My Thoughts By Tinë

Hello fam, it's me Christine, this is a poem I wrote since I was in junior school,but never got the opportunity to write it to the world.

Thanks to NNU for this opportunity!


Drowning in my thoughts

The more I try to reach out,the more I sink deeper.

Thinking if his my right keeper

On a scale of one to hundred am at a 40 

Picking pails asking if his the right one!

For my thoughts are still undone

Creepy creepy creepy comes the one who has my keys!

Till death do us path,says thee

In sickness and in pains,says thee

In wealth and in death says thee

One the last day,the promises fade

Lost and never found crys my thoughts

In bitterness my heart fought for justice

In pains my soul wept,no one to notice

Till the roots of my tears rose!!!!!

My flaws and foes!

The pain of those!

My thoughts and prayers are with you said my tears!

They fought my battle endlessly

Dried my tears mercilessly

And Justice became mine!

My thoughts could smile again!

My heart joyfully dance around!

My love was returned!

My shame was covered!

My weeping heart could testify!


My thoughts!



(Rating and criticism is allowed)





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