Quantity Surveying As A Course In Higher Institutions

I have come to realized that many of the aspirants to institutions of higher learning in Nigeria, most especially in engineering lines lack ideas or knowledge of Quantity surveying as one of the recommended courses in our institutions today.

Most of our aspirants to higher institutions cannot really differentiate between Quantity surveying as a course and Land Surveying.

I would like to share with us, the meaning of quantity surveyor. A quantity surveyor is a professional cost engineer that works on a project cost and ensure that the project is kept within the budgeted amount. Quantity surveyor is one of the team in construction industry, they are also known as cost engineers.

land surveyor is also a professional that works mostly on virgin land to establish boundaries  for ownership, maps, locations and other purposes required by government or civil law.

This should help most of our aspirants to higher institutions that has taken Quantity surveying as there course of study, that Land surveying and quantity surveying are quite different as initially thought.




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  • Graduate courses generally provide students with instruction in the business, technological and environmental aspects of construction management, preparing them for advanced supervisory or estimation positions. Here are a few common concepts in quantity surveying courses: Building codes. Determining project costs.

    - Ayodeji Richard - 2019-10-31 14:29:40 Quote

  • Quantity surveying is actually different from land surveying because quantity surveying deals with the cost  that would be used for the in finalizing the building as a whole

    Quantity surveying is one of the environmental course and I would advise that both students and government should look into because we don't really know the value of the course

    - Salaudeen Ismat - 2019-11-25 12:50:29 Quote

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