Procrastination, The Biggest Thief Of Time

Lots of people are faced with incidences like these: "I will do it later, not now." "I am too busy now, I will try doing it later." "I'm feeling tired, let me have a short rest, I will do it later." We tend to procrastinate what we are supposed now till later. 

As students, we might procrastinate reading for a test or exam till later, or washing the uniform till evening with the hope of spreading it under the fan when they bring the light.

We might be lucky sometimes that our "plans" might work out, while they might not work out at some other time. Many times, any day I plan to spread my school uniform under the fan at night, they wouldn't bring the light at all. When I plan to wake up in the midnight to write my assignment or read for an examination or test, I will just oversleep. 

I think we should stop procrastinating whatever we are supposed to do now till later for the best results. 

Drop your ideas on this if you are having a different view on this.

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  • I must say that this post is timely. I have procastinated in the past about applying for certain opportunities and in so doing, I have lost several scholarships.

    I have learned to use the "do it now and do it fast strategy." This is because the end product of procrastination is losses.

    - Orevaoghene Chukwuma - 2020-01-21 21:21:49 Quote

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