Personal Treatment To Mouth Odour

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Mouth odour is a common plague in our world today, infact, many percent of people go around with the stigma of mouth odour, but they can't talk about it because it's not a very interesting and pleasing topic. Mouth odour can be a very dangerous problem if not attended to properly as it can cause depression if it affects one mentally. Mouth odour can reduce self esteem and courage because such a person can not talk or socialize well with friends. There are folks who live with it because they are scared and ashamed to talk about it too even to their close friends and so they continue to wallow in it, and they sink deeper into depression because they find themselves exempting themselves from social gatherings, social parties, group discussion etc.

 Just like HIV/AIDS, one had to check himself to be sure that he or she is clean, so is mouth odour too. The surprising thing about mouth odour is that some people do not know they have mouth odour and they have no one to tell them. A fast, easy and self-test that you can carry out to determine if you have mouth odour is licking your wrist, then wait for the saliva to dry before you smell your wrist; the smell you perceived will determine the state of your mouth.

Now, that you have concluded that a smell is oozing out of your mouth, an unpleasant one for that matter, next thing for you to do is to go to the hospital for adequate treatment, but are you the type who is ashamed? Are you the type that doesn't have the courage and boldness to work up to a doctor and explain your predicament so you can get the treatment you need? Well, we are not despising professional and medical treatment, but there are home remedies that such a person can try on his or her own, and there is guarantee of good and positive outcome.

1.  Brushing twice a day. An anonymous research has revealed that only 30 percent of people brush their teeth twice a day. This is a habit that one must cultivate. It's just like we cultivate the habit of waking up early, putting or footwear beside the doormat, licking our lips, etc. It has been proved scientifically that doing a particular action for 90 days straight will become a habit. So, the first step in ridding oneself of mouth odour is brushing one's teeth twice everyday. Morning and night is the best and convenient time.

2.  Brushing your tongue. Most people don't know how to treat their mouth properly. The tongue retains particles of food on it during chewing and these particles, if left alone, would produce a bad smell if they are not removed. It is in fact, a major treatment for mouth odour. Brushing the tongue thoroughly will serve as the second step to treating mouth odour. A tongue that is now washed will have a coat of white substance all over it and these substances are what produces foul smell.

3.  A natural method that serves as a treatment to mouth odour is using banana peels. This method is verified and cleared. Banana peels have properties that will whiten your teeth and also fight mouth odour at the same time. It is easy as it only requires that one rubs the inside part of the peel on the teeth entirely and on the tongue, and then leave for a few minutes before washing it off.
These are methods that can be applied as treatment of odour from the mouth. It takes discipline and constant implementation if such a person wants a good result.


Personal Treatment to Mouth Odour - By Suleiman Abdulrasheed - 2020-01-17 08:22:55

To me if one is constantly taking good care of himself he would be able to go away from pathogen. Like regular brushing of teeth in the morning and before night time, if one is talking it like routine I think infection to the teeth would be hard. Is best handled by me.