No Man Future Is Doomed! By Oderinde Adedayo

Pioisly, God created us from His own image and He never labelled anyone to be doom and gloom. God sent us to the planet and we're revolving and evolving around it. 

On the progression of life, we undoubtedly transformed to a  fully-grown human being, seeking for livelihood and also on the track of meeting end means, through hustling and buzzling. 

Life now becomes an hustling arena for both gender irrespectively but indisputably, the pressure of the hustle had more intense on the masculine, which makes it more complexified.

Relationshiply, average women's mentality lies on the fact that they're being abridged from the hustling and buzzling of life and weightfully garnished the male gender with their inviable lifestyles, resulting to intenseness for men.

Complicatedly, the female gender perversely make a u-turn due to the fact that the male gender had financial breakdown or probably having challenges he's combating.

The female gender forgot that every human being, superiorly the male gender was created to come forth to the battle field and combat fiercely.

Incontrovertibly, the male gender has many battles to combat, which he must emerge victorious. He has to battle his psychological meme, nature, environs, himself and so on.

On the long run of the fiercely battle, the female gender would reach compromise that the guy's future is at stake not taking into consideration the battles the man is combating within.

The female gender vigorously and blatantly nilled her mind and opted out of the relationship. What a shocking move!

Omnipotently, the long-lasting battle was decreed to be won and table turned for the male gender. The table doesn't ordinarily turned but chair was placed for him to be seated on for consummate conveniency. 

Nemesis and karma caught up with the feminine because all her commitment has been resulting to apathy and this has unquestionably left her in the ocean of weeps, because she later discovered that the guy she dumped like a waste bin has became a victor and going back to him is a taboo because he has another woman.

Contextually, "No Guys Future Is Doomed".

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