Medical Students And Their Mental Health

Being a Medical student in any university and in any part of the world is not easy. We medical students tend to forget about our mental health along the line, giving room for depression, anxiety, inferiority complex and so much more.

At what point do we start to lose our mental stability? It is not known but most tend to lose theirs in their 200 level days, courses like Anatomy and Physiology can be really hard on students.

Research has shown that medical students tend to neglect their mental well-being through their school year and into their adult life.

Being a Medical student deprives you of the kind of social life other students have, if your social life exists then it is almost gone.

Being a Medical student takes a toll on your relationship with students outside the medical line, you may not know this now, but as a medical student if you look through your friends you will find out about 89% are medical students too, this is a constant because we're socially, mentally, and academically compatible.

Online therapy and morning mantra was what took me through my days as a medical student. I was almost falling into the deep pit of depression and I felt good about it until I studied a topic in psychology and I had to sit and reevaluate my mental health. 

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  • Is true that most of the medical students are living within the pool of medical life socially! We don't know our final destiny, Though a medical students was thought and believed to be a medical doctor in the future but is not 100% sure as you can find yourself in some areas like politic. For instance, Bukola saraki was a medical doctor what of now? So is good to wake up as a medical student to have a knowledge about other part of life.

    - Najib Sani - 2019-11-25 09:34:29 Quote

  • This is very true, I'm also in the medical line nursing to be precise and it can be very strenuous, you have a lot to read, by the time you have loads of work to do you find your social life fading away, I used to be a very social person but now I find it very hard to relate with people outside my field and sometimes I find myself thinking too much and other thing. My advice to medical students is that sometimes we should try to go out and have fun relate with people also.

    - Oyinkansola Olanrewaju - 2019-11-28 12:57:55 Quote

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