My First Experience As An Undergraduate.

The University as I have heard over time, is a very different world on its own, but I never got to understand this until after I gained admission into the prestigious Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) where I got the understanding of ‘survival away from home’ in a new world.

Here is my first experience on resumption as an undergraduate.

The day of resumption came soon enough and I was highly ecstatic about it, I planned on traveling to school on Sunday, I couldn’t wait for the service to come to an end so I could eagerly jump on the next bus to school.

The journey down to Ago-Iwoye, the locale of the campus wasn’t really pleasurable, it was rather boring and tiring as I got sick of the old rickety bus that refused to move faster than a snail on the highways. It was my first time traveling such a long distance all alone, the thoughts of how to find the new place was all over my mind, though I wasn’t bothered about accommodation because a friend had hooked me up with a returning student who was in her sophomore year and was already expecting my arrival as her new roommate.

I landed in Ago-Iwoye safely but I was welcomed in a very strange and shocking manner, I was meant to stay with a lady but I was so surprised to see four(4) other guys in her room, she introduced me to those guys as a cockroach and also told them to welcome me as one, I became very scared, those guys were not looking nice at all, one of them demanded to see my phone, another for my purse, the third one demanded for my provisions and the last guy told me to bring the bag that has my foodstuffs in, I was already shaking, I had no choice, I became empty, no money, no food, I just busted into tears, it wasn’t funny at all.

All of a sudden, I overheard those guys laughing so hard, lo and behold, one of them was mimicking me, the toughest of them then came to me outside to calm me down a bit, he pleaded with me not to think bad of them as they were only trying to catch fun on my naïve self. He told me that I need to learn some things about the university and know how I should go about situations like that for real. He left me with some statements that resonates in my head till date, he said and I quote;

“Don’t ever be too emotional when handling awkward situations”

 “Know your rights and learn how to always stand and fight for your right in this environment”

“ Fear nobody, no one is superior to you here except God”

“This is a University, be determined and work towards outsmarting the smartest always”

 “Let go of the secondary school you left, if you aren’t smart in this University, you can never be smart again”

“Mind you, it will be tough here, but if you can survive and scale through here, you’re a hero”

“Once again welcome to OOU GREAT!”

Each of his kind words hence became my watchword in its corresponding sphere of my encounters throughout my days in Olabisi Onabanjo University.

That is a bit of my first day experience on resumption as an Undergraduate.

I’ll like you to share your own experience also.

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  • I think it's always like that in most universities where stalites try to make freshers know how things go in the school and how it should be handled. I could still remember, my first day of resumption on OAU campuses, I was called so many names like bl**dy fresher and the likes but I was told everyone is equal. I do think they're trying to change our orientation from secondary student to undergraduate 

    - Daniel Okewusi - 2019-11-22 01:48:14 Quote

  • My first experience as an undergraduate in the university precisely federal university of technology owerri was terrible in the sense that I felt in the hands of a notorious school cultist for the first time I step into the school fully for normal lectures after parking in the hostel. The issue was that I talked to a girl whom I don't know asking her why man o war, the school security chose to stay in female hostel. I noticed this when I was doing my clearance. The girl was in level 300 then. The next thing was a slap at my back. Only the man o war saved me that day. 

    - Emeka Arubalueze - 2019-12-07 11:29:11 Quote

  • My first experience as an undergraduate is in Obafemi Awolowo university, ile-ife. It was a great day, because I have not been in a very beautiful and large campus before.

    I saw different kind of people doing different activities, the registration was very stressful to the extent that I collapse in the afternoon

    - Oyeniran Faith - 2019-12-09 11:04:16 Quote

  • My first experience as an undergraduate at the Ahmadu Bello university, Zaria. 

    It's was really tough and everything looks very strange and peculiar. 

    It's nature that you adapt with the new environment and people. 

    During my 100 level, upon resumption at 8 am for GENS class, I didn't even know my appropriate Venue for lectures, no friends, no mentor. 

    It was really something else from the start. 

    - Adams Muhammed Jamiu - 2020-01-03 03:38:29 Quote

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