My Girlfriend Is HIV Positive

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Until her death, I didn't know my girlfriend died of HIV/AIDS.

I nearly took my life when I discovered she died of HIV/AIDS, I thought I was going to die shortly. I newly got admission into high school, I refused to go to school. The thought of what would become of me crowded my imagination, I felt the whole world deserted me, the shame that await my family, the pain of neglect, mockery and discrimination gave me credible reasons to end it immediately. I didn't want to discuss it with anybody, I kept my distance with friends because I didn't want to attract their pity. 

I thought of going for HIV test but the fact that surrounded the death of my girlfriend made it clear to me that the result would be positive.

I started making research on the early and late signs of HIV/AIDS, whether there was any known cure or treatment that could longate my life.

I continued to carry this burden for weeks and eventually I discovered I had spent 6 months in self discrimination and isolation.

Six months is enough for me to have start manifesting signs of HIV/AIDS.

I became used to my new lifestyle and soon discovered I was still normal and alive uptil date. 

The question I never asked aloud is, is it possible to have s^x with a HIV/AIDS patient without being infected with the virus. 

My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Ndukwe Ikechukwu - 2019-10-27 12:26:01

I don't know the percentage of that possibility, but if there is it would be very minimal. Just face your fears and go for that test as soon as possible. Although six months is enough time to start manifesting symptoms but still at that you can't be too sure if anything yet. It is better to know your status and start working on it on time.


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Mmadukaji Michael - 2019-10-27 19:21:39

It is possible to mate with a positive person without being infected because viral infection 

Spread so low unlike bacteria infection that spreads at any chance.and if your white blood cells are strong it can resist the virus at certain stage


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By SHAFAU ABDULMALIK - 2019-10-28 10:08:47

With my knowledge in medical line, it should be 0% for one will surely be infected. Why don't you got for Text and know your status, don't judge yourself yet. But feel free to get texted even if it's yes, it's not the end of life for many are still living with it and enjoying their life. HIV doesn't kills Depression kills.


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Oghoghomena Osah - 2019-10-29 12:51:02

I can't say for sure if you have gotten the virus or not, however I would advise you to know your status irrespective of what the outcome might be, medical findings have proven that people still live their normal lives after being diagnosed to be with the virus, keep the faith alive and be of good courage.


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Jinatu Akinsola - 2019-10-29 13:13:32

Usually people's immunity is not same. Generally it takes a longer time than you think for HIV symptoms to start manifesting in some people, it can take years in some people. Therefore i will advise you to go for screening. I pray you are Negative. If found otherwise, you can live as long as you want so far you take your medication as when due. It is well with you. Take heart and do the necessary.


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Ibrahim Yusuf - 2019-10-29 13:51:55

You should check your status and stop living in a world of denial,who knows if you have scales through but you're denying yourself of a good life just because of uncertainty,go and check your status and God forbid you're positive,with the normal medical attention you'll be saved.


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Morrison Preye - 2019-10-29 15:44:27

You don't have to waste your time.. Rather go to the hospital and check the test, if it positive you have to face the consequences in it.. If it not.. Then God have save you from that death, it depends 


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By FAVOUR ANN - 2019-10-29 17:39:43

It better you go for test, because it may not show you the sign easily but gradually, so the earlier you get tested the better to avoid AIDS, HIV is controllable but when it gets to AIDS no hope, and fear kills faster


My girlfriend is HIV positive - By Ajiboye Victor - 2019-10-30 09:38:37

Although I believe that it is possible for you not be infected as there have been a few of such occurrences (life is mysterious at times), however, I think it would be best you know you go check your status so that you can know the next step to take rather than kill yourself with mental unrest