The Basic Art Of Re-branding

Before one Re-brands, there has to be something OLD which needs to be Revamped. You are a BRAND and your personality makes a statement about who you are everywhere you go. What statement are you making about yourself? What picture are you projecting to the general public about your BRAND? We've seen different brands evolve over time.

Nokia started with a mobile phone named (3310) now Nokia has evolved into making descent Android phones. Lifestyles and dressing has also evolved overtime. Back in the 90's the mode of dressing then is completely different compared to this modern world.

As life evolves, you must re-brand yourself. When you refuse to re-brand yourself, you become stale and obsolete. What happens to a stale product? It is forgotten, dumped and useless. Blackberry was really "hyped" at a time, but now what has happened to Blackberry?

How Do I Re-brand Myself?

> Add knowledge To Your Knowledge Bank: We save in a bank so as to be able to retrieve at a later time. This is the same with your knowledge bank, you must constantly re-brand your knowledge bank. Don't rejoice on the knowledge of today, it becomes obsolete tomorrow. Read books, attend seminars and conferences, engage in intellectual conversations. And try to know something about everything, don't streamline yourself to just knowing things in your field, know about sports, finance, business, entertainment, technology etc. The major key to re-branding is "Knowing something about everything" 
Then, EVALUATE your knowledge bank weekly, you don't need to wait till the year ends before you evaluate, you can do it weekly, monthly, quarterly. (Knowledge is Key).

> Desire Something More: Your present level isn't the best or last, there is more you can attain. The only way you have is moving up, there is always something new to learn. Spiritually, there is more depth to go, financially, you can do more, business wise, there is always a new thing to learn (check YouTube to update yourself) learn the lyrics of songs so that you won't chew your mouth when people are singing.

> Desire More: It's not easy to stand out, it's not easy to be different, the effort you put into being different sustains you.
"Where you are used to sometimes isn't where you are supposed to be" chase further, break your shells, be intentional about Re-branding yourself. Only YOU can re-brand YOU nobody else can do that for you. Empty yourself of old ideologies
Self change is difficult, it requires work and consistency.

If you are in a relationship or you are married, teach your partner, hold him/her along on this journey so that you won't be drawn back when you are re-branding. Let him/her also go through the journey of Re-branding.

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