Make Money Online In Nigeria On NNU Discussion Forum

Make money online in Nigeria legitimately into your Nigerian bank account with NNU Income.


Welcome to NNU Income Program, the #1 Nigeria most trusted, legitimate online money making website that pays subscribers with affiliate commission while you ask a question and get paid on Quest.

If you missed out on v1, you should not miss out on this v2 NNU Forum. Over 0.5 billion was paid out on the first NNU version and here is the v2. A fantastic platform to earn more money online via forum discussion. How SWEET!

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As one of the relevant forum platform in Nigeria, we have packaged a forum guide with a membership E-Book as our premium product. As such, NNU Forum is not in any way a pyramid scheme. You are invited to grab our membership E-Book product, which is including forum guide and some other tips from download section + more ideas on how to make money online legitimately.


Membership Benefit And How To Earn Money

With our pure ideology on making sure interested Nigerians experience and enjoy the online earning opportunity, NNU Income v2 discussion forum is fully equipped with the following earning features;

Ask a question and get paid on Quest system - Our subscribers/participant earns money online by asking question and get paid why they also earn more bonus to answer questions.

Affiliate Commission - As a member, you are also an affiliate after a successful registration. You will be earning a huge commission of 71.5% = N1,000 per each person you refer to joins the forum through your referral link or username. The more people you refer to participate, the more 71.5% commission earning. So, if you can refer at least 10 people to take advantage of NNU Income opportunity daily, you will be earning N10,000 Naira in a day.


Who Can Participate and Why You Should Join NNU Income

Anyone with daily expenses can take part in the NNU Income Program. It is an equal opportunity open for Students, Fresh Graduates, Job Seekers, Bloggers, Housewives or anyone who wish to earn money online. Take advantage of your Facebook friends, Instagram followers, WhatsApp, phone contacts, and stop wasting your precious time online.

If you are a student, getting started with NNU Income Program is an excellent decision as an affiliate or distributor because there are a lot of students like you on campus who need cash daily. The entry fee is affordable for anyone. The economy has changed a lot over the past few months with the present government tenure.

Employers are hiring less full-time employees and more part-timers, so they don’t have to pay benefits. Becoming an affiliate and getting involved with earning opportunities online is the best option for you. As an affiliate marketer, you can alleviate poverty, headache and uncertainty of working for someone else.

Keep in mind, though, that you must have an entrepreneurial spirit and a positive mindset. Affiliate and online businesses are not for everyone. But, if you like the idea of breaking away from financial bondage in this country, working and making money in the comfort of your home or wherever you are with NNU Income. Growing your business at your own pace, then becoming an NNU Affiliate is a good starting point and an excellent choice for you.


How To Register And Get Started

To join NNU Forum, you need to purchase NNU Forum Guide + Membership E-Book with a token amount of N1,400 Naira only (one-time payment). You can make payment online on the registration page using your ATM card or online banking or using registration E-Pin. You can send a WhatsApp message to 08169787210 to get e-pin which you can register with or

Click here to buy E-Pin from our distributors.


How To Cash Out / Earning Withdrawal

Minimum withdrawal remains N5,000. Withdrawal is paid out within 24 hours. if you have any issue please contact 08169787210


More Earning Opportunity

Without waiting for monthly revenue share, you can leverage on our E-Pin selling, agent or distribution opportunity. You will earn 15% per each E-Pin you sell to any prospective members on NNU Forum. E-Pin wholesale price is N1200 per pin; you can buy bulk from a minimum of 20 pins or more. Forum registration is N1400, which is the price you must sell to prospective members, while you earn N200 naira profit per sales. Also, your name will be added to the list of distributors on the website so you can be getting prospects from our campaign.


In Summary

The registration membership fee is ₦1,400
Affiliate commission is 71.5% = ₦1,000
Agent / Distributors earns 15% = ₦200 profit per sales
Ask a question and get paid  ₦100 per question
Withdrawal Threshold is ₦5,000 Referral or no referral
A referral is optional!
Earn affiliate commission and get paid to ask a question on Quest even without a referral.
We share revenue and payout every last day of the month base on first come first to serve both membership and withdrawal time, including the highest earners first, and no members will be left out without payment.

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  • Only legend can know what online business is. And no one can stop me for joining nnuforum. I don join before self! Because anything about Mr Paul work! Na fantastic

    - Anthony Oluwasegun - 2019-08-17 04:42:00 Quote

  • Every day by day NNU has always been part of my prayer point, the God that gave the founder of this platform the knowledge to do so will continue to bless him till the end even after his death, the blessing will continue on his children  AMEN 

    - Nnamani Josh - 2019-08-17 20:02:23 Quote

  • Seeing that NNU is back calls for celebration as this has been the best paying site for me so far in Nigeria. I hope to make this time around.

    - Musa Diko - 2019-08-21 16:58:26 Quote

  • Seeing NNU returning with a different phase of better offers gives me joy as I have benefitted from the version and I hope to make it big with the NNU forum version 2. I say thanks to Mr Paul Samson for this great opportunity.

    - Musa Diko - 2019-08-24 00:22:31 Quote

  • Great innovation from the maker... I'm new here though but I'm already beginning to have good feelings and vibes from it already. It's nice to be here and I encourage others to join

    - Matthew Ajewole - 2019-08-24 17:00:14 Quote

  • Absolutely this is the greatest platform I ever seen,thanks to all members who contribute to the success of this platform to the creator and all member involved it's great well done job.

    - Abdullahi Nurudeen Olayiwola - 2019-08-26 19:27:01 Quote

  • This platform is bursting my brain fa. I like the way they post news. This keeps me updated about the things going on and there is money attached again. This is very sweet 

    - John Akingunola - 2019-08-28 17:21:29 Quote

  • I’m very glad to be part of this great platform and it makes me happy and glad to be part of NNu family. See if you’re not nnu you’re missing a lot oo. If you do nnu Wetin you gain smiles.

    - TAIWO ADEDOLAPO - 2019-09-05 11:59:40 Quote

  • I am here to  say a big thank you to NNU and I am here to say, with this means you have created To make money online have really helped a lot of people To be able To make money without pain, suffering or if asking for help. I am glad and so happy that I can make some good money over here and pay my bill and if you haven't registered yet believe me you are missing out and I can assure you it real🤗🤗 thank you for joining NNU. 

    - Rosemary Ochei - 2019-09-08 14:40:38 Quote

  • It really amazing To be here ,NNU does not only help you too  make money online but it helps you too be aware of the latest news on ground and as well  educate you thank you

    - Rosemary Ochei - 2019-09-08 14:49:41 Quote

  • I really love this platform because it mostly helpful to students like me....Really cool means of earning a lot

    Thnk you NNU for putting smiles on the faces of many...keep it up

    - audrey faustina - 2019-09-08 19:44:37 Quote

  • This is Great, big shout out to the CEO Paul samson, for making this possible, it's a great thing you've done, more of this would change the stagnant position in this country.. improvement needs to be made, and you gave us this, A very big thank you, and God bless 

    - Erinfolami Olamilekan - 2019-09-12 23:16:15 Quote

  • I will keep saying this. NNU is the best on-line buisness I have seen ever since I left secondary school.. 

    So whosoever is not here, then you're missing out. 

    - Edidiong Andem - 2019-09-13 08:18:34 Quote

  • I. Love these it conclude every thing newbie need to learn about the site and point out that what already member need to do and claim at the top. As a forum site I believe more development is coming where we will be receiving notifications base on our post or where we comments and have something like tagging some one it will make the forum more funs.

    What do you think boss.

    - Emmy Chi - 2019-09-14 08:52:10 Quote

  • This platform is really God sent and the way it is going so far i hope to rake in more money here than nnu 1.The most interesting part is that nars and affiliate earnings are separated once either reach #5k it is automatically drops into once wallet which is ready to withdraw. More kudos to the brains behind this on-line money making business.

    - IFEANYI NWOKEDI - 2019-09-15 12:56:16 Quote

  • Atimes people believe in fast fast way of making money online, and that is the reason 99percent of such people end up not getting anything and even loose their money. But NNU forum is a daily steady way of making some cool cash wish at the end of the month, altogether will be credited to your account and you will smile. I love NNU it simple/ it's easy.

    - Sule Segun - 2019-09-16 15:55:20 Quote

  • My advice is . If u are reading this comment and u are yet to become a member, then you are missing a lot... Join now and start making extra income monthly.. It's worth joining. 

    - Sunday Ugwuanyi - 2019-09-17 15:44:54 Quote

  • I can boldly say this has been the first and best earning sites or platform I have ever invested in. Please keep it on. You are the best you have come to stay

    - Nicholas Usiahon - 2019-09-18 21:30:49 Quote

  • These is the best earning site have ever seen..A big Thank you to Mr Samson for giving we Nigerians these great opportunity,may God continue to bless and enrich him.

    - Rasak Adigun - 2019-09-22 07:28:38 Quote

  • I thank God for life for making us to be in the land of the living and Am also thanking the founder of NNU(ceo) you have done so much for us by creating a wonderful platform to make money online....Thank you sir we are grateful

    If u are not here, you are really missing alot

    - Uba Victoria - 2019-09-26 07:01:16 Quote

  • I'm really happy about this new development unlike the last version where members were not able to cash out unless after referring people. This new change will encourage more people to join this platform just like I did recently and this in return will promote the growth of online earnings in general. What a great piece of work! Well done sir. 

    - Gbolahan Adebayo - 2019-09-26 17:47:50 Quote

  • I am a new member of Nnu forum but i'm already happy being a member because I gain a lot more than making money online, this forum makes me know more about things happening around the world and also how to tackle any challenge in the way of success. I'm using this opportunity to say a big thank you to the founder of this forum....

    - Gbenga Makinde - 2019-09-26 18:44:46 Quote

  • Wow! 

    NNU is a very good innovation, I thank pso for the v1 and this v2.

    This v2 is good because it enables virtually everyone to participate not like v1 that most people read only news. ..With this most people can even discover their talent in writing.... 

    Thanks PSO. 

    - Augustus Udaze - 2019-09-27 12:09:05 Quote

  • Now technology has advance with nnu making money only be with just reading of news Thai programme has helped Alot of graduates studenys and even teachers to earn money more state and of comfort to nnu

    - Oyelakin Adewale - 2019-10-01 22:12:45 Quote

  • Wow. I have to admit that when I was hearing about this NNU forum,this was not what I expected. This is actually a way to enlighten us youths and it also allows us to come together,no mater our tribe. Kudos to the creators

    - Odewale Olufunmilayo - 2019-10-03 19:28:13 Quote

  • i believe this is the best legit business for everyone to take advantange of .As many who call this forum scam are still in darkness .take advantage of this platform and get yourself paid every happy today .God bless nnu forum.God bless Nigeria

    - Igenegbale Desmond Oziegbe - 2019-10-05 17:48:50 Quote

  • Wow. I have to admit that when I was hearing about this NNU forum,this was not what I expected. This is actually a way to enlighten us youths and it also allows us to come together,no mater our tribe. Kudos to the creators

    - Ezeh Somtoo Emmanuel - 2019-10-05 20:58:12 Quote

  • I  cant believe am actually making some money through this... I never believed it at firdt, have wasted much time thinking if just another fake news that always spread around. But now I really see the real NNU and I love it.

    Thanks so much for this amazing opportunity.

    - Olayiwola Matthew - 2019-10-05 23:24:51 Quote

  • I have made a number of contributions under various comment sections following the set guideines but I don't seem to get an increase on my balance. Surprisingly just noticed this today. How long does it take for comments to get approved or am I just doing something wrong. Somebody save me😐

    - JOHN JOSEPH - 2019-10-06 00:19:04 Quote

  • This site is really great, Nnu forum is really good in the way they explain everything to you for a better understanding so as to make sure all members are all in with them.great  information site, creating great intellectual minds and you still get paid as a member,Nnu is really greath both in and out

    - Ugwuodo Stanley - 2019-10-06 01:10:10 Quote

  • Yes you can actually make money on nnu forum , you might have regretted working with any online investment yes same with me but in life you still have to take the risk to succeed so I advise you to join us on nnu forum were you register with just 1400 and get 5000 every week so why not start earning a living from here 

    - Osa Bigi - 2019-10-06 08:47:50 Quote

  • Like I will always tell people. Online business are for the strong hearted ones, permit me say for legends. Many are scared, because of 1400 that won't be won't be enough for flexing. 

    - Ebenezer Umoh - 2019-10-06 11:41:36 Quote

  • There is one apect of this that I don't really understand Sha. The case of joining discussion, I don't understand it all. But well Sha thank you very much for how you explained everything got us

    - Adirika Chisom - 2019-10-06 12:25:52 Quote

  • I am very glad to hear that NNU is back and the platform is very good cos it gives me the opportunity to turn my passion to income. The system is really getting better

    - Modupe Oshinowo - 2019-10-06 12:57:44 Quote

  • This is the best way to earn money legitimately online, but some people still not gonna believe this.

    I pray they open there eyes and be able to see how it's been done 100% legit 

    - Adebowale Jamiu - 2019-10-06 13:38:00 Quote

  • Coming across and joining NNU forum was one of my best decisions. Not only is it a smart way of earning money, it is extremely informative. Some things I didn't know or just knew on the surface level, I now know well. News comes directly to my doorstep as well and I am truly grateful for that. 

    - Laura Oselu - 2019-10-06 15:36:08 Quote

  • Great Kudos for Mr paul for his ability to create way in which young and old individuals could earn by reading, posting and commenting and sharing viral post. This am sure is going to open opportunities for individuals with  good mind of innovation who need capital to begin.

    - Victor Ayobami Fakiya - 2019-10-06 18:19:17 Quote

  • NNU forum is very nice ,God will keep increasing and blessing the founder ,this platform not only a money earning platform but gives vital news,stories and gists important to one's living ,once again thanks to NNU forum

    - Akinfenwa David - 2019-10-06 19:18:24 Quote

  • I am really happy for this information. I am one of those people who keeps searching for how to make money online, and I have ended up been scammed. I am happy to  have found out about this and how my friends have really benefited. Discovering this platform is truly refreshing

    - Olutayo Ajibade - 2019-10-06 19:42:17 Quote

  • I've have always wanted to do an online business but the fear of getting scammed won't let me invest in anything. Thank God I found nnu. I was fully convinced that this was going to work so I registered. And I have no regrets. 

    - Emmanuel Ekaka - 2019-10-08 18:59:13 Quote

  • Its really a great deal, upliftment from financial break through for we the youth its truly God sent I've been looking for something like this and finally its on my doorstep

    - Immanuel Miracle - 2019-10-08 19:41:15 Quote

  • The nigerian youths will be happy to have this type of legitimate way of earning money different from those yahoos and scams 

    This is a great idea brought forward by a hero sir paul

    - Lawal Jamiu - 2019-10-08 20:32:50 Quote

  • Mr Paul Samson as been trying so far with online business nnuforum Is not a joke at all have try so many online business which some are really scam but nnu is really a legit platform that pays  every body, but only if you work smart and not hard.

    - Shina Abiodun - 2019-10-09 22:14:58 Quote

  • With all this different ways to earn money on Nnu i cant see why someone wont be able to make money online.Nnu is really the best onling making platform that pays both referrals and non referrals, and this is what you wont find on most platforms.

    - Ugwuodo Jonas - 2019-10-11 22:47:36 Quote

  • Nnu may not be the first site that makes the people earns reasonably base on their activities on the site. But is the site that open the eyes of millions Nigerian's to earnings on internet legitimately. According to their activities on the site. Up Nnu both V1 and v2! Join us now and get your self prepare for ends year expenses 

    - Jimoh Muhammed Saka - 2019-10-12 18:05:16 Quote

  • This forum is a very good one which I think will help Nigerians and reduce the suffering and act of yahoo by the youths. The youths will be occupied with this

    - Oloyede Ireoluwa - 2019-10-12 22:55:25 Quote

  • This platform has really helped in a lot of ways I my self can't explain, we never expected something like this.government should invest in something like this that will I help Nigerians

    - Oloyede Ireoluwa - 2019-10-12 23:12:47 Quote

  • I have just joned this forum and i really hope to be among the smart earners soon enough, earning a reasonable sum per month is worth it. I can't believe I waited this long. Nnu is not a scam ooo!!!!

    - Adeleke Onanuga - 2019-10-13 12:37:50 Quote

  • I really love this platform have been seeking for such for the past 6 years now ,all to no avail am really happy that u found this beauty amazing platform I pray they lord should strength the manangent team am happy waoo 

    - Samuel oluebube - 2019-10-13 15:11:48 Quote

  • I also hesitated at first... But I'm grateful to God that as the first online forum I joined I didn't regret it.... Yes I don't regret it.... I'm a proud nnu member.... Kudos to Mr Paul for this initiation🙏

    - Tabitha Shalom Komolafe - 2019-10-13 17:35:09 Quote

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