Reasons Some Ladies Are Not Married

Marriage is honourable before God Almighty and man. Everyone born of a woman has a great desire to be married. Always looking up to the wedding day be it white or traditional. The feelings, joy and happiness on that day is always awesome and memorable. 

A woman is always seen to be the most happiest on the wedding day than the man though reason(s) not known to everyone. As normally expressed in their dance. Every woman should be married irrespective of the spiritual, financial and social background... 

However, some women who are extremely pretty are unmarried in our society today. Reasons are not far fetch:

1. ATTITUDE : Attitude is a great virtue  every woman must possess. Unfortunately, some of them think that their beauty  is everything for a man. No man wants to have a woman who doesn't have homely attitude as a wife. You just start a relationship and you start ordering a man around at the end of the day that man runs away then you start accusing your village people. My dear you're the cause of your problem. 

2. SUBMISSIVENESS : Immediately some women are in a relationship, they feel equality with a man. Some women  are so stubborn such that they feel too big to obey instructions from the man. Things must be done in their own way. Such women are found everywhere in our society.

3. HUMILITY : Some of them, the pride in them  can't even allow you to go closer to them or talk to them. They are so arrogant that you can't correct them on whatever issues.

Please, state other reasons why some women remained unmarried in our society .

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  • Truth be told... Right now the major things needed from ladies, are no longer in need. Most ladies now prefer they just want to get or meet an already made man than been patient and grown with him. Most ladies will tell you ehn, I want a man with fat bank account, big house, big car, can spend on me and can do things with me in bed but no ladies wants to add anything to or bring anything to the table which isn't right or sits well with most men.

    - Azike Henry - 2019-11-21 13:28:25 Quote

  • Apart from the qualities you have listed here, some possess this qualities, humility and all but aren't married yet, we should also go beyond physical for some families have foundational problem affecting the female children, hindering them from being married.on the other hand, mothers should teach morals and good ethics to their wards.

    - Miriam Eyo - 2019-11-21 13:33:13 Quote

  • Another reason can be high taste in men,they want a perfect man,an already made man not a man that they will hustle together so they prefer making a joke of guys that come to them that are still hustling still waiting for their perfect man.Another thing is,some ladies already have a picture of how they want their man to be and if they have not seen such a man,they won't settle for less.

    - Adepoju Victoria Omotola - 2019-11-21 16:16:39 Quote

  • Mindset: Some women's mindset of living can drive a responsible man or even a man away. Every man wants a woman that can think of how to take care of the family and not a liability woman. Also, some women are not contented with what they have. They break up with their real man and end up not getting married.

    - Ukwu Chinaekeoke - 2019-11-21 18:49:22 Quote

  • In my own opinion if a woman is humble, submissive and has a good character I don't see why she won't see a gentle man that would want to marry her. Most women are single today because they want to control their husband, they want to be at the top especially when she's made. So seeing women like that it would be very difficult for them to get married 

    - Emmanuel Williams - 2019-11-21 20:25:51 Quote

  • I agreed that most of the women are not married because of their attitude but in most cases some of them are spiritually curse and before they could find out their situation they end up getting married in late 60 to 70... So I think women should be very caution on the way they live their life to avoid this 

    - Paul Gabriel - 2019-11-22 06:13:20 Quote

  • Career: in the early years of some women, they focus more on their career and during that period they shut out every relationship that comes their way. By the time they want to settle down finding the right man will be hard because most of the suitors they'll find will be after their money and most women who have focused more on their career during their youthful days find it hard to get married

    - Oyinkansola Olanrewaju - 2019-11-22 10:58:54 Quote

  • The problem is not entirely on the woman. The problem can also come from the man. Most men are attracted to the physical appearance of a woman that they don't see the wifely potentials in a not- too -beautiful woman so to speak. Men should stop judging a woman by her figures, facial beauty and body features. There are a lot of women who are submissive, respectful, loving, economical, humble wives but you won't see that cos your gaze is fixed at the wrong place.

    - Kindness Umezuruike - 2019-11-22 14:19:52 Quote

  • Most ladies nowadays dont want to marry a man they love any more because the man they live doesn't have money and cannot keep up with their needs and wants....they prefer already made men....they dont want to calm down with a hardworking man to build the home....they want trending and expensive things and they dont want to work to get it

    - Nwachukwu chukwuemeka William - 2019-11-23 06:46:58 Quote

  • I think I need to point  this out that not only ladies are affected. Men are also affected as they hardly can sustain a relationship for long before the lady calls it off because of their over bossy attitude. The fact remains that if any home will succeed as the woman is submissive, the man most be responsible and respectful. As the woman is does her part, the man must do his part as well. It's not all about the woman, it's all about both parties.

    - Ajayi James - 2019-11-23 22:21:19 Quote

  • Some women couldn't get married because of their background, they were brought up by single parent who don't have time to give proper training to their children making them grow up with bad orientation, bad attitudes, some goes out to anywhere at anytime without the permission of their parents and makes them believe they can continue with attitude in their husband's house which most men wouldn't allow.

    Also some careers like law, Acting and politics may not make some women to be responsible and submissive in their husband's house.

    - Oluseun Matthew - 2019-11-24 11:11:56 Quote

  • Apart from the qualities you listed. Another reason why ladies are not married is foundation problem which she has set up by herself that is past deed she has done and which she did not give much attention as something bad. When a man want to marry such ladies and the man visited her foundation he will be force not to marry such ladies.

    - Adewole tayo - 2019-11-26 16:21:12 Quote

  • To be sincere most of the reason why some ladies are not married now is that most of them are all waiting for Rich men none is ready to struggle,with any men all they want is just to be rich,that push them to meet sugar daddies, Yahoo boys and it making most of them loosing hope of having a better future.

    - Bolaji Olaniyi - 2019-11-26 18:17:05 Quote

  • Most of the time, ladies are not married due to the fact that are not financially ready themselves. A good number of them don't have jobs of their own, but are looking for ready made men. And, that's where the problem lies. Most men want a financially stable woman as a wife, not a liability. 

    - Oduse David - 2019-11-27 11:09:32 Quote

  • You have virtually said it all I just want to add that because of so much focus on their career,most women don't marry because most of them aspire to go for their PhD all in the pursuit of an independent life and by so doing they can't be submissive to any man.

    - Okonkwo Princess - 2019-11-29 11:19:03 Quote

  • Another reason is feeling too independent.A lady might decide not to get married cause she feels she don't need a man to dominate her life..some ladies want complete freedom..they feel being married is like being caged so they tend not to think of marriage and seem happy with it..

    - Enuwa albert - 2019-11-29 12:41:11 Quote

  • Attitude has been most contributing factor to ladies not getting married. Another important reason is been selective.. some ladies will be busy choosing tall, handsome, already established man. This wil keep them untill almost their expiring date, then the may choose to settle with any man. Some finds plassure in living a dirty live. So they don't want to settle anytime soon.

    - James Teerkop - 2019-12-01 07:51:00 Quote

  • Being over ambitious and not setting your priority right, pursuing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Most females think they don't have time, always busy, either with office work or school work....Also not being exposed  to meeting people, how to relate and talk to them can affect or delay marriage.

    - Toba Bernard - 2019-12-01 21:52:13 Quote

  • Yes I love this, there are many reasons why some ladies are not married, sometimes it may be due to their past may be someone breaks their heart, and sometimes they feel they are beautiful, perfect and better and so they decide to select like being financially OK, good certificate and so on, and in most cases it may be a spiritual problem they are passing through 

    - John Moronranti - 2019-12-04 21:59:00 Quote

  • Aside what you have listed,  being chosy can also debar a lady from becoming a married woman. Ladies wait for the perfect man, perfect man in the sense that they want a wealthy, a well structured, educated and faultless man before they can think of going in marriage with the man. This is actually not it, if the perfect time is waited for one would have nothing done. 

    - Taiwo Bamigboye - 2019-12-06 09:08:06 Quote

  • Apart from the above listed qualities,I think honesty should be have a very bad story from your past?let your fiance knows about it,not when the wedding or engagement has been fixed or done,its so disheartening with the way women of nowadays breaks their past story after they have discovered that you have gotten married to them...I think honesty is one of the leading causes 

    - Popoola Kamiludeen Olawale - 2019-12-17 12:53:55 Quote

  • the problem to my own observation will continue to explore and become viral within our environment due to some instance like nowadays ladies love competing with guys when it come to social life and still go far to extreme length that even affect them to curb when they want to settle down for marriage.

    - Abioye Olanrewaju - 2020-01-02 23:25:57 Quote

  • Poor attitude I think is the summary of the whole  matter  because attitude is everything, Some ladies do not have speech manners, Some nag about almost everything, Some cannot submit to a man, Some cannot accept another persons opinion as good, they know it all, Some are too proud and full of themselves maybe because of their academic qualifications or what they have got (cars, money etc), waiting for 'Already made men', these and more are some of the reasons many of them remain unmarried not necessarily because of one old witch in their village.

    - MAXWELL CHUKWUNEME - 2020-02-12 10:50:05 Quote

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