My Worst Christmas Experience Till Date

29th December, 2007, I woke up very early in the morning in anticipation of our planned activities for the day. Finally, grandma is going to let me go to the stream with my elder brothers. She always told me I was underage. Underage? I don't believe that. I am 9 years old for crying out loud. I cried so loud last week, when she stopped me from going to the stream with them. So, with my brothers' pleadings, finally she allowed me to go today. I was so excited. I woke everyone up, led the morning prayers, and picked my Jerry we went. We passed a lot of tatched houses on our way. We lived in the most remote part of my village, and of course, grandma's village haven't seen civilization.

I jumped in excitement when we finally got to the stream. I didn't waste time to fill my Jerry can with as much water as I could carry. Then we headed home. My brothers suggested that we follow the shorter way home since there were many exciting things to see, including mmuo (masquerade's). I quickly agreed to go with them. Not long after we took this shorter part, we saw 3 masquerade's coming towards us. I was so excited I almost ran towards the masquerade's. But my brothers stopped me. I don't know what they sensed, but before I realized what was happening, the masquerade's started running towards us with great speed. My brothers threw their jerrycans and ran if he just remembered me, my eldest brother turned back and saw me trying to run with my jerrycan. He snatched it from me and asked me to run. I was running as fast as my tiny feet could carry my large head. 

I felt one of the masquerade's grip me and snatched me away from my brother. He tried to fight them, but the other masquerade hit him on the back. He fell face down, and the masquerade started whipping him with his cane. The masquerade who had snatched me from my brother threw me on the floor and kicked me. I was just screaming "mmuo bikonu" (masquerade please). His right arm bounced up and down landing hot strokes on my body. I screamed and screamed.

He didn't stop. As I felt the strokes landing on me, I remembered how grandma always refused to allow me come to the stream. No wonder. I stopped screaming. A lot of things started running through my head. I don't remember exactly, but, I felt a strong arm lift me off the floor...screaming my name. I could hear my brothers screaming my name. I felt like I was in a trance, or a dream. I tried to call my brothers to help me as I could still feel hot stings from the strokes I received earlier. My brothers kept screaming my name and hitting me all over, asking me to wake up.

They sounded terrified. I was terrified as well. "I am awake" I said to them. But then I realized that even I couldn't hear my own voice. For real? I wasn't awake? I then began another wake up. Then I felt water continuously splashing on my face. I opened my eyes...and I saw their faces lighten up. They were so happy I was finally awake. I sobbed. They consoled me and took me home. Grandma treated my wounds. I was grounded, my dad was so angry. He sent me into the room after yelling at my brothers, grandma and I. I sat on the bed as hot tears ran down my cheeks.

If only I could lay hands on that masquerade again in my life,I would so deal with him, he would be writing this kind of article I'm writing today.

What your worst Christmas experience? Have you ever been beaten by a masquerade? Have you ever been beaten up to the point you loose consciousness? I'd like to hear your opinions.

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  • I remember my own worst Christmas experience, I got drunk a day before Christmas, Christmas eve and slept off till Christmas evening. All the merry merry had gone down by the time I woke up, I accused my cousin for not waking me up, eventually the argument turned physical and we fought till I started bleeding on my mouth, after fighting with him I eventually went back to sleep so turned out I did nothing on Christmas day.

    - Oyinkansola Olanrewaju - 2019-12-02 11:52:29 Quote

  • My worst Christmas experience happened when I was 12....I had eaten and drank a whole lot that day, a mix of anything and everything- Rice, meat, chin chin, cook, kunu and all....At afternoon time a friend came to visit and while he was leaving I decided to go to his own house too....

    I got to his house and I started feeling uncomfortable in my stomach, whilst seated in the parlour of his house with mutual friends and his parents. So I decided to relieve my self a little by farting silently (worst decision of my life) but lo and behold what came out was watery poo and my whole white trouser got stained....I left his house ashamed and crying out of the embarrassment, and my friends  made sure to taunt me with the incident for a long time, calling me SHITTY SHITTY.

    - Ibrahim Ajogwu Isah - 2019-12-03 10:52:46 Quote

  • My worst Christmas experience was in the Year 2009 in Maiduguri. My little sister followed us to outing as usual going to our Uncle house and friends house. On getting to the final house they offered us chin chin, rice Fanta and chicken so we ate and it was late so we decided going home unfortunately we don't know who stole my sister shoe, on getting home it  was already dark come see beating 

    - Chibuzor melchizedek mbah - 2019-12-03 11:36:54 Quote

  • Well..I can vividly remember my worst Christmas..I learnt how to ride a bike recently  then .so I wanted to take d motorcycle to the first my dad refused and said I have not really learnt it...Then he went out..trying to prove him wrong .took the bike to the stream..coming back I had bad experience with a masquerade.i came back wounded dad couldn't  beat me cause am already in pain...but I was grounded for two good weeks.

    - Chioma Ugwonna - 2019-12-03 17:44:51 Quote

  • My worst Christmas  experience was 2010, that was the year I started staying alone with nobody where I have no family. On that Christmas day I don't have any money to buy food talkless of preparing food for myself.i drunk water throughout that day.May God don't let me experience that kind of day in my life again

    - Arisu Oluwatosin - 2019-12-04 15:34:52 Quote

  • I will never forget December 25, 2009. It was a memorable day that my unborn children will live to tell the tale. We went with a friend to scare some girls because they were our crushes but they weren't giving us attention. Getting there, we dresses in the "garetta" mask and pounced on their divided attention. Sola, the most pretty of them, my crush out of fear fainted and we ran away. Only for her parents to come to our houses and pick us with police. We were later released after been given the beating of our lives at the market Square.

    - Paul OGUNROLE - 2019-12-04 21:27:29 Quote

  • My Worst Christmas Experience Was When We Were About Traveling to the Village And I Felt Sick Serious Sickness That I Couldn't Breath Properly I Couldn't Eat Anything That was Cooked That Day Rice, Chicken,And All The Christmas Goodies And I Really Missed Those Things Because Of My Health Refused it, it was Really A Horrible Christmas for me Cos I Was Sick that Day While Others Was Busy Enjoying Christmas Things

    - Emmanuel Azubuike - 2019-12-05 19:27:33 Quote

  • My worst Xmas is that on 25 December the money and the allowances the company promised us worker they disappointed us that for me it was were my hope was so throughout that Christmas it's was so bored and it's looks like I was the only poor person in my environment 

    - Sylvester Essiet - 2019-12-07 10:57:25 Quote

  • My own worst Christmas experience was on Boxing day(26) I went with my eldest cousin to watch masquerade although we went with her car. Hoping we are on a safe since we are inside the car.. ..We were enjoying the whole event until we noticed a particular masquerade pointing to our direction I told my cousin to quickly leave the place. ..She took off. 

    To cut the story short they came after us trowing stones n stick which almost broke her glass in d end they manged to burst the tire n blocked our way... .insiting we all come down for the car... I was shriving my cousin had to call her husband before they could let us go.. .

    Getting home I was so terrified to talk

    - Omenife Emmanuella - 2019-12-07 11:03:01 Quote

  • My worst chritmas experience was on the 25th of december,2008. I woke up on this fateful day unconciously, i was not aware of what i was doing, i went out of my house around 5am in the morning,and walked to the middle of the road, i got hitted by a bus, the next thing i know is when i woke up on the hospital bed with bandages on my head and knee cap, i woke up to see the scared and frightened face on my parent's faces, i was so devasted and could not utter a word, i just felt tears running down my cheeks. it was a very bad day for me indeed.i was discharged 3 days after admission.

    - Eweola Enoch - 2019-12-10 14:06:03 Quote

  • The worst Christmas I had was two day before Chrismas, I  travel on a bike to see friend in Onitsha. After much drinking, I have to come back that same night...on my way  I felt down head long with the bike, I hard an accident, I was taken home that same night with another  bike  and a friend brought down my bike home...

    It was a terrible Christmas experience

    - Megwa Augustine - 2019-12-16 09:42:14 Quote

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