Nigerian Tertiary Institutes: Destiny Changers.

I remember back in secondary school, all I ever wanted was to be a lawyer and this led me to automatically choose art subjects over sciences and commercial classes. I did that against the will of my elder ones and my mother who wanted me to go for science because there was no science student in the family.

After secondary school I had ugly experiences trying to make my complete papers as I was always having issues with the Almighty mathematics which I finally got after several attempts. Crossing one hurdle only means there were many others to cross as Jamb came next. I never had issues passing jamb but I had issues in gaining admission into the federal University, I always score more than 200 every year but I had to painfully watch with as the admission period passes without me gaining admission. To add salt to the injury, even those candidates that scored well below me ended up having admission while I was always made to wait for another year.

Several years passed on as I finally got admission to study Political science instead of Law, I didn't know if I should be happy for finally getting into the University or I should be sad for being admitted to study political science which I always dispised instead of Law. This made me not to resume early because I was battling within myself on whether I should  read what I was given or I should wait for another year and write Jamb again.

It is a true life experience and this is the story of so many Nigerian students accross many Tertiary institutions around the country. In a conversation with students, one may be surprice to realize that many students who applied to study sciences are been pushed to do courses that are not scientifically related and this has led to massive carry over accumulation due to the alien nature of those courses to the students in question. The institutions which are supposed to be guiding the students in their chosen areas of study have become an avenue where destinies are being changed.

How this menace can be curbed remains a mystery to me but am hopeful that the next generation would not experience what we have experienced.

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  • This is a very serious issue in our university that should be properly tackled as a lot of people end up in school studying what they have no flair or interest in fact some case they end up even with courses that don't match up with their jamb combination then later affect them while doing their final screening..

    - Daniel Adebayo - 2019-11-22 07:01:01 Quote

  • The institutions are corrupt and for the love of education and to get that certificate one must abide by their rules which for me is not suppose to be so.Education is our right as a youth and destinies are been changed cause nobody is ready for revolution,a total precaution must be taken so we can achieve our goals together as a nation.

    - Iyaomiye Olusoji - 2019-11-26 18:21:12 Quote

  • this is one of the major problems in our Universities these days.. That's why I advice people to push hard to get what they want because when you are given a course you don't have passion for, you tend to be unserious but if you get what you want,  you are very serious in order to keep the ball rollong

    - Victor Ifeanyichukwu - 2019-11-29 07:23:15 Quote

  • This is a very serious issue in Nigeria, u might study science in secondary school inspiring to be a doctor but wen u get to the tertiary level they would always give u are course that u don't like and this is really changing us,this has to stop

    - omotayo Inioluwa - 2019-12-23 19:16:37 Quote

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