My Final Year Last Paper Experience

No doubt, every students in higher institutions has always been looking forward to seeing the day whereby they won't have to go for lectures anymore or even read bulky lecture materials for some kind of torturing exams. 

Well, mine is no different as I have been waiting patiently for this wonderful day where my tale of early morning lectures, and the terrors of late night classes will come to an end. 

My friends and I have made all sort of plans regarding this day like playing FIFA all night, watching movies in the hostel or even going to the cinema, going for parties, and more interesting stuffs.

The day I have been anticipated finally came through. It was earlier than I expected though, maybe because I slept all through the night since I only have just one paper left (Analytical Mechanics). I have tried my best to cover most things I need to know in the course during the previous week, so I relaxed having the notion of I cannor coman go and kill myself.

It's 6:30am, not the normal time I have planned to wake for an exam I have by 9:00am though, but I keep snoozing the annoying alarm meant to wake me by 5:00am till the point I get tired of snoozing. I got up, brushed through my lecture notes again and I left for the exam venue. 

As usual, I saw different kinds of stuffs being discussed by my course mates both the ones known to me and those I have never heard of before. I quickly zoomed away from people discussing and arguing on topics we were not taught as it draw complications and confusion towards the existing knowledge I have on the course.

The exam started by 9am exactly and those who used African time were delayed outside for some minutes before being allowed to write the exam.

I received the question paper, lo nd behold I saw four beautiful questions smiling at me. I'm sure I can answer them perfectly. So, in no time I started work. I relaxed while answering the questions to the point that I even started humming a song (I know who I'm - sinach) while the exam was going on. I have finished answering all the questions many minutes before the deadline, but it's my nature to gently cross-check my work before going out to submit. By so doing I'm always one of the last set of students to submit which is usually annoying though.

Finally, I submitted my paper and went outside to join the madness already going on outside. I quickly put off the shirt I wore so that the "I Conquered Physics" sign out shirt I wore underneath shall be unveiled. In no time people started signing on my shirt as I did the same for others too. It was one of the happiest moments of my life. We later went to the motion ground to take beautiful pictures with colleagues, crushes, well-wishers and haters too ??...

The rest of the day was actually fun-filled and I give thanks to God for the success of my undergraduate exams.... No more next semester!!! ??

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