My Girlfriend Got Raped And She's Pregnant, What Should I Do Has The Boyfriend?

This is a very sad story of a young lady studying in a university, a  200 level student, she needed money in school which her father could not afford.

Her father had to send her to go meet one of his close friend whom he has called and explain things to, that her daughter need some money in school.

The young lady who happens to be my girlfriend left home to meet the man to go collect the money her father instructed her to get, on getting there the man deceived her to follow him inside to get the money, she followed him inside in purpose of getting the money not knowing this man had planned to rape her.

She got raped and the man gave him the money, she left there with tears and came home, she didn't tell anyone, not me her boyfriend not her father.

She missed her period the following month, which means she's pregnant, I'm so confused, what should I do has the boyfriend? 

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  • This is a very sad incident, my dear i will advice you to take a legal action against the Man that raped her. You should encourage your girlfriend to tell her father what happened to her, let the matter be reported to the police for investigation and possible prosecution. The man has committed punishable offence. Lastly your girlfriend should not think of aborting the baby, let her carry the baby and hopefully she will get justice on the matter at the end.

    - ONYEKA EKWOCHI - 2019-11-04 10:10:59 Quote

  • Its really a sad incident but I will like your girlfriend to summon courage and open up to her father so that legal action would be taken and she shouldn't abort the baby, I pray she find justice and let the man be punished, he must not go like that because he has commit a very big offence.

    - Uwejeyah Helen - 2019-11-04 11:34:26 Quote

  • I'd advice you stay with her now more than ever she very vulnerable in this period. Even if you don't want to have anything with her again, which I don't see a reason why you shouldn't, pls just help her get better in this period so she doesn't do the unthinkable 

    - Obot Diana - 2019-11-04 11:40:09 Quote

  • If you truly love her, help her heal during this period cos to be raped isn't a good thing, the kind of emotional pain she'll be going through isn't something that easy. Also, encourage her to open up to her dad. There are organizations against rape, you both can lodge the matter in one of the centers so the matter will be legally addressed and the man will serve as a lesson to other rapist out there 

    - Toluwani Fabowale - 2019-11-04 12:16:09 Quote

  • This is a very difficult situation,if you are ready for marriage,you could marry her to prevent disgrace from befalling her,there are lots of marriages with adopted children and children with half parents, you could take her in for the sake of love for her,and for the sake of the unborn child

    - Ebuka Emmanuel - 2019-11-04 15:04:34 Quote

  • It is a sad story but in a time like this you need to move close to her encourage her and she should tell her father so that legal action should be taken and she shouldn't abort the baby just do so for the sake of your love for her

    - Bibitayo Ololade - 2019-11-05 12:47:32 Quote

  • This is a very sad story.. Its really a tough time for the both of you, she really really needs you now more than ever, she needs your love, care and support. Aborting the baby isn't an option cause you will be taking an innocent life, so you just have to support her through to the delivery of the child

    - Ambah Asambo - 2019-11-05 14:03:58 Quote

  • Tell her to open up to her father and take legal action and I want you to know this is the time she needs you most please don't leave her . She's probably depressed and thinking of all negative things .. please let her know there's still hope and you are there for her 

    - Ikeoluwa Fakunle - 2019-11-06 13:17:37 Quote

  • I understand the  kind of  situation you're in right now, I honestly think u should not leave her no matter what. This is where true love comes to play...Help her to bring the rapist to justice. Take care of her during the pregnancy although it won't be easy, just try as much as you can, you never can tell what the future holds for you, the girl and the unborn child

    - Chinelo Victoria - 2019-11-07 09:38:59 Quote

  • Honestly, It would have been better not to keep the child but that could be dangerous. As her boyfriend, if you think your relationship would lead to marriage and you really love her for who she is, then take the baby as yours. If everyone is going to judge her, you shouldn't, try not to make her remember that painful and sad memory, and always treat her well 

    - Fouad Yusuf - 2019-11-07 15:33:54 Quote

  • Wonders shall never end! But I sincerely don't understand why she refused to tell her father or even her boyfriend. And why would she even take the money in the first place after she was raped. That's absolute nonsense and makes no sense to me. I would advice you stick with her and talk to her to open up to her father about what happened to her.


    - Igbinedion Jeffrey Uwuidia - 2019-11-07 16:48:26 Quote

  • It is a delicate matter that one has to use maturity and wisdom to solve. If you truly love her, you can accept the child and help her to heal from the horrific experience of the rape. To be a father to a child isn't by blood but by love. 

    If you truly love her, you can help her and be there for her and the child. 

    - Adelugba Omobolaji - 2019-11-13 11:41:36 Quote

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