Ratings Of Pes 2020 On Play And App Stores

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This is about the ratings of efootballPes20 on the play store.

The football gamers are saying that  pes is downgrading themselves over the years in some aspects I will talk about. they are listed below:

1). They said the game's gameplay is critically reducing/downgrading compared to the previous years 2017, 2018 and of course 2019

2). They said the game got slower but the company "Konami" said that this was to increase the realism of the game.

3.) Some users said the game crashes on their phone even though they are using high end devices, they said the game refused to start.

4.) And also because some users say the game is very bad on low end devices.

HIgh and low end devices mean either higher than the recommended phone or lower than the recommended version.

The dunniest part is that even those who rated them 1 star are still playing the game.

As for me, I think they are just trying to improve the game, and people should stop complaining too much.


Do you think they deserve the harsh reviews and low ratings after all they have done?

Ratings of Pes 2020 on Play and App stores - By Emmanuel ahaneku - 2019-11-06 11:48:06

I don't think they deserve much criticism. I still believe they are working hard to resolve the problem of crashing on some devices.. the graphics is nice, we complained of how inaccurate the passes were and they worked on it day by day it gets better.. we should be patient, with time the game will be perfect 


Ratings of Pes 2020 on Play and App stores - By Emmanuel Adewara - 2019-11-16 16:47:05

Pes 2020 is a good graphical game but no matter how beautiful a game is it will also have its defect though it may be slow but there are some things that can be done to it but people want a perfect game which not really possible for now so but I will say it is a good game