Major Update For All NNU Members

**It's official!**

This might be the final bus stop with an amazing solution. NNU activities earning suspended and replaced with the Quest system.

**What happens to our pending earning and unpaid withdrawal?**

Pending earning and unpaid withdrawal will be cleared, and you will eventually get paid in due time. Just make sure you keep your account safe, both v1 and v2. Save your username and password, where you will never forget it. You won't lose your earning. Both sites will keep running, and your money is safe.

**So what is this Quest system all about?**

Quest a social Question & Answers platform where we share & grow the world's knowledge! We want to connect the people who have the knowledge to the people who need it. The system is also integrated with a point earning system just like NNU activities earning but not with FREE earning till infinity.

Its simply like quora, integrated with earning opportunity.
And linked it up with Registration is open for anyone, both foreigners for FREE. Don't forget, the NNU website is not going to be dished out to any other platform. We will keep improving and adding more value and features.

While registration is free for both locals and foreigners, users will have to buy points to participate fully and also earn back with a profit. This will enable us to balance the earning system without anyone losing money or favouring some members.

**Is NNU now closed down? What of the NNU referral earning systems?**

Nooooo, NNU can never close down, premium membership with referral earning system remain intact, and we will continue paying referral commission. So those who don't like to refer people to earn can leverage on quest activities to earn more money.

**Can we use our current NNU earning to buy Quest point?**

YES and only after your first commitment of purchasing at least ₦5,000 point, participate, earn and cash out, then you can now be using your current NNU earning to buy more points and cash out your money without any delay. In this case, we both win without losing more money or wasting effort.

**Does it mean you have stopped NNU payout?**

No. this won't stop the current NNU payout, but we will use this medium to avoid much delay if not yet your turn to get paid. If you are not interested in the new development, then you will have to wait for more funds to be available, get paid your money. You have nothing to worry about.

**Hmmm So how do I get started?**

You can check on Quest page here:
Go through details and register for FREE. You will get a 700 points sign up bonus, which you can use to post your first question. 500 points for 1 question and that will earn you ₦100 once it's approved.

**What type of question can I ask to earn money?**

You can ask any question, anything question that borders you. Any questions from any niche or category is accepted. Just make your question explanatory, avoid using 1, 2 to 3 words as question or topic. Make sure your question is relevant, meaningful and reasonable for fast approval.

**How much is a point, and how can I buy it?**

The minimum point you can buy is from 10,000 points and above
10,000 points = ₦1,000
20,000 points = ₦2,000
30,000 points = ₦3,000
40,000 points = ₦4,000
50,000 points = ₦5,000 After this, you can be using your NNU wallet fund to purchase more points.
60,000 points = ₦6,000
70,000 points = ₦7,000
80,000 points = ₦8,000 etc...

To buy point, WhatsApp me on 08169787210

**Is there another way to earn more point without buying?**

YES. Check other ways to earn more point here:

**So how much can I earn and cash out?**

500 points per approved question earn you ₦100. You can earn as much as you want with available points. Minimum cash out remains ₦5,000.

**What if my question is not approved?**

Unapproved question is rare, we even help users to edit some question to make it more reasonable, but you need to try and come up with a reasonable question to stay afloat.

**So is the NNU project still active?**

Yes. Very well and it will remain active as long as the Internet keeps running.

If you have any other question which I didn't explain here, please WhatsApp me and also join my Telegram group for update and follow up

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