Political Apathy: The Biggest Foe Of Nigeria.

Actually, I have a politician's mind, only not the Nigerian politician's of course. So this piece of writing is focusing mainly on the biggest problem of the Nigerian political sphere and the nation at large. Before I go on, I want to remind myself that, "I'm a Nigerian." I think it necessary that you do same. Having done that, acknowledge that you are NIGERIA, We all are. Ask an average Nigerian, if he would love to leave our country, his response would be yes. We all want to, of course. But if we all do, what would happen to our heritage?, what would happen to the labor of our heroes past?,how do we intend to SERVE OUR FATHERLAND if we all depart from it?. During one of my relaxation periods, I was watching a particular comedian perform, and he said something, "When they want treatment, they go to London, their vacation is in Paris, their businesses are in New York City, but they die and they are buried in Nigeria". "Is Nigeria a burial ground?", he asked. Well, maybe, maybe not.

An attitude we all exhibit is, that "what's my business?" attitude. What's my business if Buhari wins?, What's my business if Sowore is not released?, What's my business if that young man was harassed?? What's my business if the budget has been presented by the President? What's my business with the political parties?

In my Independence day note, I wrote that, if you have come of age and the Nigerian constitution recognizes you as a citizen, and you feel the affairs in the political sphere do not concern you, you are and will remain an anti-progressive Nigerian. Simply put, an enemy of Nigeria.

I mean, if you are in love with our country, you would do everything you can to build our country. Let me make use of this example, the 2011 elections saw the winner have a total of 21million votes? and his closest rival, polled in 15 million votes?, For 2015, there was a significant drop as the winner polled the same number of votes he polled the previous election year, 15M votes and his closest rival 12M votes? , but for 2019, I can't recollect accurately. Observe that the two top contenders for 2011 shared 36M votes and I think the third place had about 9M or 6M votes. So you can imagine that much number of votes. Now look at 2015, the two top contenders shared 27M votes. In 2019, in total contrast to the 2011 election, only the top two contenders had millions of votes, the third place had 100k votes. Pathetic.

You shouldn't expect our country, my country, to move forward if you are moving away from it. We are the force pushing the country. You are responsible for what Nigeria is, We all are.

I'm dead sick of people who complain about everything Nigeria. The government is bad, yes we know, the President is honest but he is surrounded by savages, scoundrels, thieves, deceitful individuals, yes we know. That's not a big deal, every country has its own fair share of scoundrels in power but there comes a time when their fates lie in your hands, I think it's in your thumb, actually, but do you make full use of your authority. I know my audience here are teeming  young individuals, I know, but do you exercise your political rights. In this Nigeria, rights?, hell yeah, in my Nigeria, we have rights but we fear to enforce our rights. Fela Kuti sang and I quote, "I no wan die, I no wan quench, I get one child, mama dey for house, etc", yeah, if only, those who fought for our independence also thought of that. We would probably be more advanced than we are now. 

Someday, we would be heard. What about you? What are you doing? Complaining? I outlined different problems in my independence day note but I realized that the big problem is with us. We are very apathetic when it comes to the political sphere. I always say it when I have the opportunity that these old men who are in charge are handling things like we are in 1960, 1970, 1980, 1990. They are still in the 20th century, we are in the 21st and we need to take over. We can't keep using 18th century inventions and think we are moving forward, we can't keep looking while these men order us to do things that we would not benefit from in the nearest future. One of my pastors said, "In the 21st century, there would be no jobs, but there would be work." We all can confirm the accuracy of that statement, lots of qualified graduates on the streets of Lagos, Abuja. When you take over, you remould the entertainment industry, the sports industry, etc, that's where work is.

I would round up with a particular saying that might sound stupid but that I have fallen in love with in the past few years, "BY CHANGING NOTHING, NOTHING CHANGES". If you choose to sit down and keep complaining about everything, you would stay there, complaining.

This piece of writing has only scratched the surface of the biggest problem of our country, POLITICAL APATHY.


Feel free to criticize the writer and the piece of writing.

The Name's Sam

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  • The truth is that a lot of Nigerian are really tired of trying to make a proper living here and with the way the economy is and all, it will sometimes yield a negative result.

    So, when the opportunity comes to travel abroad to advanced country, they sieze it having being optimistic of the result. I don't really blame it on ourselves because we are all trying to seek greener pastures.

    Likewise, I don't blame it fully on the government.

    All I need from the government is that they should be supportive of their citizens and have an avenue for building young talents.

    - Oluwatobi Olorundare - 2019-11-05 19:03:58 Quote

  • The whole blame should not only be on the masses. Nigerians are one of the most resilient people on earth, and they have really survived what people in other countries could not. The government is also to be partly blamed. They need to create an enabling environment for the resources in these massed to thrive.

    - Ezeife Chukwuebuka - 2019-12-11 11:00:44 Quote

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