Life Of An Agriculture Graduate

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Yes! I made it, mom and dad am now a graduate. I'm so grateful to god for helping me all through the five years I spent in the university. I enrolled for NYSC and in a year I'll br done and then I'll face my career and make my parents proud.

Here I am teaching biology in a secondary school as a corper, what have this got to do with what I studied in the university? What happened to posting a graduate to where they can improve on their knowledge or even contribute a quota of their knowledge to aid the country or state. What happened to the sending us to agricultural development programs (ADPs) .

Fortunately, now that we are done with NYSC , life becomes so real. Some of us will enroll for masters degree program, some of us will start up business not related to agriculture and others will go back to business they left before going to obtain a degree claiming that they only wanted to get a certificate and be a graduate. Some of us will apply for a job in commercial and agricultural banks and get NO VACANCY reply. Some of us will apply to work in big farms and they expect us to have at least five years working experience. Then we will remember we are agro-preneurs and we can be self employed, sadly lack of capital will pose as a barrier. 

What do I do as an agriculture graduate? Did u really spend five years for nothing? What do I do now?


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Lawrence samba Odiwe - 2019-11-01 15:02:11

I'm a final year student of Agricultural engineering. An Agricultural engineer can work anywhere in the engineering sector because we do mechanical, civil, electrical and other engineering courses. We can even work in banks as a safety supervisor and can also be lawyers because we study Land law in Agricultural engineering. So no fear.


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Blessing Aramide - 2019-11-02 09:32:29

There is so much a lot to do yes most people in big university campus sees studying of Agriculture as a waste of time but did you also know the country as new interest in young Agricultural graduates and besides you don't have to wait to get a white collar job dear why not start a mini farm work or better still rearing livestock with time you will see that your incomes worth your 5years in school dear no course is worth a waste.


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Sule Abdul - 2019-11-02 10:35:16

Agricultural graduates are expensive graduate because they have a career with the government and also they can built a career for themselves and become masters of their own even create an employment opportunities, so don't fear because with little capital you can starte something that will later become big.


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Michael Daniels - 2019-11-02 16:25:18

In my own opinion, studying agriculture in the university is a waste of time not to mention studying it for five good years, I mean no offense. A person should already know the answer or the trend of our country which really doesn't ask you about what you came out with or what you studied. My brother, the only thing required from a graduate is what he or she can offer. I jst pray you sort your self out.


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Olagoke Emmanuel - 2019-11-05 09:42:55

I think in my own perspective, an agricultural student on graduation has an edge over over students who graduated from other field of studies. Yes, this might sound annoying to you but yet it is the bitter truth.

A graduate of agriculture can easily becomes an entrepreneur with little or no capital. He can go into farming, poultry, fishery, soil science etc. He becomes his own boss and provides lively for his family if he has one.


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Makinde Tomiwa - 2019-11-05 15:52:26

I will say, agriculture graduates have more chances of earning a living. They don't need to carry application letters up and down roaming the streets searching for job. They have the full knowledge and skill to handle farming activities. By themselves,  they can get loan from agricultural organizations to get some capitals to get started. Agric students can engage in fishery, poultry, crop planting and so on. 


Life of an agriculture graduate - By Tefemy Tefemy - 2019-11-07 09:05:46

Studying agriculture in the University is a beautiful course to study, besides there are so many job opportunities involved in agriculture, I think not getting a job when one is done with his or her University career in a government argriculture sector doesn't mean you can't set up a business that involves agroagricul, dealing in poultry is one lucrative business in Nigeria