My Boyfriend's Mother Hates Me And Calls Me A Witch

 I have been dating this guy for over two years now and we love each other very much.

He introduced me to his family about six months ago. His father was very supportive of our relationship and I thought his mother was too. She even asked for my number and called me my daughter in the presence of my boyfriend. Soon after she started calling me and telling me to leave her son alone, if not she show show me pepper.

I told my boyfriend about it but he said she was just testing me. She has even threatened to kill me if I don't leave her only child alone.

My boyfriend really loves his mum and I don't want to cause fight between them but I also don't want to leave the love of my life alone.

Have you ever have such experience before? Please share with us and advise on what i can do in this regard.

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  • My sister, if you are marrying into a Yoruba family and your husband's mother hates you, then know that you are in a deep mess. Because in the Yoruba culture you did not only married the man you married the mother too indirectly. If the mother doesn't like you, you can't enjoy your stay in her son's house.

    - Ridwan Salaudeen - 2019-09-27 12:13:37 Quote

  • My advice is that you should pray to God to change the life of the woman for she can accept you fully and you will be with your love because prayer is the key to every difficulties and challenges of life 

    - Oke Olawole Luke - 2019-09-27 12:14:08 Quote

  • This has really showed this woman doesn't love you, my dear don't rum into the family that will cause you problem later I'm the future. Be wise about it dear. 

    - Akinmoyede Bolanle - 2019-09-27 12:14:56 Quote

  • My dear, he is your stepfather to be no matter what he does to you, be patient. If you can't take it anymore, tell your mom to get an apartment for you

    - Usman Mukhtar - 2019-09-27 12:15:51 Quote

  • A relationship that doesn’t have the blessings of his mom may likely not last. But if he truly loves you, you can draw his attention to his mother remarks and actions, in a way that won’t make him angry. And am sure he will handle the situation well in a way that won’t affect his relationship with you and his mom.

    - Onekeneke prince - 2019-09-27 12:17:08 Quote

  • My dear I think you should tell your love of your life to inform his father Then if he insists on ‘nothing is goona happen like she is just kidding or testing you ‘ I mean the mother Then worry less and and pray to God 

    - Olamide Mary - 2019-09-27 12:18:23 Quote

  • You are dating the son and not the mother  you guys are not married yet and if you start talking about marriage you need to make sure you are in peace even wit the mother 

    - Chidinma Ugochukwu - 2019-09-27 12:19:14 Quote

  • My sister, issues of relationship many times are beyound love when it comes to marriage and from the looks of things, I dont think you fit into that family so pls and pls, just find your way out of that relationship esp now that your boyfriend is also been afraid of breaking his relationship with his mother.

    - Lubem Terzungwe - 2019-09-27 12:21:07 Quote

  • You should realize that the mother is trying to findout actually if you can easily leave her son then she will conclude you do not love her son ,so if you truly love him you shouldnt take it serious ,now that she collected your number she will still find other means to taste you ,continue to prove you love her son to her and that is guarantee for you to be her daughter in law

    - Ukora Kenechukwu - 2019-09-27 12:21:58 Quote

  • This is typical of African Parents but you wouldn't Blane them, they want the best for their children... My advise is, just keep on being the good person that you're and she'll gradually accept you

    - Ijomah Rocky - 2019-09-27 12:23:39 Quote

  • Have you tried asking why she called you a witch? 

    Are you sure ita not something spiritual?

    Because some parentshave made covenants with their sons that they didnt know will be harnful

    But if its not spiritual then pray about it

    - Joseph Lawrence - 2019-09-27 12:24:32 Quote

  • Firstly , have not experienced such before but nevertheless I will still share my opinion to this .

    Since you really love your guy and you don’t wanna loose him,and he is also aware of this and his response was his mum is only testing you which there is no assurance of that.

    what I will just advice you to do is don’t rely on what your boyfriend said, inform your parent most especially your mother and go to your your pastor or Alfa and explain to him so that you can be guided spiritually on what to do. May God help u🙏.

    - Nikkynee Valentinah - 2019-09-27 12:29:57 Quote

  • No, i have never have such experience b4 but i will like to share my idea with u. I am thinking y don't u just challenge her by asking her why she hates u so much and so also try to proove her wrong but if she does not still like after trying to proove her then i am thinking u shld just 4get about the relationship and pray 4 someone better to come ur way 

    - Shittu Oluwadamilare - 2019-09-27 12:32:30 Quote

  • never believe you all you need to do if you have an Android phone record your conversation with her screenshot of the text is sending to you then you show it to him and he will take the next step and involve your old is also or talk to his father like you really want Mary talk to your old ass don't get my and get married to him since she will not stay with you and the house

    - Abubakar Sadeeq Salihu - 2019-09-27 12:38:02 Quote

  • This is not too serious, she's your mother in law to be, why not try to know what made her hate you all of a sudden. Maybe it's something you can correct yourself. She's a mother now, maybe she doesn't like a particular behaviour in you

    - Ajibade Adetunji - 2019-09-27 12:38:38 Quote

  • No i haven't experience such personally but i have had about such cases before and the successful outcome to the victim and the key to such success is being prayerful and patience may the lord do for you the best of your desire.Amen

    - Michael Akinfolarin - 2019-09-27 12:40:08 Quote

  • My dear sister, in a relationship where both of you love each other, but the mother especially is not in support there is a big problem. Something of this nature happened in my eara there is this beautiful lady by  name Nkechi the husband loves her so much but his mother said that it will be over her dead body for her to be married into their, but they got married and she got pregnant but  last year her died without giving birth to her baby. So dear, I advise you to put  the relationship to hold until the mother genuinely agree in your relationship. 

    - Maxwell Nwachi - 2019-09-27 12:42:02 Quote

  • It seems the mother is not in agreement with the union.  But she isn't the person you are marrying,  talk to your husband about this issue,  talk to your father in-law about this issue,  and most especially,  talk to your parents. 

    If you truly loves him,  then you can stick with him in such tine of thick. 

    Maybe the woman will cool off with time but if you can't stand the quarrel,  back off from the union

    - Emmanuel Aibueku - 2019-09-27 12:42:42 Quote

  • Ahh no no the mother is a very very bad energy and she's going to eventually influence her son from going and she will get into him so before you fall to deep just end the relationship 

    - Oluwadarasimi Jolaade - 2019-09-27 12:42:46 Quote

  • Yoruba says it's better to have a bad wife than have a bad in-law, For his mum to be threatening you even when you guys aren't married, what of when you guys get married? 

    It's better to leave him, he's supposed to understand  Another love of your life will come back... Your life is priceless 

    - Iyidah Peace - 2019-09-27 12:54:20 Quote

  • This is one complicated issue it is either you leave him or you prove yourself worthy to marry him visit your pastor with his family members explain that him what has been going on and seek God's advice concerning your marriage with him

    - Goodness Emeka - 2019-09-27 13:00:25 Quote

  • Ive not had such experience before but I understand your predicaments you have to go on with your boyfriend even if she calls you devil but make sure you get married to her and see his mother's reaction.

    - Junior Louis - 2019-09-27 13:01:32 Quote

  • If your boyfriend can't take care of that situation then I advise you to stop that relationship because it's bad husband that you can marry, you can't marry bad inlaws unless the relationship is God approved relationship if not sister move on

    - Yusuff Lateef - 2019-09-27 13:07:19 Quote

  • You have all what it's takes dear to fight for your love, i think you should firstly ask the opinion of the guy you're dating before you take any step so that you won't be blame atlast. And one of the best thing to consider before going into marriage is how good your mother in law is.

    - Adebayo Owoniyi - 2019-09-27 13:17:03 Quote

  • First, you should let her son which is your boy friend to know about this, then the both of you should join hands together and talk to your boy friend's mom, explaining to her your good intentions towards the son and that you dont have any bad intentions toward her or her son. And don't forget to tell her that you love her son and thats why you are with him

    - Edward Chinecherem - 2019-09-27 13:23:51 Quote

  • Tell your boyfriend to plead with his mother to allow him to marry you. He should explain to his mother how truly he loves you. Let him also tell his father to support him to talk to her. Pray also to God to change the heart of your would be mother inlaw towards you. Hopefully, she will accept you.

    - Paul Nwaso - 2019-09-27 13:30:02 Quote

  • This is about lifetime my dear. it is a warning. Just leave the son if you love yourself. To befall once, is to before harms. Truly It is not easy to forget ones love. But my dear life is precious. And there is no extra life anywhere. Once it is taken, that's all. So i will advice you to let him be.

    - Owolabi kikelomo - 2019-09-27 13:35:52 Quote

  • This is no joking matter you have to know where your boyfriend stand in this matter because his mother doesn't like you and she can go to any length to keep you from her son so either you leave him or get his full support. 

    - Okpako Rukevwe - 2019-09-27 13:45:54 Quote

  • All you need to do is to let go your boy friend and move on with your life,because as long as your boy friend mum did not like you that relationship is not going to work out that's the truth.

    - Stephen Eke - 2019-09-27 13:49:24 Quote

  • I suggest that you should just try and understand with her,try your possible best to know what she always want and what she really hate .

    and i think she will definitly change for good and it just a matter of time.

    - Ayuba Samson - 2019-09-27 13:52:42 Quote

  • Hi dear, you said you thought boyfriend's mother liked you before she changed. I believe that your guy really loves you alot, I think only him can communicate with his mum and let you know what's wrong. Since he said that his mum is testing you, you have to accept it that way because he wouldn't lie to you. Remember too that prayer is the KEY.

    - Anabel Ogechi - 2019-09-27 14:02:09 Quote

  • If you cross check yourself very well and you didn't see what you did wrong to deserve her hating on you then I suggest you confront her and ask her politely what you did wrong and why she dislikes you so much and see what she has to say because most of the time the things we think are big can be resolved with s mare conversation.

    - TOCHUKWU KINGSLEY OKOYE - 2019-09-27 14:24:08 Quote

  • You better leave her son alone, she even threaten to kill you, thats deep. Please don't let love blind you yet . Cause you guys might not even work out sef, the mom is against it and your bf is saying she just testing you. What kind of nonsense testing is that. Please leave Mama's boy alone

    - Osikha Cynthia - 2019-09-27 14:35:30 Quote

  • My dear u will have to choose one over one .. yes it either u leave the boy alone before it is too late it u marry him and u face war in thier house . U know that she doesn't like u so if u eventually marry her son the battle between u and her will start and be very obvious and her son won't like u fighting his mother ... My sister better run and leave him and his mother alone 

    - Fhard Ayodola - 2019-09-27 14:44:19 Quote

  • Yes o, I have almost the same experience, when I started dating my guy, he invited me to his sister wedding and later introduced me to his family, from the look of his mother I know there is fire on the mountain, she later told his son to do way with me but me am not afraid I was praying, let me tell u that she the one calling me to answer her son marriage.

    - Bola Adisa - 2019-09-27 14:44:42 Quote

  • It takes God intervention when you are getting marry to a guy when his mother hate you. if you can pray very well, i will advice you to continues, but if you are not strong in faith, i advice you to quit, because its better to have a sturborn husband than to have his family sturborn or against you.

    - Alalade Taiwo - 2019-09-27 14:55:01 Quote

  • The best thing to do is to pray only God can change a person. You should also consult your pastor for fasting and prayers to know if he is really yours if not you better leave before she eventually does what she's threatening to do

    - Joyce Omogunwa - 2019-09-27 14:55:50 Quote

  • My dear since your boy friend love you and you love him in return all need do go after your heart desires, love sacrifice a lot so go into prayers asking GOD to make your mother in law love you and you will see GOD answering your prayers, every great thing comes with a price, so this is the price to regain your lover.

    - Austin Chinedu - 2019-09-27 15:06:38 Quote

  • My sister just quit the relationship there is a saying in yoruba land that when you are marrying you are not just marrying you boyfriend but the whole family so why then go ahead with it when his mother does not give her approval 

    - Michael Kasali - 2019-09-27 15:15:28 Quote

  • What are the things the woman is complaining about you? There must be. Are they things you can change? If not plz run for your life.  Some mother in law's can be terrible.  But if they are things you can give up for peace to rain, then do so. No price is too big for love.  Goodluck

    - Stella Maurison - 2019-09-27 15:38:46 Quote

  • My dear before a mother of a guy give you serious warning you have to be careful because she don't mind to go extra mile to make sure you leave her son so be careful

    - Miracle Boniface - 2019-09-27 16:21:27 Quote

  • If you don't want  to leave that guy,  then you must be prayerful and get ready to fight physically and spiritually with the mother

    But if you know you did not have the power to fight,  you better let the guy go

    - Patrick Juliet - 2019-09-27 16:28:15 Quote

  • One question does your boyfriend defend you infront of her? because you have to know his stand on it, whether he still fears the mother to that extent.. A man can love his mother with his life but once married or about to marry, he is supposed to know that a new mother has come into his life because anything that happens to his wife happens to him too. His mom has had her own family, it is time for his own family to start...So know if his stand on this..Not that he should completely disobey his mom but show his mom that this is his own family now.

    - Anthony Emeka - 2019-09-27 16:34:47 Quote

  • Some other are usually very jealous at the prospect of their son getting married. It might be that she has nothing against you and your only offence is thag you want to marry her son and take him away from her. Maybe that I s what she is afraid of. Anyway, you should tell your boyfriend first and let him try and talk to his mother maybe she will explain to him what happened.

    - Aliyu Gana Aliyu - 2019-09-27 17:04:38 Quote

  • May God not let me experience such issue in my life. What you can do now is to inform your boyfriend that his mum mean to leave him. And if her mom refused them let him go.

    - Wasiu Abiodun Adegboye - 2019-09-27 17:11:10 Quote

  • Talk to your boyfriend about this again, maybe record the call and play it so that he will know it's no joke. If he supports you and defense you from his mother then you are safe but if he keeps quite and does nothing my dear run cos it will be hell for you in that home.

    - Idi Grace - 2019-09-27 17:14:40 Quote

  • Since you love him and he also love you. He also love his mom, the best thing you can do is to call your boyfriend ask him to take you to his mother, and he should ask his mom in front of you, if she loves you.

    - Nwosu Vincent - 2019-09-27 17:23:50 Quote

  • I haven't been in such a situation before, but the best I can tell you is to be careful how you lean on just yet pertaining your guy's mother. Imagine what rough ride it would be if you  guys are already married, with this kind of behave, you're not safe. Stay clear 

    - PETER MMADUEKE - 2019-09-27 17:30:25 Quote

  • babe pack your load and runaway o, because if your boyfriend mum can say all this things to you and you have not marry his son, imagine you guys are married girl dont put yourself in danger o, their are one million and one guys out there.

    - Idowu Samuel - 2019-09-27 17:36:46 Quote

  • My guess is she is actually jealous of you and looking for all the means necessary to get you out of the picture. I advice that the next time she calls, try and record the conversation so asbto have a concrete backup for your conversation with your boyfriend because he might not believe you just continue to tell him about his mum without having an evidence.

    I also advice that you should be careful the way you deal with that family because some mothers with only one child and a male for that matter, will stop at nothing to control their child's life.

    - Ayobami Korede - 2019-09-27 17:41:41 Quote

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