Living The "OK" Life In A Nigerian University

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Day to day living in the university nowadays has been indirectly classified. One of these classes is the "OK" lifestyle.

This class of students usually consist of the well to do guys. That is, they receive monthly or weekly allowance from parents (maybe siblings and uncles and aunties too). They can easily call home whenever they need something (probably money) in school.

They're the type that can visit the local canterns and eateries probably once in a day or two. They come to school with most of their provisions or with the equivalent of it in cash so they can buy it in school.

They'll leave alone in a room or sefcon or they might get a room mate if it's for a more expensive accommodation. And if they decide to stay in the school hostel, you'll be able to identify them from their dressing and probably heavy spending (but still moderate).

Note that this life style as nothing to do with the students academic performance. 

Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Afolayan Adelodun - 2019-12-02 10:20:04

In my own opinion the 'OK'class of students in university are not just the ones who receives money from home or from anyone, there are guys who work for their money while in school... Most of the OK guys I have met are not really from a wealthy family in fact they don't even have anyone to call at home they fend for themselves while working legitimately in school 


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Abubakar Rahmatu - 2019-12-02 10:20:24

A person living an okay life in the University dosent mean he/she only source of income is the family members,some maybe doing pertime jobs and still live comfortably in the university.Students get broke at some point in time in a semester maybe due to lavish spending and they may feel reluctant to ask family members for money because they've already asked before so they ask people outside the family circle like there boyfriends or living an OK life doesn't depend on the money your family is giving you.


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Mayowa Ayomide - 2019-12-02 11:12:49

Living Ok life on campus is not about being Ok from home. Some of student living an Ok life are those student who just feel that its Ok with all what they are doing including their studies, they don't feel emotional whenever there is a problem even  with their academics


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Timilehin Samuel - 2019-12-02 21:03:18

My point of view about the okay type of student, to me they are free from any form of financial situation they don't have problem with money for food, school fees hand out they have there smartphone and laptop for work in school and all this is from their parents 


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Yahaya Emmanuel - 2019-12-02 21:12:22

Living an 'OK' life as a student is not just about doing well financially, but also academically and socially. When your GP is on point, you would be fine psycologically and when your relationships go well, you would be fine emotionally. So combining these three; Bountiful finance, excellent academics and sound relationship gives a very 'OK' student 


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By John Lucky - 2019-12-02 22:49:34

My opinion about living an OK life in the university is just a way of accepting the little you have and working/hustling for some cash so as to know how to spend your sweat money this will make the student to understand how to manage when some cash is being sent from people at home.


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Isaac Olakusehin - 2019-12-02 23:22:54

I believe the kinds of students highlighted here as the OK students are hustlers... They ain't always receiving enough or more than enough from their parents... So they tend to manage the little they have and keep hoping for a better tomorrow. They are so conscious of how they spend and what they spend on. 


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Adewale Temidayo - 2019-12-03 18:37:40

Living fine in the university depends on the person,money coming in through any source,his or her time management and the environment or school he or she is in.

He or she should be able to spend his or her money resourcefully and allocate time to do other things apart from academic activities that will be of benefit to him or her.


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Gift Saviour - 2019-12-05 10:36:32

In my own perspective ,the "OK" life of a student does not necessarily mean he or she gets all he want from the parents. 

Some of the"OK"students may be the ones that don't want to disturb or bother the parents,but they hustle for themselves, look good, live well and still have some money in their pockets. 


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Toluwaniyi Boluwajoko - 2019-12-11 10:55:07

From my point of view, living the okay life in the University doesn't necessarily mean the person has much money. Some might be hustling and still have something moderate to wear. The OK life is the non-bragging life. You dress moderate to show people that you are not really rich nor poor. To me, the OK life is the Moderate life.

I hope this helps.


Living the "OK" life in a Nigerian University - By Ijeoma Asomugha - 2019-12-13 21:03:05

Living an "OK" life at school in my opinion doesn't necessarily have to do with the fact that you're from a home that caters to or supports all of your needs. Neither does it relate to the fact that you also do any side business or have an alternative source of income. To me, it borders more on contentment and the knowledge of being economical. Where others are eating out, you'd be wise enough to cook more meals at home to economise, even if you're given money for a duplex accommodation, you may choose to live in a cheaper option.