Reducing Your Body Fat And Increasing Your Morale

The one thing a guy checks in a lady is her bodysize and am certainbodysizely sure no lady wants to be looked at and then passed by.

I am going to be talking on some basic steps how to lose weight and if one doesn't want to lose weight, the steps one can take to increase one's morale and self confidence.

Losing weight is not an easy thing to do in any way. Am sure most fat ladies want to lose weight to attract the handsome guys but it won't be that easy.

One of the steps you must first consider is increasing your endurance level so as to take the steps of losing weight.

Secondly, you must engage in a lot of exercise activities such as jugging, wall push ups, child pose, air bicycle, butt pull ups and so on.

Thirdly you must consum a lot of water. You must take water pre exercise and post exercise so as to avoid dehydration and to improve endurance during the exercise period.

You must also learn about your food calories. This will enable you to measure the amount of calories you comsume per day. A friend once told me that "it's not mostly about the amount of food you eat because you can't say if a little plate of food you eat has more calories than three apples". So one must learn how to measure calories.

Youust also increase your intake of fruits and veggies. This is also am important factor because if you want to reduce your weight, this helps the process to be faster. It also.helps the person to lose weight healthily because nobody wants an abnormal reduction.

You must also reduce you food proportion. You must always mind the amount of food you consume per day. This is also am important factor. This factor is the most popular approach girls use.

Now I will talk on few steps that aid a fat lady that doesn't want to reduce her weight to increase her morale and self confidence.

Firstly, if you're always looking at the mirror saying "wow am fat and I don't like it" then think about another person that you know that is fatter than you, then say and believe "other people have it worse than I do".

Secondly, the way a fat person dresses can also help. Once you are able to dress in fashionable but comfortable and not too tight clothes then you will get compliments and compliments will surely build your morale or self confidence.

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