Recent Trend Of Homos3xuality In Nigerian Universities

Some years back the Nigerian government passed a bill into law, a bill against homosexuality with resultant consequences to reduce the spread of the phenomenon in Nigeria among the populace as it was/is seen as against the moral standards of the Nigerian people, but did the bill and 14 years punishment for those caught in the act really achieve the result it was intended? In my opinion the answer is a resounding NO.

first off homosexuality is the act of same sex love, it is when two people of the same sex have intercourse. In Nigeria this is against the law along with same sex marriage and those caught in the act are given 14years imprisonment for the act, and now we are going to analyze if this is really true.

i recently as a student of one private university started looking into the issue of Lesbianism and homosexuality in the school and what I discovered was there were a lot of lesbians in the school, most of the ladies experiment with each other and form bonds, at first I was shocked at the boldness of the ladies as they don’t really do much to hide, and so I decided to do a poll and asked 20 female students outright if they were lesbians and it was shocking to see that 13 admitted being lesbians and having lesbian partners, 4 admitted to being bi-sexual and the remaining denied it outright. 

And so I contacted my fellow students in other schools I have contact with and the results were pretty much the same, and I also discovered that schools with strict rules about inter-sex relations had more same sex relations than schools that allow a bit of freedom, this is because when u lock ladies and guys in a place and restrict how much interaction they have with the opposite sex for extended periods of time, these young people will search for any and all ways to receive the attention and satisfy their sexual urge, and in this generation where same sex marriage, homosexuality and lesbianism are shown on tv, social media and other platforms the idea of it being taboo are reduced and so they see nothing wrong in it and indulge in it, and so my questions are,

Was the law to stop homosexuality and lesbianism really as effective as intended,

Are The plans by instituations to prevent sexual interaction between members of the opposite sex responsible for the rise of homosexuality and lesbianism among the youths, 

let is hear Your thoughts on this in the comment section below.

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  • No doubt we are in the end of the world. Lust after the same flesh has been the order of the day. Alot is happening in our universities these days. Lesbians and gay even organize parties and birthday. I strongly believe that strict laws can be in place so that anyone found involved is strictly dealt with accordingly

    - Daniel Aratunde - 2019-11-24 18:19:28 Quote

  • These are signs of end time. From the times of our forefathers in Nigeria or even Africa at large, it is a forbidden act that is punishable by death. And I must confess, it has become a norm in our dear country Nigeria. I think strong laws should be in place against this act. And we have to consider the fact that, to such law to stand, there should be supremacy of the law. No celebrity, politicians or public should be treated in a better way when caught. Law is law. Nigeria has become weak because some people are just clearly above the law and untouchable.

    - Tolulope Adewuyi - 2019-11-26 10:20:33 Quote

  • One of the problems with our dear country is it's inability to enforce laws with strict sanctions. It is one thing to make laws and another to adequately enforce these laws. If laws are adeuately enforced, it would act as a deterrent.

    So, if one person is sanctioned appropriately with the 14 years imprisonment, others will learn because they would know that there are consequences for their actions. 

    - Wuchegbule Amadi - 2019-12-20 17:29:11 Quote

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