Recognizing And Preventing Malnutrition.

We all should know that in order to stay healthy, our bodies need plenty of food. Not just food, good food. All foods we consume has to fill many needs like energy, building, repairing and protecting our body parts and so on. To do this we have to combine foods when we eat every day. 

Malnutrition is also known as under nutrition and this is because of not consuming the right kinds of foods or eating too much of certain foods. Below are some ways of recognizing Malnutrition in people especially children. 

1. Night blindness. People or children who don't get enough vitamin A from the foods they consume would suffer from this.

2. Skin problems, sores on the lips and mouth ? or even bleeding gums. All these are because of not consuming enough fruit vegetables and other foods containing certain vitamins. 

3. Anemia. People who don't get enough iron in the food they consume suffer from this. 

4. Goiter... This is from lack of iodine. Have you ever seen a man or woman with a protruding swollen part around the neck (I'm not talking about Adam's apple or). That's goiter. 

There are a lot other ways of identifying Malnutrition and you can drop yours in the comments section below. Let's look at the various ways to prevent Malnutrition in the body. 

1. Eat right so as to stay healthy! 

2. You can add helper foods(helper foods from each classes of food to the main food you're about to consume). 

3. Family planning helps to prevent Malnutrition. When poverty is overcome, fair wages are paid and there's more production than the cost, it wouldn't be difficult to be able to get the right food to eat at the right times. 

4. Avoid a lot of alcoholic drinks, because alcohol causes worse diseases of the liver, stomach, and nerves. 

5. Too much greasy foods should be avoided. Too much hot spices can cause stomach ulcers too, alongside coffee causing other problems of the digestive tracts. 

6. Too much of sugar spoils the appetite and what's there to do when there's no appetite for food? Take less amount of sugar if you must at all.

I hope with all what I've written you all who are reading this would know where to act fast on. Add your opinions in the comments section below (ways of identifying and preventing Malnutrition). 

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  • A lot of children on the streets are suffering from malnutrition. And the economy makes it more difficult for their parents to provide the basic daily balanced meals. Only few are able to provide these for their children. The government should assist in making sure children whose parents have little or no financial needs are cartered for so as to reduce the rate of malnutrition

    - Akachukwu Jaguar-Ofoegbu - 2019-11-18 16:35:50 Quote

  • Malnutrition is more like a worldwide problem and POVERTY is the major shareholder with about 95% shares. The government has a major role to play; create basic amenities for the masses. If this is done, then we can say we are one step closer to solving one of the world's greatest problem.

    - Adeyemo Peter - 2019-11-28 11:25:16 Quote

  • You have practically said most 

    First of all, family planning, give birth to the number of children you can cater you can feed them appropriately. 

    Secondly, the economy is not helping matter... Expensive food items.... 

    Water. Most people forget water is very important when it is concerning nutrition .. Take a lot of water. 

    - Alaba Christiancia - 2019-12-02 09:49:09 Quote

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