My Step Father Is A Monster, Should I Tell My Mom?

My name is Grace. My mom had a terrible fight with my dad which later lead to divorce. Two years later my mom remarried. At first the man seems nice but then he changed. 

He would touch me somehow. Talk to me somehow. One afternoon,I got back from school and met him at home. I greeted him and went to change my cloth. Suddenly he came Into the room and asked how old I am. I told him am 17,he smiled and moved closer. He held me by the waist and drew me closer, he told me at 17 I should be having all the fun I can have and not act like a baby anymore. He asked if am still a virgin. I tried to push him away sensing what he was about to do but he was too strong. 

He asked me to kiss him but I told him I can't. He wanted to touch my breast but I bit him. He pushed me to the bed and tried to rape me. I ran out and stayed with our neighbour 

When mom came back,I tried to tell her but he dragged me and told me he would poisen my mom and I if I say anything

What should I do pls

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  • Addressing this issue requires great wisdom, At first, avoid  being alone at home with your step dad at all cost, Secondly find a good councellor in your School, Church, Mosque that you can confide in,  who can also help with communicating the mater to your mother maturely and profering a solution to the problem.

    - Faloye Tolulope - 2019-11-21 13:56:47 Quote

  • I will strongly advise that you tell your mom about it simply because that man will still come back and until he gets his way with you he will never give up on you. It's possible your mom won't believe you because the man will overshadow her thoughts with lies and she won't want to risk her stay in her husband's house so I would suggest you carry one of your mom's relative along and I am sure they will be mature dealing with the situation.

    - Otunaiya Abimbola - 2019-11-22 09:03:21 Quote

  • My advice to you is that you should be careful of that man don't give him a single chance he want take advantage of you and get away pls don't give him ur veginity it belongs to your husband and please let your mom know about this don't hide it from her.

    - Blessing Oluchi - 2019-11-22 14:13:42 Quote

  • Yes, is best to let her know the situation on ground. This is a very serious issue that u can not handle yourself so the earlier u tell ur mom, the better for not only u, but the entire family at large. For a father who is the head of the family to be a monster, that family is only surviving by the grace of God. So be wise and act now before it is too late for all of you!

    - Obinna Dike - 2019-11-23 04:53:28 Quote

  • Your mom needs to know but I don't think she will believe you if you explain to her. So I will suggest you inform your Pastor or Imam.... narrate what happened recently to them and I'm very sure with the wisdom of God they will definitely know what to do.....also don't ever stay in the house if your mom is not around

    - Adeoti Mary - 2019-11-23 10:06:20 Quote

  • This is a very serious situation and you must approach it with wisdom. The first thing you should always take note of is that you must not be alone with him in the house, and at night make sure the door to your room is properly locked. Secondly, try to always record (sound recording) all conversation that transpires between you and him everyrime, because if your mother gets to suspect him with you later, he will try all his possible best to lie and shift the blame on you. Lastly, I'll advice you tell a neighbor you can confide in, telling your mum might be dangerous.

    - Adeola Olushola - 2019-11-24 11:11:40 Quote

  • You don't have to tell your mummy directly. You can look for an elderly person especially a woman who your mummy can trust, narrate everything to the woman then the woman can know how to tell your mummy, because telling your mummy yourself is dangerous,the man might not only poison your mummy but also poison you along. Then you can visit a therapist or a pastor or a counsellor to seek more advice but you have to be very fast with everything you want to do because delay is dangerous......

    - Fatoberu Esther - 2019-11-24 12:50:45 Quote

  • Getting your mum involved would be better if you look at the situations at home and you think it's not going to cause another chaos but if it's otherewise, I will advise to find a way to stop being alone at home and find someone you can trust which is also not going to take advantage of you to confide in

    - Adeleye Ayub - 2019-11-24 23:10:14 Quote

  • You need to address this matter very carefully. The first I think you should do is to find an elderly person who you know your mum listens to and tell the person,  the person can come and tell your mum so that you can figure out what to do next..  You need to avoid staying home alone or staying home with him alone.  I think another thing you can do is to get evidence,  you have a cell phone with numerous capabilities one of which is recording (both video and sound)  you can place your phone at a strategic place to capture the whole thing and also do voice recording.  

    - Adedewe Adedamola - 2019-11-25 09:20:08 Quote

  • I advice you apply wisdom. Firstly, agreed with your step father as if you will do it, but inform your mum and maybe one other close relations that their is an urgent issue you want to discuss with them, give them the time and date this is after you have agreed with your step father. This will be your evidence to report what has been going on.

    - Christopher Eke - 2019-11-26 16:38:59 Quote

  • My dear ,I will advice you open up to your mum before it's too late ,and after telling her ,tell her she should plan with you ,so s your mum to believe you,your mum may not believe you but you must do everything possible to prove your point to her,you can tell her to come back at a particular time you know your step father usually comes home to disturb you .

    - Sarah Okemuoma - 2019-11-28 13:26:27 Quote

  • I'll advise you to tell your mum before the man does something else that cannot be changed...if your mum is not the listening type..try telling a trusted elderly person in your religious circle or school, someone you know your mum can listen to,and never keep quiet,keep shouting and shouting till you're heard and listened to...child abuse is something we all don't pray to experience

    - Atobatele Ajibola - 2019-11-28 22:46:05 Quote

  • It's so unfortunate you have a wicked stepfather, who derive pleasure in harrassing you. You need to be strong and open up to your mother, it might be difficult but try telling her. It's obvious he doesn't love her. If she has a tendency not to believe you tell someone else and set him up that person should bring your mom when he is molesting you so that she will see for yourself. 

    - Idi Grace - 2019-12-01 18:14:37 Quote

  • Tell ur mum and to aviod been rap, some men are so callous u can just imagine d rubbish, his married to ur mum and still want to have u, dis is total wickedness if he can make attempt on u, only God knows if he won't also make such move on his own daughter hmmmm well, just be careful and be prayerful and never give room for such thing to happen.

    - Ukrakpor Lovelyn - 2019-12-03 11:21:30 Quote

  • In this kind of situation,I will say you shouldn't hide anything from your mom but you have to apply wisdom with everything you have to do. Either you find your way of getting someone in your mom's relation matured enough to talk to her and never give way into your step fathers'. Your virginity is your dignity.

    - Oluwafemi Onalaja - 2019-12-03 11:55:37 Quote

  • It's best for you to let your mother knows what's happening , you need to sit her down and explain everything without leaving out any details and also be very careful about the way you present the matter to her.......Try and gain her trust  before your stepfather do.....I wish you luck

    - Adelowo Olamide - 2019-12-10 23:25:46 Quote

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