Philosophers And Atheists.

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I read a post on this forum and it motivated me to debunk the misconceptions of many people that philosophers are atheist.

Before I commence, what's philosophy? Philosophers disagrees on a universal definition of philosophy and that's the uniqueness of philosophy. However, one of the most accepted definition is - Philosophy is that which is intermediate between "religion" and "science" by Bertrand Russel. Also the etymological meaning of philosophy is the combination of the Greek words "philos" and "sophia" which means love of wisdom. Therefore philosophy is of the belief that one of the methods of acquiring wisdom is to criticize the ideas we live by which makes them look like unbelievers when they question people, however philosophy is much more than just doubting. Philosophy is a discipline that majorly believes in reasoning, and this is where the problem comes in.

Religion is that which believes in Faith and the holy books, they do not entertain any questions that is not answered by the holy books, and science is that which believe in empirical methods, and science does not entertain spirituality, faiths and other religion jargon. And the shocking truth is philosophers variously entertain both spirituality and empiricism. Further more, philosophers have questioned the existence of God not because they do not believe in God but because they want to know your reason why you believe in the existence of God, whether your reason is valid or not. Philosophers are known to ask questions a lot not because they don't know the answers but because they want their interlocutors to reason validly, to think out of the box, to do away with myths, rumours and misconceptions, and also to entertain better opinions. 

Moreso, in the 18th century, the western philosophers then were majorly religious leaders so this bunk the remour that philosophers are atheist. Moreso, even in theology schools they borrow philosophy because philosophy helps to think and to critize the ideas we've  picked up while growing up and to formulate new logical ones.

However, that doesn't mean there are no philosophers that are atheist, but their are more theist philosophers than a atheist philosophers.

If any one has a contrary opinion, we're free to contribute. 

Philosophers and Atheists. - By Osazuwa Solomon - 2019-10-08 19:24:38

Philosophy is a discipline with a lot of school of thoughts, just as we have the idealist, so also we have the materialist. The same applies to atheism and theism, it's a choice to be either 


Philosophers and Atheists. - By Dairo Idowu - 2019-10-09 20:21:08

Right from time I have know the word philosophy, 8 have known the to be a questioner. They like to proof evidence of the existence of anything in this world. They are very genius, intelligent and brilliant.


Philosophers and Atheists. - By Ibrahim Lawal - 2019-10-09 21:16:10

Many argue that  true philosophers are not religious because they believe they know the answer to everything and disagree that there is a supernatural power that superceeds all the norms we know.


Philosophers and Atheists. - By Joseph Lawrence - 2019-10-09 22:17:01

I am in the university right now and in a university I have learnt a lot of a bit about philosophy and even the philosopher who teaches us is a reverend father so they are some philosophers who still believe in the faith not all philosophers are a feast and philosophers have constantly been proven wrong in their belief that there is no God you can watch some videos online to claim that proof


Philosophers and Atheists. - By Dedeigbo Idowu - 2019-10-13 16:03:50

I have heard alot about philosophers but we still have those that believe in God but Atheist as it is defined they are those that don't have believe in God or gods