Life Changes With Electricity And Gas

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The world we are in is fast moving and things are changing, so are new things evolving everyday. Many years ago, electricity was not a very common thing in society then, but with time, it began a common necessity. We use electricity for many things such as power our appliances, power heavy machines, charge phones etc. There are things that never would've been possible if there was no electricity in our nation, infact, an anonymous research stated that millions would die if electricity died in the world for one week. Electricity is the main pole that holds certain parts of this world together.

As stated earlier that new things are evolving everyday, the use of Gas has now become common rampant all over the nation and around the world. People have employed the use of Gas in their daily cooking, hereby abandoning kerosene. We will observe that the rate by which people demand for kerosene has drastically reduced, first due to the availability of electrical appliances that can be used for cooking such as electric cooker, electric kettle, boiling ring, hot plate. These appliances have proven to be faster, effective than kerosene stoves as far as cooking is concerned. In an instance where a hot plate would cook beans for forty five minutes while a kerosene stove would take up to an hour and thirty minutes. These appliances didn't totally beat down the demand of kerosene, but at the emergence of Gas cooker, kerosene almost would have gone extinct if not for lanterns that burn using kerosene, but even that, only about ten percent of houses still use lanterns because there are electric and rechargeable torches that will last and serve better than any lantern would.

Talking of Gas in our society today, it is estimated that about Fifty percent of the population of the nation uses gas to cook their meals. Unlike Electrical appliances, they only work when Electricity is available, buy it is not so in the case Gas cooker; it works anytime and anywhere, also, it is movable. Gas cylinders come in various shapes that suit every occasion.
the variability in size helps to make it moveable anywhere. Gas cooker is a very fast and cheap means of cooking too. The risks of using gas is not that much, infact, it rarely happens, unlike electrical appliances and kerosene stoves.

There are some people who prefer to use Gas because of neatness. Using a pot on a kerosene stove causes your pot to become black no matter how much you set the stove and this is because of the black fume that comes from the flame of wool in the stoves.
Electrical cookers on the other side can be dangerous and harmful in a sense; for instance, there is risk of electrical shock when one touches the appliance with a wet hand mistakenly, it will lead to electric shock that can lead to spilling of hot contents that may cause serious burn injuries.
There is nothing like shock or black fumes when it comes to cooking with Gas cylinder. There is absolutely no fear of incidents if everything "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. Cooking with gas is stress-free and noise less.

With these points, I have emphasized the modernization of cooking methods from the use of kerosene stove, to Electrical appliances such as hot plate, boiling ring, electric kettle, etc and finally to the latest method of Gas cylinder.
We must know that this evaluation is standardized to our locality here in our nation.


Life Changes With Electricity And Gas - By Olaoye Habeeb - 2020-01-14 01:24:23

As we all know both of them are very dangerous and even not for a kids and for some of our mother, this is not to be used for them... Cus some of them are very careless... It changed life in so many different ways and... And it distroy life in many ways too... It make food cooking faster than the other things... That's the only thing I knew that it's advantage