Reasons Some Of Us Fail Exams

Its unbelievable sometimes when you read hard for an exam and in the end you either fail or get reduced marks. Why?!

This is a question we often ask ourselves when we see the opposite of what we expect in our results. As a student, most of the times it's not that your answer was not correct rather your format and design of how you answered those questions that gets you in trouble. Here are some tips to spotting some of "OUR" mistakes;

1. Understanding a Question: this is the first aspect of answering exams because without understanding a question there's no way you would understand where your teacher is requires that you reach.

2. Spell Checking: I know not all of us are good with spellings but this is the major part of our mistakes which lead to our failures in an exam. Try hard to learn the spellings of words when forming them in as an answer, because some teachers get irritated when marking and they notice too much wrong spellings.

3. Answering not less than 50% of the questions asked: it's true no one is perfect and no one can answer it all except the smart ones or the gifted. Example if you're asked to answer just 4 questions in an exam of 6 questions, first thing you choose the ones you're 80-100% sure you'll get them right, second if the exam may seem tough try hard to answer at least multiple questions that can generate you at least 50% of the total marks.

3. Getting good continuous assessment(C.A) marks: with good C.A marks, you can easily pass an exam with no stress and move on, because C.A is no less than a result booster

4. Cross-checking: Before going out of examination hall, be sure to check your work thoroughly to spot mistakes and slight errors made.

If there's something missing here, feel free to add yours guys. And Tell me what you think about thiswink

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  • Its really a true talk.

    Calmness is also very important in an examination hall. Some students failed due to the tension they always have during examination. Most time,it leads to brain washing because, once a student allow tension in examination hall,he/she will forget more than 70% of whatever such student may have read.

    - Adebayo Adeyinka - 2019-11-26 07:47:18 Quote

  • You are right but it is also important to know the type of lecturer taking the course. Some lecturers are interested in the very short and key point while some prefer further explanations. Also it is always better to read to understand rather than cramming because some questions are technical and are meant to test your understanding.

    - Ibrahim Olasunkanmi - 2019-11-26 14:06:45 Quote

  • Another thing to note is understanding the instructions and acting according to it....this has caused many brilliant students to an exam situation, don't rush to answer questions without reading the instructions and understand what you are told to some exams, there are compulsory questions and they carry higher marks. Many students tend to skip these questions thereby failing the exam

    - Kufre Augustine - 2019-11-27 04:17:45 Quote

  • Sometimes posing a non challant attitude towards our books brings about examination failure. Most people sometimes feel like a particular page in the book does not matter until they get to the examination hall and some people.also doesn't give correct answers to questions asked by the lecturers instead they parambulate around which most times leads to their failure.

    - Anthonia Morebise - 2019-11-27 13:57:35 Quote

  • Improper preparation for the exam, the kinds of friends one keep. Not be attentive during lectures, the little marks that will count during their exam they over look by putting it aside.

    No quiet time for revision test.

    Most of the people cram instead of study. Some people might have read but they can't spell their words properly.

    - Okpala izuchukwu - 2019-11-27 16:31:26 Quote

  • Studying too,  determines our success in that examination,  reading and understanding the question too matters........ Then apply some cool,  calm down , dont rush to answer and to finish first,  take your time read the questions and answer carefully,  first start with the questions you know,  then answer the ones that is a bit difficult, with this you won't have to rush to answer all when the time is up for the answers to be summited 

    - Precious Udoudo - 2019-11-28 14:01:59 Quote

  • people fail exams also because they fail to prepare for the exams. and one major thing that is killing our children and youth most especially in primary school and in secondly school is because there is objective, because they believe that they don't need to read for it because they can choose any option they like.

    - adefeye valentine - 2019-11-28 15:40:25 Quote

  • Reason why some student fail in their exams is because they aren't meant for schooling. In my own opinion, I feel some are meant for skills in the sense that, they can learn something like a hand work rather than going to school to learn a professional course like accounting or law and medicine.  Learning a skills like tailoring, hairdressing is what some people are interested in because that might be their hobby than schooling and wearing uniform everyday. 

    And also lack of parental guidance is also a cause of a child's failure in school. Some parent don't have their child's time, so the child can actually decide to do what he/she wants to do in school like not reading when he is meant to, or not going to school everyday etc. 

    - Awelechukwu Maduako - 2019-11-28 17:53:06 Quote

  • Another cause of examination failure is that some students tend to prove that they know all thereby failing to follow the examination instructions by answering more than the number of questions they were asked to treat.

    Also, some students are in the habit of abbreviating the words they use either intentionally or unintentionally because they have neglected the use of the right words especially on social media while chatting with their mates so it has been their part and parcel. This also prompts examination failure.

    - Oreoluwa Owojori - 2019-11-29 00:04:15 Quote

  • Well that is true but to me I believe most times is not from the students themselves, while not look from the other side, what about the marking scheme of the lecturer's, most lecturer's tend to look for a single word outlining every other correct speech and effort made by the student.

    - Junior Moses - 2019-11-29 09:37:30 Quote

  • It's also good for students to know that you must not give your teacher the exert definition he gave you on a particular thing,try to study hard and understand each topic and not to cram so you can make your own definition from what your teacher gave you and also be conscious of time in an examination hall.

    - Igwe Nwando - 2019-11-29 09:58:17 Quote

  • Something about this whole education thing is that : school isn't for everyone. That's it. We all have different ways of processing things. People fail exams for the things listed above yeah. But others fail because they just can't process things and we need to accept that fact and look for a solution.. 

    - Tobe Mgbanwa - 2019-11-29 13:16:50 Quote

  • Well all that have been said is all true, another reason is that most people fails to prepare on time, i.e we fail exams due to lack of preparation, most prefers to read when exams are close, and one will see that he or she will never be consecrated,so if we really want to make excellent in our exams,we ought to start our preparation on time, time is very vital in all our endeavors in life.use ur time very judiciously friends

    - Chidiebere Odanwu - 2019-11-30 11:47:25 Quote

  • The highlighted point above is true.

    But sometimes the real cause of failure in exam is lack of preparation before the exams.

    But in this case of examinations day,the student might be answering questions out of the scope.

    Another cause of failure in exams is forgeting to write name or matric number on the answer sheet.

    - Emeka Gabriel - 2019-11-30 11:54:44 Quote

  • Nowadays students don't spend time with their books anymore which in turn, causes them more harm than good. Proper preparation before an exam will definitely turn out well. Asides the normal routines in exams, I think after all the necessary things have been done, God should also be involved in that examination. He supersees all that happens after that contact you had with that exam paper, answer booklet and the pen.

    - Anne Bassey - 2019-11-30 21:46:18 Quote

  • Understanding the question is one thing and understanding what your teacher or lecturer want is another thing, I have a lecturer who would want you to write all that he has taught or all that it’s in the textbook word for word without a single omission,in cases like this we have no option than to cram to pass,some lecturers makes things difficult for some students at times

    - Akindahunsi Tobi - 2019-12-01 16:51:42 Quote

  • These points are very accurate i just want to chip in one or two points. if you're in an exam hall don't be in a ease and don't get too excited over the questions because this can make you do a lot of mistakes and also make sure you cross check what you've written down it vital.

    - Iyaomiye Olusoji - 2019-12-01 22:20:11 Quote

  • Punctuality is very good during examination period so as to be settled and calm for the paper, and from there you recollect what you have read, and also read the instructions. That is very important and be prayerful, because sometimes failure in exam might not be the student fault, but mistake when marking or misplacement of the examination paper.

    - Seth Abraham - 2019-12-10 12:29:01 Quote

  • You are absolutely right .Also you need to know and study the format each lecturer requires when answering their questions because some of them apply fiffi logic when awarding marks for questions and you must to be very attentive in class in order to notice the major words or topic they lay emphasis on when lecturing.

    - Adelowo Olamide - 2019-12-12 23:29:43 Quote

  • Yeah you are right but sometimes student needs to be prayerful cause who knows, whether the person that wants to mark his/her script is not happy or the person is somehow depressed which may not allow him/her to focus on what he/she is doing.Let students always pray after excellent preparation.

    - Adeyemi Isaac Tope - 2019-12-16 03:19:14 Quote

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