Read 5 Things Consider Before Buying A New Phone

It is not new anymore that in the past two years, tech companies that make phones such as tecno, itel, infinix, etc have produced more than fifty different models of phones in just one year. This increased rate in production by these companies have snatched away the luxury of choices away from customers because there are just too many new phones on the shelf and you just feel like you want them all.

The target of this article is to give you a choice, help you choose and save you from having to go through the stress of jumping from one model of phone to another, because you do not actually know what to do.

It is imperative to know how much damage confusion can do; confusion can cause one to take the wrong step and eventually turn the whole thing upside down. Confusion and frustration are two things that can not be separated and as big as these two words are, they actually to us when we want to buy phones. Also, not knowing what to buy can make one fall into the hands of a camera and then the story that touch starts.

So to cut the long story short, let's teach ourselves to know what kind of phone one should buy... Read on.

1. Battery Capacity.
When it comes to a phone's battery capacity, I usually say that the battery is the key factor component of a phone and why is that? The answer is not far fetched; if a phone has all the software of the world, has the latest update, apps from the internet but does not have a good battery, what is the essence?

If you ask me, a good battery capacity starts from 4000mah. This is to tell you that when you leave your house to get a new phone, you are going to get a phone that the battery capacity starts from 4000mah and then you can select anything above that capacity but not less.

Considering our locality here, don't you agree that one needs a phone with a very strong battery to survive? It's not about how much your phone can do now, it is about how long your phone can do those things.

2. Android Version.
This is also an important factor to consider and I will give reasons. If you are buying a brand new phone, you are most likely to buy the latest software version already installed in your phone.

This is important because there are some applications that are compatible only with some software versions, that is, these apps will not work on your phone if the version of the low compared to the version of the app you intend to download. Examples of such apps are Bank mobile applications, some certain social media platform apps, some games (for people who love to play games on their smartphones) etc.

Also, another benefit of using up to date software version is to avoid the issue of crashing or sudden breakdown. I'm a phone, whether old phone or brand new phone. Outdated software versions are also prone to virus break-in which will lead to sudden death of the phone, or software problems which may render all the important files on the phone completely wasted and useless.

3. Camera Quality.
This is for people who enjoy pictures and selfies. People like this would not be happy if they purchase a phone only to find out that the new phone they had just bought does not have good and desired camera quality. Would they have bought it if they knew? No, they bought it because they did not know about it. That is not going to be a problem anymore because that is the main purpose of an article like this.

Now, if you happen to have been doting over a particular type of phone and you plan to buy it very soon and at the same time, you happen to be a picture person, you need to confirm if that phone you want so bad will give you what you want and how do you do that?

You can ask the attendant when you get the phone store for the camera quality.
You could ask people who have used that particular kind of phone before you could check the internet for every information about the phone ( that is after you have gotten the name of the phone ), by the way, there are phones who always have good reputation when it comes to camera quality, they are IPhone, Samsung, Sony, ZTE, Tecno, infinix, etc.

4. RAM and ROM
These two components are software properties of a phone that can never be overlooked at all in any way.

Every smartphone has these two. ROM is random access memory, this is the built-in memory space that has been computed into your phone from the company or manufacturer. It stores your files such as pictures, music, videos, apps, documents, etc.

A good and advisable amount of RAM starts from 16gb or more but not less.
ROM stands for read only memory. This saves your present actions on your phone, It keeps your phone running, keeps all the tabs you have opened and also determines the speed at which your phone will respond to commands. A good ROM starts from 3gb and more but not less.

5. Price.
Above all things, the most important of all the qualities to check out when buying a new phone is the price, because no matter how much research you have done and it does not matter the choice you have made after all your investigations, what will actually matter is how much you have On you, what will matter and decide is how much you are willing to spend.
If you don't have money, you can not bit something that will fit exactly into your taste speculations.

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