Once Upon A Futarian

It's the 6th day of the month of November 2018. The family and friends of Esther are gathered to cheer her up on her 17th birthday, many are the delicacies on ground and many are the people ready to devour them. It time for the celebrant to cut the cake the master of ceremony announced. Esther arose elegantly from where she was seated in the company of her age mates and close friends headed towards the mid table where the gigantic birthday cake stood. Please let the cake designer come forward to lead us in the unveiling and cutting of the cake. A light skinned girl of about 19 walked elegantly towards the central table and collected the mic from the MC. Good day ladies and gentlemen as we all know we are here to celebrate with one of our own and it time for the cutting of the cake, so the celebrant should pick up the knife and call her male bestie to accompany her in the cutting of the cake. At this point the facial expression of Esther changed a bit. Oh maybe we are going solo so upon the spelling of Jesus the celebrant cuts the cake. J! the audience shouted same E! same they did till they got to the last s, S! they shouted but suddenly the celebrant burst out in tears instead of cutting the cake and ran outside with the knife in hand.

Everyone was surprised and astonished at the sudden outburst of the celebrant. People rushed out to meet the crying celebrant only to see her running off towards where no one knows. Esther ran amidst tears as she ran towards Perfect Health Memorial Hospital. Straight to the ICU [intensive care unit] she ran as she left all the nurses and patients across her part in awe. Upon entering the 3rd room to the right she ran to where Oghenekaro is lying with just his heart beating as he is in a comma. Wake up! Wake up take this Knife it our birthday take this kni…fe! As she cried fell on his body still crying. At this points the nurses where at the door with friends that ran along with her from the birthday venue. Take this knife she continued lets go and cut our cake it our birthday. Get up she shouted amidst tears. Take away these ropes and mask, attempting to take off the oxygen mask and drips while the doctor quickly stopped her and handed her over to a nurse to lead her out to the reception as he rearranges the drips and oxygen mask on Oghenekaro.

At the reception se continued crying as friends and family tried fruitlessly to console her. At this point the source of her outburst was no longer a myth to her friends because almost everyone could connect the dots. Suddenly she stopped crying and shouted why him? Why him of all people? Why him?  Talking to know no one in particular


Why is it that you’ve dealt so brutally with me?

Why is it that, you find pleasure in taking away that which gives me pleasure?

You have being so M.I.A missing in action in all my affairs

You only pop out of the blue sky to say keep your faith strong in me.

Why me?


Why is it that, when I cry to you it just as if the ceilings are the width band of my prayers

Why is it that it seems my prayers are deprived of stairs to ascend to you in your throne

Every night I call on you amidst tears but the firmament become so silent does the gods lie dead?

Same those cold sorrowful long nights the same gods wake up my barely slept soul with their gossip.

Why me?


This has been my routine for months, ceaselessly I have cried

It just as if the clouds became so dark and thunders jam their hands in clapping that you can't hear me

It just seems you have blessed me with so much tears in my glands that there seems to be no space left for smile to be included

It is obviously obvious I was created to be a mentor for crying babies. But,

Why me?


Esther continued in this phase of drafting a second chapter for Lamentations. popping questions upon questions to the face of God.


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