The Philosophy Of Music Business Perks And Pros

Music Business generally in Nigeria is a thriving business that has helped and changed so many lives directly and indirectly. Either as a Dancer, Songwriter, Producer, music Dj, or the an Artist. 

We love music as humans, it helps calm the soul and put us in a mood we’d like to be almost every day of our lives. Music has a language that appeals the souls and every country around the world understands but there are sometimes no matter how good we think we are with music it just doesn’t fall through to our advantage. All around the world people are making money from music online using streaming services and selling songs. Artists also make money through views and the likes. You can make music from your home and earn from your home also when your creativity is top notch and craft is perfect.

Here Are Some Pros Of The Music Industry Business.

The community you create around your music will help you move ahead in the line as long as you stay true to your craft.

Streaming sites such as YouTube, Spotify, Amazon, Apple, Pandora etc has made it easy to earn income from your hard       work. People get easy access to your music and they get to pay you for it. That’s awesome.

Huge fan base due to your social media accounts created, easy access to you and interactions. It’s always best when fans     get closure to artist they like it gives them some kind of feeling of being in the same head. It’s called Vibe in the music             world.

> You’re happy doing what you love doing, it’s not stress and it’s not bothering you. Happiness always comes first and it             gives room for improvement.

> Endorsements are not left out when you are performing well. Brands wants to associate themselves with you. People want     you to sell products for them. They pay you for it.

   Cons Of The Music Business 

> It takes a lot of time to reach where you desire to be. 

> Starters always feel the need to give up because of the pressure they have on themselves.

> Large market and wide range of artists in the industry. It get filtered every day and every minute. There’s no forever.

   But as long as it’s your dream and passion to go into music, giving up is not your watch word. Just focus of the prize and         you are a star.

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