Read How Painter Impregnates Two 100 Level UI Students

When it comes to shocker news, drama, amazing and shocking news, you'll find it in universities. You hear something, and you wonder how those things are happening, as a matter of fact, you wonder if those things are possible. There are so many unbelievable, scary, mouth-dropping, head-turning incidents that may make you wonder if it is happening right in the same environment where you are.
On-campus, you hear of students lying to their parents all in the name of money seeking tactics, you hear of ladies or even girls who is fighting over a guy that does not even seem to care about both of them, or newly admitted students already having or fighting over sugar daddies.

Such is the case at the University of Ibadan. The issue had happened two months ago, but they had successfully managed to kill the fire of the matter, but then, you know how it is with ladies; they never forget an incident, no matter how long.
Yesterday around 7:30 pm, a strange noise ensued in the male hostels first, and before anyone could say, Jack Robinson, it was everywhere, on WhatsApp group chat platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, in just a matter of minutes, it had become the most trending news on twitter with more than two thousand tweets and retweets with videos, pictures, memes all carrying #Uipainter.
In this amebo article, we will critically examine how the issue happened... Read on.

The 2019/2020 session resumed in the early weeks of June last year, 2019 and all the hostels set to renovate their buildings; painted the walls, the rooms, changed damaged window nets, fixed new locks on the doors, repaired all the wall sockets that had spoilt, fixed toilets sit, running water etc. These were the renovations that took place as new students resumed Into the school, but little did we know that some other sexual renovations were going on too in one of the female's hostel, Queen Elizabeth II female hostel.

One of the painters assigned to paint one of the blocks in the female hostel decided to shoot his shot on some girls in the hostel, and fortunately for him, the girls fell for him and so he began what one could call causal-sex relationship without the knowledge of either of the two girls that he was dating any other person in the same floor on the same block in the same hostel.
The entire matter came to light when he impregnated both girls. It is a real shocker as to how pregnancy could quickly be involved in the matter and not just one but the two girls at the same time.
The report has it that these girls divulge their secret ti their friends when they felt helpless, and they did not know what to do. It is true that a problem shared is a problem solved, but it is also true that a secret shared with another ear is no more a secret. One way or the other, the friends must have told someone too and eventually resulting in the leaking of the matter.
It was when the matter leaked that both girls got to know that they had fallen in love and had sex with the same person and also got pregnant for the same painter.

Now, when the hostel authority got to know about the incident and the girl concerned were identified, they were summoned at once, and it was at the questioning that it was revealed that the girl was young girls of 16 and 17 years of age respectively. Not only that, one of the car girls made a shocking confession that she had aborted the pregnancy once she discovered that she was pregnant, and she did it because she could not bear the shame. The second girl made the most unbelievable confession saying that she is in love with the painter and he is also in love with her, and she was ready to marry him if it came to that, to crown it all, she said that it was the best thing that ever happened to her. It is truly funny and shocking, but what can be done? The die is cast already. Nonetheless, the school authority has decided to look into the matter and investigate the cause of the problem.

The guys in their hostel have, however, refused to let the matters slide as they throw shades at the girls as a means of teasing them. Different memes were made yesterday and circulated all over the social media to make jest of the Two girls.
The guys left their hostel yesterday night when they caught wind of the matter and headed for the female's hostel to Christian, the unborn child; they gave the child names like Odalabi, Paintmarley, Colorful, Odayemi, Paintelous, Bright, Odajubelor etc.
Not only that, numerous slang have been created by the guys too;
* The girls only wanted a Bright future
* The girls only wanted to come out in flying colours
* One painter, Two painted.
* One paintermeter makes two bellemeter.
These are some of the dramas that the guys had put up since the breakout of the incident.


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