Our Neighbours’s Undying Love For Each Other- By Ajayi Adebowale

I lived in a compound some few years back in a city called Kaduna in the Northern part of Nigeria. Our compound was a fairly big one with many families living happily together irrespective of the fact that it was a mini Nigeria with different tribes living together with love. We had both Christian and Muslim worshipers and issue of religions difference was never a problem.

One experience really sinks still into my memory even though this incident happened some years back bit whenever I remember this family, and the love they shared, I always ask myself if this can still happen again in this modern age.

Mr and Mrs Tijjani Raomi(Real name protected) came into the compound, when we had already spent over 5 years living in this same compound, but what singled this couple out among the rest of the families is the show of undying love(real love) they professed and show to each other. They were the envy of other couples and singles in the compound then.

It all happened on one fateful night when armed robbers invaded our compound around 2.20am and funny enough, they headed straight to the apartment of Mr and Mrs Tijjani. It was concluded by all the neighbours that they came on a mission. Later we, confirmed that Mr. Tijjani came home with some large quantity of Naira to be handed over to labourers working on the their housing project the following day.

While the neighbours were sleeping, the cry and shout of ‘’ Please do not kill my husband, please spare him and kill me instead’’ being repeated severally by Mrs Tijjani resonated throughout the compound. The armed robbers who were amazed could not but asked the woman while she could volunteer her own life for the sake of her husband. She responded that she could not survive a year without her loving husband and that if she dies, she trusts her husband to take good care of her children and her aged parent more than what she could do on her own, if alive. We later learnt that the thieves left confused but full of praises for the woman, after they carted away the money that brought them to the compound, in the first instance

Can we still have this kind of love in this modern age? Let me hear your opinion.

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  • It is very possible to have that kind of undying love for someone but it is very rare. These days people are not patient with each other, they rush into marriage and that causes disaster, how long have you known the person you're marrying, how well so you trust that person and how well do the person relate with your family and how much do you care and love that person. 

    Couples now adays are not patient with each other, they flip at any little flaw in their marriage, they lack that tolerance and patience, they want the peace and love but don't want to work for it 

    - Okiy David - 2020-01-15 16:37:04 Quote

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