My Experience During My School's Annual Donation Project

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It was my last year in secondary school, and also the time of the year where every student pays a specified amount of money that is then used to purchase items that are taken to homes of motherless children as a token of donation from my school. I have witnessed three or four of these occasions throughout my stay in the school but the last one remained fresh in my memory because of the experiences I gained from the trip.

As a prefect in the school, I was among the board of committee that supervised the project which we named "Donation 2017". We began by issuing out letters which every student took home to their parents as an official notice of what we were doing and also, to request for their Prompt and generous assistance which they did as usual.
We were able to sum together a good amount of money.
Then, the next step we took was handing over the money to the teachers who with the help of the students went to the market to buy the important necessities of the children such as bags of rice, bags of beans, beverages, diapers for little children, new rolls of blankets, new mattresses and few clothes. Donation was looking good with all the plans we have put in place.
Eventually, a day was appointed as the D-day for the trip to the motherless' home. With the help of some students, the teachers used the little time before the day to add finishing touches to every plan we have made.

When the day finally came, not all of us had the opportunity to go. Only the ones who paid for the Donation programme. We set out to a motherless home with everything packed and so when we arrived at the home, we were welcomed by the Principal who received us with warm hands after which he gave us a welcome speech.

Accompanied with some wardens, workers in the home, he took us around the facility for a quick tour where we got to meet the children in the Home, the nurses that took care of them, the facilities they had in their building etc.

So, in turn, we brought out our donations and they were happily accepted by the home. It was distributed to all the hostels and wards. We took pictures with the entire home and so we left.
This is the normal routine annually, and I've witnessed four of it. I have observed and learnt a few things. Normally, whenever we embarked on any donation project, we go there and just drop everything that we have brought but we got reports later that the packages were not delivered to the children as they ought to. The proprietor of my school was grieved and annoyed at such dishonesty and so he decided that we ( the students and the teachers) should ensure that we oversee the entire distribution of the donations.

Having changed the system that way, the authorities in my school decided to curb the act totally. So we dedicated another year ( 2017) to do so. As usual, we arrived at the Home with our donation and as usual, everything was ushered into the office of the proprietor of the Home but we did not leave immediately; we continued with other activities like walking around the facilities, meeting the children one by one, taking pictures etc, and when it was time for us to leave, the teacher in charge told the master of the home that we would like to take pictures with the donations and the children too. It was surprising how everything had disappeared from his office, and he was stammering. We later found that it had been shared personally between the master, wardens, matrons and other workers.

This was an experience I did not forget during my time at a prefect in charge of my school's yearly Donation project.