My First Experience Of Blood Donation

Blood donation

I've been hearing blood donation for a long time and I've always wondered what it felt like but I've never tried it before. Infact, I've heard many things about, such as stuff or like I can't donate blood if I have a tattoo or that I can't donate if I'm underage and some other things. I've always been scared of needles so much that I try as much as possible to avoid it, so I go for drugs instead.

It was my third year in the Obafemi Awolowo University ( OAU ), ile Ife. I was just coming back from a class with three of my friends when we heard that the teaching hospital located inside my school organized a programme about Donation of blood. Initially, I would not have attended, but I heard that it would involve packages ( food and other mouth watering items), so I decided to go with my friends. As we went, I thought about the needle, my greatest fear of all time, but I quickly shook it off, my eyes were on the prize.

When we got there, we had to wait for about 30 minutes before we were called in. During the time we had to wait, we were given a brief talk about blood and everything about it, the diseases, the genotype, Blood group, etc, they ended the talk on a note of appreciation for the patriotic step we have taken in donating our blood and that we would be rewarded.

As we were ushered into a room, I was the first person that was called and then I began to feel scared, swear began to pour out of palm and my neck, I wished I had not volunteered but there was no turning back now; a female doctor was already smiling at me as she pointed me to a bed on which I slowly lay on.

She began by asking me questions such as my name, age, date of birth, after I supplied the answers, she pricked my thumb and let one drop of blood fall unto one plastic container like that, I was relieved and happy thinking that was all, but she burst my bubble when she told me that it was just to confirm if my blood was okay to be used for someone else. I sighed and rested back to the bed.

Few seconds after, she told me I was good and then she brought the needle, my skin began to itch me as I saw it, but I didn't have a choice than to watch as she tied a rubber above my elbow, causing my veins to become very visible, then she slowly poked the needle through my skin into the vain before blood suddenly started flowing out from it into the cord attached to the needle into a transparent plastic bag. I remained still as I watched a thick dark fluid run out of my skin, it was fascinating and thrilling, but at the same time, I was still scared, because I wondered if all my blood flowed out so I told the woman if I had much blood to fill the container, she laughed and said the entire blood in my body could fill a hundred bags. I was amazed at the new discovery of how much blood I had.

After twenty minutes, she pulled out the needle and gave me a cotton wool to press down on the place she punctured. She cleared the instruments and left with the blood and came back with a big brown bag that had the name of my school's teaching hospital containing items such as ti'n milks, malt drinks, packs of noodles, and corn flakes. I quickly wanted to grab it from her but she stopped me saying I must rest before I can take my leave. Eventually, she let me go after another twenty minutes with my package. As I walked to my hostel, I was planning How To eat the package when I suddenly began to feel weak.

So I rested and quickly took the milk and the malt before heading home to sleep for many hours.


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  • That a good experience, you may have saved a life somewhere, though in some hospitals they pay donors like 5k for each pint. Some guys go donate and collect their cash and walk away. It is more beautiful and rewarding when you do it for charity. It is an act to save a life.

    - MAXWELL CHUKWUNEME - 2020-02-04 17:32:39 Quote

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