mouth. They will beckon on all passers by to come check their wares. They make you laugh and sad at the same time?. Sometimes they drag you by the hand even when you don't want to buy anything. If you resist, they dash you plenty insult ?. I love their resilience. They teach me business lessons and boost my courage to keep telling people about NNU Forum and its earning opportunity.

Then we enter the shopping mall, you meet the "oso ahia" boys. These boys stay at the entrance and ask customers coming in what they want.

Hello, na shoe you want? Na lace? We get fine fine bags o. Even when you don't answer them they don't stop. They continue till you answer.
These group of boys do not own shops themselves, some are apprentice, so they earn based on commissions from sales made to customers they bring in.

They don't say oh I have no money to rent a shop let me go to the street and beg. They rather leverage on a system already in place (other people's shop and goods). So I ask, how leveraged are you and what is delaying you from leveraging on NNU Forum opportunity?

There are so many opportunities you can plug into and make great wealth via leverage you only need to open your eyes. And one of them is NNU Income Project at NNU Forum which everyone keep talking about.

In the mall we also met a woman who said she has not sold a single item since morning. It was almost 5pm, market closes by 6pm but she was still expectant that something will happen. Even if she doesn't sell, it won't stop her from opening her shop the next day.
What about you? ? Even If you are been doing NNU Forum for some times, why not forget past experience and try something new while you key into our our idea with understanding regular earner and smart earners. Why not having enough patient if you are a regular earner?

We finished shopping and entered a bus back home. This conductor was so energetic and would throw funny words at any offender and any one that stops him from picking passengers. He made me laugh so hard. I love human interaction I get whenever I enter a public vehicle. You see life in a different light.
This bus was unique, well decorated, the drivers center mirror was even a television ?, he entertained us with good music videos till we got down.

Along the road, I saw a building written "Ike ga agwu ndi asiri". It made me laugh.

True True na Gossips go tire?

When you pass through any experience in life try to learn some lessons. Forget the seeming stress and learn.

Going to the market has taught me resilience. Never to give up, to keep pushing even when it seems not working. I am sharing with you too.

Let's learn and be inspired to do more

Hope you learnt something from the story? Now tell me, what did you learn? ?

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Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Omobolanle Eunice - 2019-11-28 07:56:35

That's the spirit.

You see these particular set of people they are always determined they never relent or give up.

They really inspire me too because they wont stop shouting even if those customers ignore them. They know what they are in the market to do(to sell) and they go after it.


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Mary Onukaogu - 2019-11-28 08:08:23

True words my dear,at first I never wanted to join but I can boldly say that I never regret joining this wonderful forum. May God bless the founder and I pray that God will keep on inspiring him the more. And I ask those who have not joined to do so now because delay is dangerous. NNUFORUM! THE GREAT


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Precious Udoudo - 2019-11-28 13:41:18

Facts,  sometimes we learn from our environment ,  the people around us,  and things that happen in our society,  we don't need to study to learn some things. I've just learnt not to relent or give up on my NNU forum ,  and am happy am a member of this wonderful forum .


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Afolabi Ridwan - 2019-11-28 16:59:07

Wow this is cool , at first I didn't want to join this platform cause I had alot of negativity thought running through my mind which are

1:this might be a scam

2: if I don't referral someone they won't pay me

3: they might not even pay me at all

But when a friend convinced me with the alert he got last month I was shocked. And ever since I joined the platform I've not regretted joining the moving train. Nnu to the world.


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Jimoh Muhammed Saka - 2019-11-28 21:07:03

This is very interesting and motivate. Once you quit you will never be there. Thanks you Mr Paul Samson, for this encouragment words. It is very useful for both members and non members. But I urge all those who are still thinking otherwise, should stop and takes bold steps in join Nnu v2 forum today. 


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Clinton Onate - 2019-11-28 23:02:01

I learnt that the characters in the story were determine-showing that determination pays and also even when it's seems that it's a passing day and I'm left with nothing to show for that day I learnt that I should not back off because tomorrow might be fruitful. 

And I also get to know that when others don't really wants to give listening ears to my enlightenment, that should not stop me because my persistence might impeller and motivate them to want to give it a try. 

Thanks for the motivational lesson I really liked it. 

And I hope to see more like this. 


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Olaniyan jamiu - 2019-11-29 00:12:32

That is really nice and a good experience, sometimes we don't need to look for a story teller to tell us about any story in life , we can  just walk out and find a lot of experience within our environment which will make us know how some other peoples live their life in which we can learn from it and I also learnt not to relent until you achieve your desire , am so happy to join NNU forum today and I will never retire until I acquire my desire 


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Johnbosco Chikwuorom - 2019-12-01 22:00:11

I must tell you, i don't wait to hear someone's story before taking a step ,rather i prefer people listening to my story and inspiring them. I'm very happy to join this great forum NNU and i must work very hard to achieve greatness in this platform.  All thanks to mr Paul Samson for giving us this wonderful opportunity. NNU  must be spread all over the world.


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Preorientation Tv - 2019-12-02 10:42:23

We truly need to learn from our environment ,  the people around us,  and things that happen in our society,  we don't need to study to learn some things. I've just learnt not to relent or give up on my NNU forum ,  and am happy am a member of this wonderful forum .


Lessons I Learnt From The Market - By Miracle Asogwa - 2019-12-02 17:55:25

I know people learn alot of things every day not only in the market but funny enough i don't really go to the market to listen to what people say but from the little i have seen so far i have learnt on how to mind my business and also to be nice to people and also to be polite to them.