Mediocrity: The Acceptable In Nigeria Society

It has become somewhat of a normal occurrence to see mediocrity being the acceptable in Nigeria. From government to Citizens acting in ways that are the less than acceptable levels in what would be the global Society. It seems like everyone has gotten used to low levels or mediocre levels of service so much so that whenever we receive what would be a semblance of the acceptable service we panic often saying is all well. The best example of this would be Nigerians screaming the up never praise every time the power comes on.

One time back in school we received power supply for more than 24 hours straight with almost little to no interruption. And everyone was overreacting saying things like please take the light or is this normal. It was so sad that that was what was trending all over the social media in that vicinity. Everyone was complaining we were literally begging for the lights or rather power to be taken.

The Nigerian community in general have so used to mediocrity in the service provided by the nation that we no longer no or even want the proper service which we should be getting. You can imagine paying for an interrupted power supply and yet asking for it to be taken once it was managed to be provided. Also in the telecommunications industry we have accepted our fat when it comes to unsanctioned deductions from our credit balances or unwanted messages directed to our phones without our permissions. This normally would serve as grounds for sewing companies in developed countries but over here we have accepted it as what's normal because we believe there is nothing we can do about it.

Nigerians need to know that capitalism works for the customer and not against it and so so does government for the citizen and not against them. So therefore we are the ones in control and we should rise up and act like it and stop taking mediocrity as the norm. Looking around what is happening globally you see citizens and workers rising up against mediocre treatments from Boots government and private institutions. We should learn to do the same in Nigeria rather than complain all day on social media. We should stop the act of being keyboard and meme Warriors and start some actual Revolution full stuff for if we don't push for this country to become better no one will.


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  • i think as a citizen of this country, we needs to abide to this rule and regulations, let's join hands together and makes this country a better one for us. We are the leaders of tomorrow and we are the future as well. 

    - Akeeb Aminat - 2019-10-29 13:58:28 Quote

  • I really can't blame them because  assuming our country Nigeria was good from the very start we won't be facing this now. But I insist citizens should wake up from their slumber and face reality

    - Nwachukwu Emmanuel - 2019-10-29 14:17:49 Quote

  • Nigerian citizens has been slammed so hard wth various and diverse issues that occur in  the country and with such comes mediocrity to the point that the comedians even make it worse by cracking jokes about it

    - Henry Ihiegbule - 2019-10-29 21:37:55 Quote

  • We Nigerians are people with great adaptation for matter how hard the situation seems to be, we'll find a way to adapt.... I guess we've adapted to the mediocrity in the country, that's probably why we take it as the norm

    - Azeez Abraham - 2019-11-01 00:36:31 Quote

  • Fact! We all have learnt to leave a mediocre lifestyle in Nigeria but I dont blame anybody because it is said when the preferable is not available the available becomes the preferable. But I support we step up and bank on the consumer power and get the desirable we want.

    - Ozah Alexander - 2019-11-01 14:04:30 Quote

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